Swordmeister of Rome
215 Final Battle
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Swordmeister of Rome
Author :ALLA
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215 Final Battle

then told Sian,

<It's about time we part ways. It's a shame that one such as me was trapped within you.>


It really was, as they were at war and Aksarai would be a great help.

<But don't worry. You will still have your power intact. That is now your own power that's rooted within your body.>

Sian nodded. Aksarai explained that the power was not being given to Sian by his spirit. It was the Sian's body that awakened the power to accept the spirit. Even when the spirit left, his body would keep exercising its power normally.

"But will this keep the balance?" Sian asked.

<It will be close. If I am reborn from one of those boys.>

The process he heard was simple. One of the Drakuns would be reborn as Aksarai. When the Connector of Aksarai becomes an Alpha, the spirit that grew within the body was enough to work alone. But the body of the Connector itself wasn't going to fit. Aksarai was a Drakun, so he needed a Drakun's body.

That was what Aksarai meant when he said he could come back when Connector became an Alpha, but it didn't mean that he would take over the body.

Normally, a real connector would have resulted in Aksarai regaining power at once he came back, but the spirit within Sian was too small to do that. Even if Aksarai came back, it would take him quite a while to become much powerful.

But it was still a power of Aksarai. Even at such state, it was enough to fight off Dragona.

<So, while the Lukras fight with our Drakuns, we fight against <Na>. Dragona and Chrona… but we won't have much time. Lukras will know that Liona was killed by now and if I succeed in coming back, the energy will be sent out through the lands.>

"Yeah, but weren't they going to attack the moment the barrier comes off anyway?"

Sian spoke as if it wasn't anything to be worried about and Aksarai laughed.

<Good. It will not take too long. Either we'll get wiped out, or we'll wipe them out.>

Sian nodded. If the Lukras won, they will not let him survive. Besides, they had nowhere to run away from Lukras. But if the Drakuns won, the Lukras would have some time to hide behind the Holy Land. But as Sian and Aksarai gained strength, they would soon be wiped out. Sian might not, but Aksarai would surely wipe out Lukras.

<Soon, the barrier will be lifted. You should focus on regaining your power. They will not give us time. But are you certain you will be able to fight? Without your entire power coming back?>

Sian nodded. He couldn't regain all the energy within the timeframe, but he had gotten much stronger through the fight with Liona so it would work.

If there was a bit more time for Sian, or if he woke up a bit earlier to kill Liona, he would have fought with more room, but there wasn't any time.

Sian sighed and answered, "It's okay."

<You have really become strong at an incredible speed.>

"But it's no use. I still get kicked around all the time. Oh, but it's about time now."

<Right. We'll talk face to face then. Don't try to snap my neck off.>

Aksarai spoke and Sian rose up as he saw Drakuns coming to him.

There were Talic Stones they got from Liona in the middle. It seemed they were going to use it to revive Aksarai. This was why they dragged Liona all the way here.

'This was all calculated…'

Sian was astonished at Aksarai's calculation.

Katun-Hal, the priest of Lukra, frowned at the powerful energy spreading from the sky. Massive power that was too powerful to be considered a newly-born Alpha. Katun-Hal could see what it was.

<Aksarai… he's back. How did this happen..>

Katun-Hal became worried. He thought time was on their side until now. But it was different. Liona had died and Aksarai had come back. He needed to finish this as soon as the barrier lifts off. If Aksarai regained all of his power, they had no chance even if they hide within the Holy Land.

Katun-Hal went to the Golden Crystal to control <Na>. He did not have the key, but priests had the power to control <Na> without it.

When the barrier was lifted off, it was time.

"Conrad, long time no see."

Conrad was shocked to see Sian.

"Oh, it's you. Won't there be a war soon?"

Sian nodded. "Yeah. That's why I'm here. I have some time. Maybe a week or less."

Sian then began explaining what he had done. Conrad looked at him in shock.

"By the Gods… so you killed Liona?"

Sian nodded. "Barely. We will now be on equal footing. Or close to it."

They would soon be fighting against the Lukras and Harijans. Considering the fact that the Lukras and Drakuns were about equal in power, the fight would result in Sian and Aksarai fighting against Dragona and Chrona. It was fortunate that they would not be fighting by the Mountain of Extreme.

Conrad moaned.

"That's troubling… did a Talic Stone drop from Liona? That might let me make a weapon to help you…"

It wasn't close to the Divine Nation's technology, but the power of Liona's Talic Stone would help make something that was equally powerful. But Sian shook his head.

"It's been used already. I came to ask for another teleportation ring."

"Oh, right. I have it here."

Conrad had a few more he made so he gave three of them to Sian.

"Thank you."

"Are you trying to run…"

Sian became embarrassed and spoke.

"Well, I should find a way to live if things don't work out. I'll train in hiding then."


Conrad became dumbfounded but soon nodded. If Sian were to lose, that was the better option.

'We should make preparations to evacuate.'

Sian then talked with Conrad for a little longer and left for the war.

"I hope the world becomes peaceful when this is done… whew."

The forces of Lukra had come down from the Mountain of Extreme and they were going straight to the Clouds where the Drakuns were. The forces comprised of many Six-Horned Harijans, along with the Seven-Horned Chrona and Dragona. In front of them were three Lukra priests and other warriors, all shining in golden light.

Drakuns were now flying around the sky as their cloud had dissipated. The numbers weren't much but their presence did not falter against the Lukras. At the foremost of such Drakuns was a powerful being that was floating.

<It is so weak… my spirit really was small. I never imagined I would fight with such a body.>

Aksarai ranted but Sian mumbled.

"Well, it's enough to fight, isn't it?"

<I should focus on regaining my strength when we're done. But we will wipe them out first. By the way… who are you going to take?>

If the Drakuns were to fight Lukras, they needed to take care of those two beasts and it was up to Aksarai and Sian. Sian thought about it for a second and pointed at the giant black leopard, Chrona.

"I'll take her."

<Good choice. You do have a lot of grudges against her, right? How is your condition?>

"Well, it's not great, but I can manage. But don't you have that power of yours? Why are you asking?"

<That only works on one weaker than me. I can't see it on strong ones like you. If I could see that, why would I go to fight with Gran-Ra and Broxian and kill myself?>

"Right." Sian nodded.

<Anyhow. I will concentrate on Dragona then.>


Sian looked at Chrona at the distance.

'I will get my revenge for everything you did for me…'

Sian gritted his teeth as he looked at Chrona. At that moment, Chrona and Dragona's mouth opened up, absorbing the surrounding. Then the power was shot out against the Drakuns, destroying the land with it.

It was the start of the final battle.


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