Swordmeister of Rome
216 Final Battle
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Swordmeister of Rome
Author :ALLA
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216 Final Battle

"Dammit!" Conrad had brought every human up to the far north of the continent. It was where the Gerna lived before, but they were all wiped out so it was okay. Even so, Conrad and his friends didn't think it was safe. They were able to see the flashes of lightning coming from the battleground that was thousands of miles away. It was night time, but the area was bright enough for them to even read a book. It wasn't just a simple flash. The tremors that followed the flash across the land shook the earth violently. Conrad thanked Aksarai. If it wasn't for his message, the human race would have been killed by the war. It wasn't something that they would survive even if it was just an aftershock. When this war was over, the map of the continent would change. 'Nngh…' Conrad moaned as he saw a purple ray and was reminded of days when his empire was swept up by Chrona. The difference was that the ray that happened before was just a simple quick attack, while this was a ray was shooting out hundreds of times. It seemed Chrona was fighting desperately. Conrad knew who was fighting it. He had talked with Sian who visited him a week ago. It was probably Sian. The countless number of purple rays showed Sian was fighting against Chrona well. Conrad was astonished. Even if Aksarai was powerful, it probably didn't become powerful as fast as Sian. Sian had become powerful in just thirty years to fight against Chrona, who had become strong over thousands of years. 'Oh… maybe it's a hundred and thirty years.' Still, it was at an enormous speed. The one being that inherited the power of the three races. If he had a bit more time, he would've become the almighty being that would not even allow such a war to happen. Conrad wished for it to end well and turned to the south. <aarggh! i="" should="" have="" eaten="" you="" up="" back="" then!=""> Chrona shouted as she looked at Sian swinging his golden sword at her. She had three chances. The first was when that weird red sphere was opened. The second was when he ran through the Great Forest. The third was when he fought Liona. She had three chances to eat him and she failed all three times. Not to mention, he came back stronger each time she failed. The speed was unheard of through the thousands of years that Chrona had lived. He now had become powerful enough to threaten Chrona and was attacking her at this moment. Chrona let out a roar and shot out the ray of purple light. Unlike the giant ray that destroyed the Empire at once, this one was extracted into very small particles, only made to kill the enemy in front of her. The energy within was much stronger than the ray that destroyed the Empire. Sian, however, did not dodge the attacks and swung his sword to cut them in half. The extracted energy then split into two and showered upon the Beta Drakuns and Six-Horned Harijans. It was an attack for Sian to counter, but it was like a disaster to the others below so it killed a lot of them as they exploded. Yet neither Sian nor Chrona could pay attention. This wasn't the only place where there was a bloody battle. The other places were all being destroyed as the two sides battled against each other. Dragona and Aksarai were using various magics against each other to kill while the 1st Kuns of the Drakuns fought with the Lukra priests nearby. They were desperate as they both knew that the losing side would be eradicated. The damage was culminating quickly on both sides. They were fighting for their lives and killed each other, decreasing their numbers even at this moment. 'It's ironic…' Sian thought as he fought against Chrona. The war to keep themselves alive was also leading them into extinction. The priests that lied to Sian were almost getting killed by the Drakuns and other the Drakuns were being cornered to death by the Lukras. It would be great if they could co-exist in peace, but the existence of supreme power did not allow that to happen. Those beings figured it would be best to kill any race possible to become stronger than its current self. But it was okay. Even if they were left with small numbers, winners would take everything. Without competition, they will be left to expand at their will. They were a powerful race that no one else could compete against. Sian dodged the purple ray and a claw from Chrona. He then swung his golden sword which Chrona could not dodge and she blocked it with her claw. The claw was so dense that the golden sword that slashed through everything could not damage it. Chrona then swung her other foot at Sian but Sian jumped out to dodge the attack and swung his sword again. <you rat!=""> Chrona spat as she attacked, but Sian did receive some heavy injuries. He had taken many hits from Chrona's attacks, but he was able to feel it. 'I will win.' He did not regain all of his energy, but he was now much stronger than when he fought Liona. Even after Aksarai left him, the path in front of him showed him where to attack Chrona. What was good was that it wasn't as hard to follow as when he ran from Chrona in the Great Forest. "You should've known when you picked on someone weaker. You're dead today!" <you insect!=""> "I'm not an insect anymore." Sian kept on swinging his sword to burn Chrona's body. Chrona's entire body was now filled with golden wounds burning in golden fire. 'I will be done here soon…' Sian then glanced around. He thought the Drakuns would have upper hand, but they did not. Sian was able to find the reason soon enough. 'There are some who became strong.' The threat of death. All the Lukras joined in this war and hundreds of them fought against the threat of death. Some of them that survived through each fight made them stronger and the Drakuns tried even harder to kill them. But a few who survived those attacked became powerful and they were pushing the Drakuns back. There was another reason for the Drakuns to wipe out all the Lukras before going into hiding. 'That's that…' The Lukras seemed to be managing fine, but it wasn't a big difference. Becoming more powerful didn't mean that they would regain their energy. This battle was more important. Sian kept on fighting with Chrona while he glanced around to find Aksarai and Dragona fighting each other. If Aksarai lost, the Lukras would join Dragona to kill off all the Drakuns. But if Aksarai won, he would join the Drakuns to kill the Lukras. Sian then turned to Aksarai. '…No.'</you></you></aarggh!>


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