Swordmeister of Rome
218 Backstabbing
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Swordmeister of Rome
Author :ALLA
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218 Backstabbing

<What are you…>

Aksarai gathered the last bit of energy he had in him to fight against Broxian's spear that was trying to eat him. Sian did not attack him further, but the situation didn't look good either. Even without a deeper attack, his body was being destroyed.

Aksarai looked at Sian. He could not believe the situation.

<You… still had that much power…>

Aksarai wasn't relaxed at all. Even when he saw Sian walking over, he was preparing himself for the unexpected. However, Aksarai was relieved to see Sian's body destroyed from within. That was why he was going to release the energy into Sian to finish him off.

But to take such a hit! Aksarai was shocked to see Sian's body recovering.

It was nothing compared to when he was in his normal state, but it was much different from the 0% energy he checked a while ago. It wasn't something that could be recovered within seconds.

Sian laughed.

"You should know what I went through to train for this."

Aksarai moaned.

<You… you were pushing yourself down during the entire battle…>

If it changed during the battle, Aksarai would have grown suspicious. However, the number was steady throughout the fight and it was just pushed down a bit so Aksarai thought he had not fully recovered.

That change was crucial.

"Right. So your power wasn't all that perfect."


Sian laughed and spoke.

"I was sure that you would not let me live if you survived."

Sian looked to Aksarai.

<…When did you plan this?>

Aksarai moaned and Sian explained, "I thought about it from a long time ago. Lagaope, the priests… you. All those who did not tell me the truth came to hit me in the back in the end."


"I became curious. Why was I getting backstabbed all the time? It's not like I'm weak."

<Did you find the answer?>

Sian nodded.

"I'm not the supreme one so I have someone to fear and I'm not weak so I can be of good use."

<You got it right with your lack of intelligence.>

Aksarai spoke sarcastically. If he was weak, he would not have enough value to be lied to be used. If he was too strong to fear nothing, it would be impossible to control.

Sian was in the middle, between the Lukras and Drakuns.

"I can't see through everything. Unlike here, I was never used when I was on the Ra-Sian Continent. It was because I was the strongest one there. But the world was large. When powerful beings that were stronger than me appeared, I was used and bullied."

He needed to become one or the other. Become the supreme power himself or know about everything else.

Sian knew that he couldn't do the latter. No one could. No one could foresee the future and thus prepare for it. Therefore, Sian was washed away by many things when he came to Don-Nasian. Lukra, Aksarai, and Lagaope threatened Sian with the things he feared and courted him toward the safer side while they achieved what they wanted.

Sian then came to a conclusion: wipe away everything that could try to use him.

<…So you want to get rid of everything. Everyone whom you might come to fear?>

"You sound like I'm the one with a problem here. You or Lukra, either of you would have killed me anyway. You all fear my future. This is the biggest reason actually."


"You observed me but I also came to find out what I needed to know through you. There was one thing that was the most important of all."

<What is it?>

"Aksarai, the god-like being and your race. Will you become afraid of me? Or no?"

Aksarai became silent, but it was enough of an answer to Sian.

"You were afraid. I was becoming powerful too fast. Actually, I wasn't going to kill you if you were going to become stronger at a faster rate than me. Who's afraid of the weak?"


"But I was faster. That's when I felt it. You, Lukra, or the Harijans… you all would not let me live until I became powerful. Isn't it right?"


Aksarai knew he could not escape so he answered. The spear wasn't giving him room to escape. He was barely listening to Sian's story.

"Good that you're honest now. So, even if I become strong, I can't fight against everyone. I thought I would need to clean it out when I got the chance… so you should understand me."

Aksarai then ignored Sian's words as he thought for a second and asked,

<You… you dragged on purposely while fighting Chrona.>


The closer the balance, the bigger the damage. Sian's purpose was to have the Lukras and Drakuns die together. That was why Sian helped Aksarai with his rebirth and his plans. He needed Aksarai to keep the balance. When he started fighting, he purposely dragged his fight with Chrona. If the Lukras were overwhelming, he'd kill Chrona off and help the Drakuns. If it was the opposite, he would bring Chrona to them so her attack would kill all the Drakuns.

Sian carefully controlled his power internally to keep the balance.

The result was splendid. In the end, only one that was left alive was Sian.

<You… really know how to fight.>

Fighting to keep the balance while not gaining suspicion from other similarly powerful beings was not easy. Even Aksarai wasn't sure if he could manage to do that.

"Thank you," Sian replied.

<So you took the ring so that I would think that you might run away.>

Sian nodded.

"Yes. I didn't intend to run when I had to finish off everything here. I just wanted you to think that I might run away."

Sian wanted Aksarai to look down on him and that Sian would never try to fight Drakuns. That was why Sian followed Aksarai's every word and received the ring from Conrad to disguise himself as a coward.

Aksarai sighed.

<Dammit… I was relying too much on my power… I couldn't even foresee this.>

"So… any last words?"

Aksarai shook his head.

<Kill me. I'm ashamed that I lost to you while fighting with wits. By the Gods….>

"Thank you for your service."

Aksarai then used up all of his energy and was absorbed into Broxian's spear. Sian then picked up the spear to finish off the two other Drakuns that were alive and moved to the Mountain of Extreme to destroy the Golden Crystal.

The war between the Lukras, Drakuns, and Harijans that destroyed half of the continent was now over.

It was Sian, a human, that emerged victoriously.

Sian sighed.

"It's over now… I should go home."

He had finished the job. The continent was now clean.

'I should rest… and do what I want to do…'

Sian thought about future plans and sent energy to the ring to teleport. He first planned to stop by Conrad to explain what happened and return home.

Soon, Sian disappeared from the land where continent once stood had sunk and was filling with the hail of sea.

<Gods… he really did it.>

Lagaope was shocked while he spoke with Conrad over the communication device. Sian came to Conrad and explained that everything was done so he could now do whatever he wanted.

Cloud Mountain of the East.

Apental and Aksarum to the West.

The Gerna of the North.

Harijans and Lukra of the South.

Drakuns of the Sky.

Every race was wiped out by one man. Only the human race inhabited the world.

Conrad also seemed shocked.

"Yeah. He's like a God of humans… every race was killed. So, when are you coming back? Sian's returned home. He won't come back here anymore."

Lagaope answered,

<I should go then. We don't have anything to worry about… can you send me the coordinates?>

"Are you coming now?"

Lagaope nodded.

<I have enough core energy. We got a lot to do. Are you at Lorvall now?>

"Yeah. This was the best place to send Sian to Ra-Sian."

<I should go there then.>

The core of Lorvall began trembling to activate the magic rune and a figure jumped out from it. Lagaope greeted Conrad.

"Good! How have you been?"

"Hehe… I've been good. Long time no see, Lagaope."


Lagaope turned back to the familiar voice. He then gritted his teeth and turned to Conrad.

"Conrad… you lied!"

"Sorry. I have to live. Have a good time."

Conrad ran out of the room and Sian approached Lagaope.

"Good good. We need to have a long talk before I go so we can stay as good friends, don't we?"


"I'm home."

Sian came back suddenly to his home. Count Roman, Stiel, Rian, and Rian's family and were frenzied as they saw Sian who just appeared.

"What had happened! Are you okay? I was so worried!"

Sian nodded to his mother who came to hug him.

"I'm good. I won't be going away anymore so don't worry."

Sian reassured his family.

"Let's go in. I have many stories to tell."

Sian and his family then walked into the Chrotia Fortress.

<2022 of the Continental Year. Sian von Roman returns home.>


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