Tempting Bride
10 Call Her
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Tempting Bride
Author :luke_alan
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10 Call Her

BLAKE STOOD NEXT TOhim, watching as Alexis's BMW sped away from the curb. "Hard pass, eh?"

"I can't marry the female version of myself." He could barely stand himself at times and Alexis ... they'd only bring out the worst in each other. He scrubbed his hand across his face. "You have to make another list."

"Easier said than done."

They got in Drew's car to head back to the office. The ensuing silence was welcome. He needed more time. He should have treated the women from his past better, so he could have more options now.

"What about Sarah?" Blake asked.

"She set my car on fire."

Damn," Blake muttered. "What about Layla? I liked her and that little dog she always carried in her purse."

"She set your car on fire, thinking it was mine."

"But that was years ago."

Drew glanced at his friend. "You want to chance it?"

"Not really."

Drew slowed to a stop at the next light, watching as a mother with two rambunctious boys crossed the street.

"What about an old girlfriend?" Blake asked.

"Alexis is an old girlfriend."

"No, no. Hannah Miller."


"Cute. Tiny. Blonde. Light eyes. You mauled her on the beach and turned down her offer for sex."

A tight smile punched up the corners of Drew's mouth. "That's not exactly how it happened." And Hannah didn't have light eyes. She had grey eyes, soft in color, reminding him of a rainstorm in spring. Plus, her smile was genuine. Warm.

"Brilliant. Call her."

"She won't take my calls."

"Message her on Face—"

"Blocked me," Drew said. "Besides, she wouldn't work."

"She would work perfectly. More importantly, she's believable. Think of the positive press you'd generate for the company," Blake said, pressing his point.

The light changed to green and Drew pressed on the accelerator. "I'll think about it." He was skeptical, but he couldn't deny Hannah would be someone his dad would approve of him marrying.

"You don't have much time," Blake reminded him. "And if you need another selling point, she's never set your car on fire."


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