Swordmeister of Rome
217 Backstabbing
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Swordmeister of Rome
Author :ALLA
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217 Backstabbing

Stiel was shocked to see flashes of light showing up from beyond. "What's going on…?" The Great Forest had been destroyed and was filled with ocean water, all the way to the bottom of Sky Mountain. These landforms had divided the Ra-Sian Continent completely from the Don-Nasian Continent. The flashes of light coming from beyond surely meant that something bad was going on. Another flash swept across the entire Ra-Sian Continent. "Stantahl, what is going on?" Rian came running out and asked Stiel with a concerned look. He had never seen such a wave of power from that place. Even the magic that destroyed the Empire didn't seem like it could do such a thing. It was as if the Gods themselves were at war. Warriors with heightened senses could not rest easy as such power was radiating continuously. Stiel shook her head. "I'm not sure." "Gods… with the Great Forest collapsing… it seems the world is coming to an end." It was terrifying when the Forest was destroyed, but this was more than that. Rian and Stiel then thought about someone in their mind. 'I wonder if Sian is okay…' Stiel became worried for Sian who had gone to travel to the Great Forest. <dammit. why="" hadn't="" he="" beat="" chrona="" yet?=""> Aksarai gritted his teeth as he fought against Dragona. If he had been reborn with the large spirit that Conrad had, he would have ripped apart this lizard in seconds. However, the spirit within Sian was so small that he could not unleash his full power. If he was himself as a whole, he would not allow anyone, including this lizard, use magic in front of him. It should have all been under his control. <aaarrr!> Dragona fired red lightning at Aksarai. Then, he bound it within the space and threw it away before slapping the dragon's face. <kwaang!> <ugh> Dragona was not just blown away as he used his tail; he was also struck in the exchange with Aksarai. <ugh…> Dragona moaned as some black thing stuck in his stomach was hurting him. <when…> Dragona tried to take the black stick out, but Aksarai flew over him and struck him again. <it's the="" collection="" of="" pain="" and="" earth!="" you="" would="" have="" never="" laid="" eyes="" on="" such="" thing="" until="" now,="" you="" fool!=""> <nngh!> <die-dammit!> Aksarai dodged the rays that were thrown at him as he tried to kill Dragona. He turned and it was one of the Lukra warriors that had shot the ray toward him. They were interfering since they knew it would be bad if Dragona lost. <it's more="" than="" a="" warrior="" now.="" that's="" not="" good.=""> The warrior had become much more powerful as they had survived through the war. Aksarai was able to finish off Dragona, but the Lukras didn't seem to want to let that happen. The surviving Drakuns were not enough to fight against those Lukras that became more powerful so Aksarai began joining the Drakuns to fight against the Lukras and Dragona together. <why can't="" he="" still="" beat="" chrona!=""> If Sian had finished Chrona already, it would have been easy. He looked at Sian, but Sian was panting while fighting against Chrona. If Sian lost, it would tip the balance so Aksarai had to finish the battle as quickly as possible. He then began unleashing all his entire magic to fight the Lukras. <wait… is="" he="" trying="" to="" run="" away?=""> Aksarai thought of possibility as he saw Sian fighting from a distance. He knew Sian had gone to Conrad. He did not know about Sian but he could see and hear what Conrad did because Conrad still had his spirit. He knew Sian had received the ring. However, it looked like Sian did not know that Aksarai knew. <fool. i'm="" not="" letting="" you="" run="" away.=""> It was easy to distort the space to make it so he could not escape. Unless it was created by someone as powerful as him, Conrad's magic was easy. If Sian ran away, he would disturb it. He could not run away just yet. <by the="" way…="" i="" should="" take="" that="" part="" of="" the="" spirit="" too.=""> Taking back that part of the spirit would surely help him grow stronger. But that was after this war was over. Aksarai was certain that they were going to win. It wasn't easy, but the <path of="" victory=""> was starting to appear in his way. Then, the unexpected happened. <aaargh! where="" are="" you="" going!=""> "UGH!" Aksarai gritted his teeth. These were so strong that he didn't even need to sense them with his power. <you fool!="" why="" did="" you="" drag="" chrona="" here!=""> "Let's fight together! I'm not going to lose anyway. I just had to come." Sian was full of wounds so it was very convincing, but Aksarai nodded after looking at Chrona. Chrona also looked like she had taken heavy damage. Aksarai sighed and began showering magic upon them. <sure. at="" least="" you="" didn't="" run.=""> "Oh… you knew?" Sian spoke and Aksarai scoffed. <i saw="" you="" went="" to="" get="" that="" pretty="" ring="" of="" yours.=""> "Haha, I wasn't going to turn my back on you." Sian laughed while he swung his swords. The war then became as chaotic as ever as Chrona, Dragona, Sian, Aksarai, Drakun, and the Lukras began fighting each other. "Urhg…" <aargh… ha…=""> Sian panted as he took out the sword from Chrona's neck and Aksarai looked at Dragona's body that was ripped apart in two. <i never="" imagined…=""> Aksarai glanced around to the surviving Drakuns. The Lukras fought hard. The Lukras that controlled Chrona had died but Chrona still fought to attack Sian, Drakun, and Aksarai in anger. Aksarai and Sian had won the battle, but they were in terrible condition. As a result of the battle of survival, the Drakuns had only two survivors. Even the surviving two were barely alive. "At least we won… and those who survive can regain their energy." <right…> Aksarai nodded. Only three of them were left alive, but they could always increase their numbers. They reproduced genderlessly so it was possible. Besides, Aksarai himself was alive so the future for the Drakuns was bright. Aksarai brightened up and asked Sian, <are you="" okay="" now?="" it="" looks="" like="" you're="" in="" bad="" shape.="" come="" here.="" i="" will="" use="" magic="" to="" heal="" your="" wounds.=""> Sian then examined himself and shook his head. "Uh… no, that won't be necessary." <what do="" you="" mean?="" your="" body="" is="" in="" terrible="" shape.="" come.=""> "Shouldn't you look after yourself?" Sian asked concerningly, but Aksarai shook his head. <it's okay.="" i'll="" use="" it="" on="" myself="" after="" i="" use="" it="" on="" you.=""> "Hmm… okay." Sian then walked to Aksarai. When he came closer, he held the silver spear in his hand and thrust it into Aksarai's chest. <ugh… what="" are="" you…!=""> Aksarai screamed in agony but Sian answered while grinning. "It's good that you're bad in shape also. Didn't I say I was okay?"</ugh…></it's></what></are></right…></i></aargh…></i></sure.></you></aaargh!></path></by></fool.></wait…></why></it's></die-dammit!></nngh!></it's></when…></ugh…></ugh></kwaang!></aaarrr!></dammit.>


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