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The Body Refinement Magus
Author :Eggcellent
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-1 Prologue

This is the story of an imperial soldier from the 26th millennia, who died on the battlefield for the sake of the citizens of the interstellar colonial ship number 36.

Just like his peers, he used to be a genetically modified human, with no ability to procreate: a pure product of 84 generations of genetic screening. This granted him a better body, a healthy one with no known disease capable of harming him.

Fighting against a strange alien race that had primitive technology and superhuman strength in some rural planet, Clone number 84 688, once known as the Brawler for his ability in close combat, was abandoned by his superiors who left along with the ship.

After a few days of relentless fights, barely surviving through dirty fighting and the use of high-technology weapons, he fell. But for some reason, his death marked nothing but a new beginning for himself.

He was given a second chance. A second shot at life, in a body that wasn't brainwashed, a body that couldn't be controlled by anyone else or exploded at any moment by an officer of the Imperial army.

He was free.


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