Swordmeister of Rome
219 Epilogue
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Swordmeister of Rome
Author :ALLA
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219 Epilogue

The ruler of 13th, 27th and 94th dimensions, Emperor Kracktan became bored as there was nothing for him to play with in his dimension. He then found an interesting dimension next to him and became hooked. <i should="" visit="" that="" place="" next.=""> He had to scout the area before going. If there were powerful beings, he might have to fight. He used <kopaten> that allowed him to look through the dimension and realized something. <it's an="" empty="" place.="" why="" is="" nobody="" going="" in="" to="" invade?=""> There were civilizations and the beings lived there seemed powerful. But it wasn't close to the might of Kracktan. He could see no powerful being within. Those self-claimed <humans> seemed to be busy finding their way to live and there was no supreme ruler. They did have kings or monsters, and they were also strong, but it wasn't enough to call it a supreme being. Kracktan then decided. <i should="" take="" this="" chance="" to="" rule="" over="" a="" dimension.=""> The best hobby for supreme beings was to invade another dimension. He had only three, but there were some who had hundreds. <lucifer>, for example, had a record-breaking 666 dimensions for himself. He wasn't that eager, but he thought he should have at least more than that neighbor <kekiru>. <he was="" glad="" that="" he="" took="" control="" of="" the="" 17th="" dimension="" and="" caught="" up="" with="" three="" controls.="" i="" should="" step="" ahead.=""> Kracktan wrapped the dimension and moved over to the next. <hm… the="" air="" is="" fresh="" here.="" it="" will="" be="" a="" good="" collection.=""> It seemed like it was fresh because the dimension as controlled by just one race. Then Kracktan became intrigued by a man who just appeared. He was swinging a sword that was mixed with gold and silver light while a female walking next to him seemed to be very interested. Kracktan thought it was a good chance. He would get basic information if he consumed their brains. <it's going="" well.=""> Kracktan walked up to the man. When he walked up, some energy began changing in front of him to distort the laws. Kracktan knew what this man was doing. This was what was called magic in this dimension. But it was a puny effort for Kracktan. The man could not even be considered powerful based on this place's standards. The magic he was using was standard magic that everyone in this dimension used. <hahaha… that's="" cute.=""> Kracktan sent a message to man's head and looked at the man who was trying hard to complete the magic. When it was done, the man shouted against Kracktan and activated it. "Explosive Fire!" <…is that="" it?="" hahahaha!=""> Kracktan could not help but laugh. The man had prepared so hard to use the magic that everyone else could do and in the end, it did not even work. The man spat, "Dammit! It failed again." Woman to the left smiled and spoke. "Sian, why don't you give up now? You've trained for thousands of years." "Don't say that. I was sure I was going to get it right this time." "No, no. Didn't Lagaope say you have no talent?" "Ugh… oh, where is he these days?" "He's opening up a party to celebrate his third reincarnation. Oh, and he's holding an event to celebrate the release of <war of="" dragon="" and="" evil="" 14="">." "Wow… how long is he going to milk that story?" "But you're the main character there. You know Serin loves the story." "Ugh, she shouldn't be friends with Lagaope." <these fools…=""> Kracktan became angry as the man and woman ignored him and decided to kill them. <die!> Kracktan ordered to the world. The supreme power <order of="" words="">. It was simple, but powerful power that Kracktan loved to use. Nothing happened. The man and woman who were ordered to die did not die and continued talking with each other. <what…?> Kracktan became dumbfounded. It was not like this world was disobeying him. His orders did work but it just did not work on those two. Kracktan then realized something wasn't going right. As he became shocked, the man was now looking at Kracktan and asking him via telepathy. <purpose?> <…what do="" you="" mean?=""> Kracktan asked, and the man retorted to him. <your purpose="" for="" coming="" here.="" why="" are="" you="" here?=""> Kracktan became mad. The man was thinking he could use that tone to him just because his orders weren't working. His specialty did not lie in the ordering. It was the fighting skill that allowed him to rule over the three dimensions. Kracktan then jumped up to smack the man's face. <massacre, you="" bastard!=""> The space that the fist moved past was destroyed and struck the man's face. <…huh?> Kracktan became shocked as it did not result in what he expected. Sian turned to Stiel and asked, "Massacre. Write it down. I don't know why all these 'visitors' have similar reasons. That Lucifer or Kekiru… Rule, Invade, Bringing Hell… they're all different words but…" "They all have similar reasons, yeah. But I don't know his name, Sian." "Oh, you're right." Sian then asked Kracktan. <what is="" your="" name?=""> Kracktan knew something really wasn't going right but he took back his fist to attack again. <i'm kracktan,="" the="" ruler="" of="" the="" three="" dimensions!=""> The answer was the same. His fist was stopped as Sian grabbed onto it. "It's… Kracktan, the ruler of Three Dimensions. Write it down." Stiel wrote it on something that appeared in the space in front of her and answered, "It's good that we have it organized. They come in so much. But are those titles all similar? I think that Kekiru had a similar name." "Yeah, but they aren't over exaggerating at least… That Lucifer said he was 666 something… and ran crying after he was beaten up. Three seems reasonable." "Yeah. So… Year 3041… November 7th. Kracktan. Purpose - Massacre… but if the purpose is a massacre, it's seven days." Stiel spoke as she wrote it down on the transparent paper on the air and checked on the list on the bottom. Sian then became annoyed. "Ugh, so do I need to do this for seven days?" "Yeah, but it's better than doing it every time they come. You know he won't come back if you beat him up for seven days at least." "Right." "Or just go out there and wipe them out." "No. I don't want to go out." Sian then took up his sword and began swinging it around. Kracktan felt a shiver crawling up his spine. <ugh! aargh!=""> He tried to take out the fist that was grabbed but it did not budge. Sian mumbled to Kracktan. <let's finish="" it="" at="" once.=""> <finish what!=""> <it's a="" lesson.="" when="" you're="" done,="" you="" will="" never="" want="" to="" return="" here.=""> <what? let="" me-="" argh!=""> The flat face of the sword struck Kracktan and Sian began beating him up. Kracktan then realized what the seven days meant and fell into despair. He also realized one more thing. Why no one invaded this dimension. It wasn't because no one came. Lucifer, Kekiru... and the others all came and were chased away. They couldn't speak of it because it was embarrassing. The list that Stiel was reading showed just how many unsuspecting dimension rulers had visited this place. Kracktan then wished for time to quickly pass by and swore an oath. 'I won't be going through this alone… I will never say a word about this place.' <hehehe…> He let out a grin at the thought of others coming in unsuspecting. Sian frowned and thought, '…is he a pervert? I should increase it to a few more days.' Sian then changed it from seven days to ten days and thought, 'The world is too large and it's filled with people that deserve a beating.' The 1174th Dimension. The dimension named after the monster living there, <roman>. Swordmeister of disaster. End.</roman></hehehe…></what?></it's></finish></let's></ugh!></i'm></what></…huh?></massacre,></your></…what></purpose?></what…?></order></die!></these></war></…is></hahaha…></it's></hm…></he></kekiru></lucifer></i></humans></it's></kopaten></i>


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