Swordmeister of Rome
213 Battle
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Swordmeister of Rome
Author :ALLA
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213 Battle

Liona mumbled as he restored his health. The fight became more intense as the three of them began fighting each other, but that made them lose their target. They stopped fighting once they realized the target was out of their reach.

It just made them hate each other more.

<Fools… It's because of them.>

Liona mumbled as he thought about the other two Harijans. Unless the target was a fool, it would never come out of hiding anymore. That was when Liona felt a familiar presence running through his territory.


Liona began wondering if it was real or not. The target that he lost was now up in his territory. It also seemed to be in a hurry as it was running through his territory at an enormous speed.

He did not think for too long. At the end of his territory was Chrona's territory. If he did not stop it, it would surely fall to Chrona's mouth.

<No way.>

If he can't consume it, others shouldn't. This was the basic rule of thumb.

Liona pulled himself out from the deep sea and swam up.

<It's coming.>

"They're so simple-minded."

<Well… they're beasts. I think Liona will hate to think that you will fall to Chrona rather than him.>

The plan was simple. Run across the sea toward Chrona's territory. If Liona remained within, he would not allow Sian to go to Chrona's land and he would come out of hiding to fight.

"How big is he?"

Ocean Harijans were usually much bigger than land Harijans. He had never seen Liona but since he lived under the sea, so he would be much bigger than Dragona or Chrona.

<I don't know. I saw him when he was a Six-Horned and he was really big back then…>


Aksarai seemed to know something and Sian became curious.

<You'll know once he comes out. Don't misjudge him by his looks. If you rely on your sense to find the large thing, you will get hit just like now.>


<See? It was under your range but you were too focused on finding something else.>

Sian could not fully avoid the blue ray that shot out from beneath the sea. He then began fighting against Liona who just arose from the sea.

The ocean water evaporated and pushed back while the Harijans within range were crushed at the destruction made by the power.

It was an intense fight but Aksarai watched it within Sian and mumbled. There was nothing else he could do anyway.

<Well, he changed a lot. Almost looks like a human.>

'Dammit. This is too much!' Sian thought as he avoided the tentacles Liona was throwing at him. It looked like a beautiful slender body, but the body was becoming more of a threat. The small body and speed made it hard for Sian to hit anything with his spear. It did look like a human, but the countless number of tentacles and his non-human like movements told him that Liona wasn't a human after all.

Sian gritted his teeth. He remembered what Liona looked from the memory of Aksarai when he was a Six-Horned. He looked like a giant frog that was bigger than Dragona. He wasn't like this small tentacle monster.

Sian was searching for a giant frog-like monster so he missed this small being coming at him and allowed Liona to hit the first attack. The spear made the silver liquid scream while it tried to absorb Liona. But it seemed like it was hard to swallow such a powerful being and Liona was killing the part where the silver liquid touched and took it off himself.

The part that was taken out then instantly regenerated and Liona attacked Sian.

Sian clenched his teeth. He wasn't powerful enough to use both weapons yet and unlike himself, Liona had experience on how to use his body to the fullest.

Aksarai mumbled,

<Hey kid, use the sword of Gran-Ra. Take it out.>

Sian shouted, "I'm... not... strong enough... to use... both!"

Aksarai added.

<Then change weapons. I figured he was going to be bigger, but a sword will be much better against him.>


Sian then swung his spear to make Liona jump back and put the spear back in. He had not used the sword to its full extent yet so he did not know about the power, but it was Aksarai, who had fought against him with the sword, saying it will help. Sian then took the sword and began swinging it at Liona. Liona could not avoid the sudden change of range and a part of him was scratched.

Then something happened.

The place where sword made a scratch began burning intensely. But it was different from the spear. It did not expand to other places.

It did stop the regeneration. Liona had been regenerating after every injury until now, but he could not regenerate the parts damaged by Gran-Ra's sword. Liona even tried to rip apart the damage, but it still burned.

Liona screamed in pain as the part burned continuously.

<That's the curse within the sword of Gran-Ra. The cut will keep burning until it kills its target. It uses the target's energy so it won't go away. I had a hard time because of that too.>

Sian became dumbfounded by the power.


The spear and the sword both were too vicious.

<But it's not time to be astonished. He's mad.>


Sian moaned at the tentacles that were coming at him. Liona gave up on regenerating and was now attacking Sian at full power. Sian then began swinging his sword to attack again.

Chrona held her head up at the huge power coming from afar.


One was very a familiar power. She would notice Liona's power that she had been fighting with for thousands of years right away. The other one was a mystery. It was mixed with some familiar presence, but Chrona shook her head. The target had been chased to death by them a few weeks ago. It wasn't as powerful to fight against Liona yet.

Chrona then thought if there were any that would be able to fight them, but she couldn't think of anyone. However, that clash was surely meant that there was someone.

It was an opportunity. It didn't matter who it was. What was important was that Liona's opponent was almost as powerful as Dragona. If that was true, whoever won would not be left in a bad state. She needed to take this chance.

Dragona probably would have felt it by now too.

<I will not lose it this time.>

She did not fight to the end because the three of them were equal, but she would not let it go this time. Besides, the target to consume was now two instead of one.


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