Swordmeister of Rome
214 Battle
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Swordmeister of Rome
Author :ALLA
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214 Battle

Sian looked at the opponent while panting. His entire body was bleeding from the wounds. Yet Liona looked more normal. A lot of wounds were burning from the sword of Gran-Ra, but they were mere scratches. However, despite appearances, the fight wasn't exactly like that. Liona was trying to run and Sian was following him. <you mad="" dog!=""> "Where are you going! You can't leave now!" Liona tried to run away, but Sian did not let him. Sian wasn't winning, however. If he fought for longer, he would surely lose. Yet, he didn't need to hold for too long. He knew what was coming in their direction. Liona also knew this too. That's why he was frustrated. <you will="" kill="" us="" all!=""> Sian ignored Liona's shout and kept on swinging the sword. Liona wasn't concentrating on fighting Sian as he was now just trying to run away. Sian's wounds were too great to do this for too long, but he knew that time was on his side. The two beings flying in were now coming at a quicker speed. Aksarai was delighted. <it's a="" half-success.=""> He should've killed Liona, but Liona was too strong. Sian did become stronger while he fought, but it didn't mean his wounds would heal right away. 'It's here!' Sian glanced at the purple beam and swung his golden sword to make Liona jump backward. Sian then began pushing energy into his ring that he got from Conrad before he departed. Liona then realized what Sian was trying to do and began attacking at him. <don't think="" you="" can="" run="" away="" on="" your="" own!=""> Liona tried to disturb the teleportation magic by destroying the dimension, but Sian did not let it happen. He deflected all of Liona's attacks and forced the energy into his ring. Liona hustled. Dragona and Chrona were powerful enough to rip apart the teleportation trace and chase after him, but that was only if Liona wasn't here. They would be busy ripping Liona apart and Sian would walk away safely. Liona gritted his teeth. He could not let Sian do as he wished. <we will="" die="" together!=""> Liona then charged at Sian and wrapped his tentacles around him. If he were to teleport with Sian, Dragona and Chrona would follow after them into the space. Then he'd die together with Sian. "Ugh!" Sian became frustrated and he struggled to fight off Liona. He was able to injure Liona more, but he could not get him off and the teleportation began to activate. Sian then teleported with Liona. <you will="" die="" together!="" hahaha!=""> Liona looked at Sian to see his face of despair. However, Sian seemed relieved. "Whew… that was some hard fishing." <what…!> Before Liona could let out his shock, the teleportation was complete and Chrona and Dragona arrived at the place. <dammit… i="" missed.=""> Chrona gritted her teeth and looked around to see where they had gone off to. Those two were almost dead. So, if she were to follow after them, she would surely kill both of them easily. Even in the worst scenario, she could share the food with Dragona. But Chrona had to give up when she realized where they had teleported to. It was worse than what she had thought at first. Dragona was curious as to why Chrona gave up and checked on the trace himself and realized it. Yet he could not just give up so he looked at the place of teleportation for while and spat on it. <dammit. it's="" a="" shame.="" but="" why="" did="" that="" stupid="" liona="" follow="" them="" in="" there?=""> Liona and the target teleported right in the middle of Drakun territory. If they followed them, there was no telling what would happen. Dragona and Chrona then returned to their territories. Sian quickly broke off from Liona and braced himself. It was too dangerous to stay close. And when he did, powerful rays began attacking the half-dead Liona. <!!!!> Liona could not even try to defend himself as he had accumulated too many wounds while trying to teleport with Sian and was killed. The attack wasn't just some normal attack. It was from the powerful race that was fighting to take control over the entire continent. It was an Alpha of such a race. Liona was powerful, but he had no way to withstand such an attack in his current state. Liona was burned to death and a giant gem was left. It was the death of one of the three beasts that controlled one-third of the Ra-Sian Continent. <good. we="" managed="" to="" kill="" one.="" we="" didn't="" hand="" over="" the="" dead="" body="" either.="" it's="" a="" success.=""> "I was lucky." <no, it's="" a="" calculated="" result.="" you="" should="" thank="" me.=""> Sian began concentrating on healing himself. The place he was at was the home of Drakuns above the sky. Drakuns had gathered the leftover smoke onto an island and was preparing for the war above it. Sian had teleported into that kind of place. Aksarai never thought Sian would finish off Liona without getting caught by Dragona or Chrona. If he was that strong, he did not need to try to kill them one by one. That's why he made a plan. He ordered Conrad to make another teleportation ring and had him contact the Drakuns. Humans would not know how to contact them, but Aksarai knew the communication channel that the Drakuns used. He taught Conrad how to use it and shared his plan with the Drakuns. The Drakuns would never reject Aksarai's words, nor would they reject any help in such a state. Sian did not like the idea of teleporting into the middle of the Drakuns' territory, but he agreed in the end. If he died while killing Liona, the Drakuns had no way to fight against Dragona and Chrona. Sian then sighed in relief and one of the giant Drakuns appeared in front of him. All Drakuns usually were as large as ten to twenty feet, but this one was much bigger. It seemed like it was about fifty feet tall. It was Sian's first time meeting him, but the 1st Kun, Katura, had already heard a lot about Sian and the God within. <my king="" aksarai,="" are="" you="" within?=""> "Hm… uh. Can't you talk by yourself?" Sian was dumbfounded so Aksarai spoke to him. <put your="" hand="" over="" his="" head.=""> "Uh… like this?" Sian let out his hand toward Katura's head and Katura lowered his head to be touched by Sian's hand. He was then able to receive messages from Aksarai. <katura… the="" boy="" worthy="" of="" jumping="" on="" the="" first="" cloud.="" long="" time="" no="" see.=""> Katura brightened up. Besides knowing the name and the title, he knew the familiar presence. It was their King. <my king…!="" you="" succeeded="" in="" coming="" back!=""> Aksarai denied it. <no, i'm="" still="" trapped="" within.="" i="" need="" you="" to="" help="" me.=""> <tell me="" anything,="" my="" king.=""> Aksarai began ordering Katura to do various things and Sian overheard it curiously.</tell></no,></my></katura…></put></my></no,></good.></dammit.></dammit…></what…!></you></we></don't></it's></you></you>


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