The Darkness Inside You
1 Prologue : Special One
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The Darkness Inside You
Author :demoisellelyn
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1 Prologue : Special One




I run fast as I can. I can't let them catch and imprison me in the underground.

I want to live.

I want to see him.

I want to be with him, even though it's impossible.


Ugh, no. Not this time. There's no point of trying to catch me.

I don't want to kill someone again... I don't want to kill you all.

Please... Stop chasing me.

I slipped on the rock. My feet are bleeding and those people who are chasing me are almost close to my position right now. What should I do?

("Kill them... That's the only thing you can do.")

This voice again... I stand up and hide in the bushes where they can't see me clearly.

I bit my arms to feel pain. Not because I want to but because this is my way to be able to ignore the voice that's in my mind. If I let myself listen to that voice, I'll lose control.

I hold my breath as I heard the sounds of their footsteps. They are near.

"Where did she go?"

I completely cover my mouth while hiding. They are just behind me.

"I'm not sure. Look around carefully, she must be hiding somewhere."

"I really can't believe that someone who's looking so angelic can kill six innocent kids."

No... That's not true. I'm not the one who killed them. It's...

Wait, I'm looking angelic? Um... (/////)

But it's not me who killed the children.

"I was speechless too... I hope the maiden in the orphanage manages to withstand this incident."

It's her... The maiden. She's the real murderer and not me. I saw it.

I clearly saw what she did.. she almost killed a five years old girl...

"That's why we have to find that murderer. She has to face the consequences of what she did."

What should I do... No one believes me. That maiden made them believe that I'm the one who killed the children.

I can't kill someone even though... I've already done it.

("That's right. And that means you can kill. Every human can kill someone. Anyone can do it. Once they got scared... They'll kill. And you will do that too..")

Not again.

("Aren't you scared right now?")

I once again bite my right arm.

I'm not a psychic neither a superhuman. I'm just a bit different from the normal person, but I am a human. Not an alien or what.

My grandpa once told me that in this world there are only two kinds of people. One is what we know already, what we see and encounter in our life.. the nonspecial people. And the second kind of people are those people who are a little different... who are more special. And I'm one of the special people. That's what my grandpa said. Back then when I was a kid, every time I heard this voice talking inside my head I always ran at him and crying. I don't really believe that I'm special and just thought that was his way to calm me down. That's what I thought until he passed away and I started living all alone.

And that also the start of me living in hell.

Since then, I started realizing what he really meant and me by being among the special people is that I can hear the demon's voice inside me. The voice that is making a person the urge to kill or to do bad doings. That's the demon voice. Everyone has it, it just... nonspecial people can't be able to hear their demon's voice. They are not aware of it but they can still do bad things or even kill someone, while me... I can hear it clearly. Some people might be jumped in joy if someone told them that they are special but in my case I envy them, those nonspecial people are the real special.

There is no reason for me to jump in joy even though grandpa told me that I'm special.

And ever since grandpa died this voice gets stronger and stronger than it already over control me once and made me kill someone. I don't what that to happen again.

"Hey! A guy said he might have seen a girl running away at the forest!" An old man from far away shouted, and as they heard it they all run towards him.

A guy... Could it be...

"Psst..! Hey, over here..!"

Someone is calling me? Wait... I know this voice. I look around to see her.


Up..? I bend my neck upward to look up and-what the!


I cover my mouth to prevent me from making a noise cause of shock. Seriously this girl!

Above me is a big tree and on its branches, a girl that is wearing a long skirt is hanging on it. Her legs are curled down on the branch and holding her body not to fall. And what gave me shock is that she looks like a ghost! Her long hair is downward, arms are downwards, and her skirt too!! Although she's wearing a knee-length short underneath, but still she's all downwards!

She purposely did that to scare me.

"He he~" she grinned as she gets down. I just gave her a 'I'm-not-finding-it-funny-at-all' expression.

"Well, at least I got the best shock reaction I need~" she exclaimed in a fun way.

I suddenly felt scared.

I look at her with a worried face, "You shouldn't be seeing me right now, Nami.."

And if someone finds us here, she'll be in question. She might be punished..

"Why not? I'm your sister though."

"Not biologically related."

"Oh, please, don't be so childish. We may not have come out from the same womb, I still see you as my little sister."

Ever since grandpa died, I was just wandering and been changing identity in every time I got caught in the sin I made. I've already belonged into so many groups of people but never in my life felt that they accepted me as a member.. as a family. In my ten years of living without grandpa, I can say that I will never be able to belong to anyone.

I'm exceptional.. and this is one of those diseases which has no cure.

I think... I have to change identity again.

"And since I said that, don't even dare to think of leaving us."

I kept my silence. Is she a psychic that can read minds? Oh, that's really like her, Nami is known for understanding someone just by reading his or her face.

I've been with them for two years and I can tell that they are different from the people I have already encountered in my life. I'll be alone again if I let go these people but I can't drag them with my problems.

"Let's go. Everyone is waiting and besides this is an order from the leader, to get you back."

Oh.. From him. From Ash.

That's right. I've wanting to see him. Maybe.. I'll be staying with them for a bit longer. I have to make a plan or something on how to say goodbyes on them, especially to that guy.

"Hey!!! You!!! Stop right there!!"

Oh, shoot! I still have to settle this case before I leave.

To be continued...


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