Swordmeister of Rome
220 Side-story- Story of the long forgotton pas
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Swordmeister of Rome
Author :ALLA
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220 Side-story- Story of the long forgotton pas

Roa-Tian, the capital of Tian Kingdom There was a guest in Lagaope's beautiful mansion. "Hey, how's the book going?" The beautiful lady who teleported into the mansion spoke to Lagaope. It was Conrad, the man who was reborn into a girl's body. "Haha, it's going to be an epic story. It's my real story in detail… I'm sure millions of copies will be e sold." Lagaope spoke and mumbled to himself that it had to sell, to which Conrad frowned. "…don't you have all the money you need? Why are you so concerned about selling the book?" It wasn't the money that was important. They were superhumans and could obtain anything they wanted in this world. Conrad couldn't understand why Lagaope was so set on selling the books, but Lagaope shook his finger and spoke. "Tsk, tsk. You don't understand the concerns of the writer. We, creators, feel our pride in getting acknowledgments for our creations. That equals how many books are sold." "…" "I already have the name. <the tale="" of="" the="" great="" hero="" lagaope:="" the="" savior="" of="" the="" world="">." "…was it you who saved the world?" Conrad became dumbfounded but Lagaope nodded proudly. "Of course I did. If it wasn't for me, there would be no Mister Sian." "Right." Conrad nodded. Lagaope's effort definitely needed to be acknowledged. He had spent one thousand years in Don-Nasian and three thousand years in the Ra-Sian Continent to reach his goal. In the end, the result was the fall of powerful Drakuns, the Kukras, and the Harijans. Conrad then became confused. 'Why did he want to make superhumans and save the world so badly in the first place?' One hundred years was a very long time, even for superhumans. Lagaope had roamed the world for four thousand years. Even the strongest motive would fade away in the memories that faded over time. If he were to be steadfast for over three thousand years, there should be the strongest of the motive, but Conrad had never heard of such a thing. 'Well, he should have his reasons… he was a mysterious type from the beginning.' If Lagaope didn't say anything, there must be a reason why. As Conrad looked upon Lagaope, Lagaope thought Conrad might want something from him and began finding something at the corner of the room. He then came back with a book covered in leather. "This… is your book? The tale of… something?" "<the tale="" of="" the="" great="" hero="" lagaope:="" the="" savior="" of="" the="" world="">. Please read it correctly." "Okay." "Make sure you read it. I have written my 4000-year journey in there. It's divided up into three parts in twenty-seven books." 'Twenty-seven books…?' It was already a very thick book and there were twenty-six more. Conrad then opened up the book to see the table of contents. Lagaope's signature was on the page. 'He uses his fake name for his signature also.' Conrad knew Lagaope's real name as he was a <connector of="" aksarai="">. Lagaope had never told his real name to anyone but Conrad knew, even after his power disappeared. <orinon pheriknoa=""> Only Conrad knew Lagaope's true name. 'Well, he's been hiding it for a long time.' It would have been weird if Lagaope suddenly decided to use his real name just for the signature. Conrad smiled and read through the contents and became confused. "Isn't the book like your biography? I mean, I understand it will be written as a novel but…" "Yeah." "Then why is there no story before the fall of the Divine Nation? Shouldn't the biography start when you were born or something? Or is this the second book?" "Huh? No. That's the first one." Then Conrad became even more confused. "Huh? Isn't it wrong then? Where are the days of your youth? Don't say you will write the prequel later to sell more books." Conrad was just joking, but he had to stop when he saw that Lagaope's face had turned grim. "…What's wrong?" "I don't remember." "What?" "I don't remember at all. I don't remember anything before the fall of the Divine Nation." "So… you don't remember anything?" Takion was Lagaope's friend, the Leader of the Great Magical Council, and he was the who knew the most. Takion, Lagaope, and Conrad were looking at each other on the topmost floor of the Magical Council's main building. There were no records of a superhuman's memory being corrupted. "Let me check a few things." Takion went to the corner of the room and took a few materials and came back. He then began using various magic spells on Lagaope. After a full day of experiments and tests, they were done. Results weren't satisfactory, however. Takion could not even manage to find if something had been done to Lagaope's memory. If Lagaope did not insist that he couldn't remember, Takion would have thought he was lying. But there was no reason for him to lie and there was no possibility that Lagaope had just forgotten. It was a superhuman's memory and it didn't make sense to forget the part before the fall of the Divine Nation. Takion then concluded with the final option. "We have no other options left." Conrad nodded but Lagaope seemed reluctant. "Do I really need to go there?" "Haha, Lagaope. Long time no see." Sian greeted Lagaope gladly. But Lagaope wasn't as glad. He had been hiding from Sian after the <great cataclysm=""> even after Lagaope had been beaten up once. "Haha… were you training?" Lagaope was surprised to see Sian training. 'Hmm… I guess he has no reason not to.' Sian had stopped training after the age of seventeen because he was blocked by the barrier. There was no reason for him not to train when his limitation had been lifted. "Yeah. It's better for me to get stronger while I can. There's a lot that need to get beat up in this world." "…Is there someone who can fight against you?" Sian then pondered for a second and answered. "Right. There isn't. But I just have a hunch…" Lagaope began going into the reason he came. After he had finished explaining, Sian nodded. "It's possible." Takion, Conrad, Lagaope became shocked at the words. "Can an Alpha even do that?" Sian nodded. "Yeah. I mean… being an Alpha is a different level from a superhuman. Stand still. Yeah, like that." Sian guided Lagaope to stand behind a couch and began flexing his body. Lagaope became uncomfortable and asked Sian. "What are you going to-" Lagaope fainted within seconds as Sian snapped his head. Conrad looked at Lagaope falling onto the couch and shouted to Sian. "What are you doing?!" "Good. Trust me, I'm an Alpha. I know what I'm doing." As Sian and Conrad began talking to each other, Lagaope had fallen asleep into his dream. A dream that began taking him back deep into his memory. The long forgotten past before the days of the Divine Nation.</great></orinon></connector></the></the>


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