The Darkness Inside You
3 The Maiden Has A Secre
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The Darkness Inside You
Author :demoisellelyn
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3 The Maiden Has A Secre

—Third person's point of view—

On a small orphanage, there is a young girl who suddenly wakes up in the middle of the night. In the silent atmosphere, she hears a loud dump sound. She gets up and leaves her room. Wondering where that sounds came from. As she comes upon the hallway, there's a light coming from the right turn. It's in the kitchen. She hears very weird sounds on that side, as if like someone is cooking. By having that thought, her stomach let out a slight growl.

Her steps get fast little by little towards that side where the light comes from. She totally forgot what was she wondering for, but as she goes further and further... she hears another sound.

Like... someone is crying. But why is she crying? Is what in her mind.

While walking as she is still sleepy, she's touching the wall to guide her the way. But then she felt something liquid on it. Her walks get paused cause of it. She's trying to figure out what kind of liquid is on her hand but nothing can be seen in a dark hallway.

*Tugh! Tugh! Tugh! Tugh! Tugh!!*

A series of noise as if something has been hammered on the floor, because of that the young girl continues her walks towards the kitchen. She is getting closer. She's almost there... to that place where she shouldn't be going. The little girl stops walking once again. Something caught her attention. At the edge of the wall, there is something laying on there.

A teddy bear.

'This teddy bear is familiar... (' She said through her mind. Then, she picks it up. 'It's from Aya.')

She then notices something on the teddy bear's cheeks. ('What is this red color? Maybe, it's blushing because I'm holding her.')

She widely smiles as she hugs the teddy bear. ('I'll ask Aya to play with her.')

She then again heard another weird chopping sound. ('Is Maiden Anna cooking?')

She walks again to finally see what is happening in the kitchen. And as the last steps, she heard the voice of her older sister Aya...

"P-Please... S-S-Spare my l-life..."

That's when the young little girl saw everything that she should not be seeing. She saw a lot of bodies in the kitchen getting chopped out by the maiden holding a big knife.

On the table, a pile of chopped arms and legs are in there. While on the other side, at the faucet area, is where the heads of her friends compiling in one place. She almost couldn't recognize their faces because their eyeballs were pulled out, but she knows that they are her friends, her elder sisters and brothers. On the other hand, their main bodies were cut in half vertically that the organs are can clearly be seen that is soaked in the sea of blood. These bodies are just in front of Aya, sitting on the floor and crying.

As the young girl witnessed everything, her grips loosen that the teddy bear she's holding fell off on the floor. The maiden saw her and meet each other's eyes.

The maiden did not even panic seeing her. She didn't say anything. She just smiled at her lovingly as what she used to as the maiden of the orphanage. But the young girl got even more scared with that smile. She can't utter a word. She can't move a single muscle.

The little girl is just shaking in terrible fear.

"Please Maiden Anna... I don't want to die... P-Please..." Aya begged for her life as the maiden is in front of her.

The maiden gets closer to her and looking at her emotionless. But then she suddenly appears very kindly.

"Aya, my dear, just be a good girl and do what I say. OK?" the maiden sighed then she reaches out her hands towards her, but then Aya moves away from it.

"Don't be like that, Aya. If you still keep refusing the younger ones won't be having a delicious menu later."

Aya is extremely scared right now by the maiden in front of her. She couldn't get what this maiden is up to.

The Maiden is crazy. She's out of her mind... Are what is on her mind.

"For sure they'll jump in joy if they get to eat my specialty for the breakfast, don't you also want that hmm Aya?"

She walks again towards Aya.

"Say Aya, don't you want them to be happy and healthy?"

But Aya just keeps on going backward as the maiden is going towards her. The maiden is getting annoyed. She once again trying to reach her... on her head.

"Come on, Aya... Do this for the sake of the young ones."

But then suddenly something flew on the maiden's face that causes her from stopping. She stands still and looks at the teddy bear near her left foot.

"Get away from her, monster!!!" the young little girl courageously shouted then, she runs in front of Aya to defend her.


"Oh, Aby! Our little angel. It's so early in the morning dear, are you hungry?"

The little young girl Aby is confuse by what the maiden is saying. She just doesn't understand her.

"Why are you doing this, Maiden Anna..? Please don't kill Aya..." she pleaded as she tears up.

"It's for your own sake Aby--"

"Please Maiden Anna, I'm begging you!"

Aya screams as she stops the maiden from talking. Then she kneels in front of her begging for her life.

"I'll do everything you want. I'll keep silent... just please spare my life. I don't want to die Maiden Anna!"

She then looks at Aby and immediately holds her shoulder.

"This kid... Take her life instead of me, please? There are still a lot of little kids so killing her wouldn't count as one, right Maiden Anna? I'll do whatever you want just kill this kid instead of-----"


The maiden stops her from talking by throwing the knife that she's been holding, strike in the middle of Aya's head.

"You'll do everything you say? And yet you did not want to be the ingredient."

Aby got frozen as she slowly turns her back to look at the dead body of Aya. The only one who she considers as her real oldest sister. She got a sudden goosebump when the maiden gets closer at her to get the knife.

Aby silently watch the maiden removing the blood on the knife using the apron she's wearing.

"Aby say... Will you keep this a secret from everyone?" the maiden said.

But Aby doesn't know what to say. She can't say anything. The maiden opens her arms and happily looks at Aby.

"Look around you Aby, aren't we have a plenty of foods? This is amazing right?!" she exclaimed as she dances happily circling herself around as if she won a lottery.

Then she stops and looks at Aby again. But this time she is not smiling anymore. She bends over towards Aby's face and staring at her very close and intense, while her eyes are wide open as the knife is just right next to the maiden's face.

"I change my mind, we won't be sharing any foods on you.!"

Aby's heart is beating so hurriedly while looking at the maiden's gritted face, she feels like the more she looks at the maiden's wide red eyes the more she gets swallowed by the dark. But then, in the split of seconds, the maiden got pulled away from her by force.

She saw an angel.

It's Ela who came and knocked out the maiden by the knife's handle that is now in her hand. Aby felt a relief on her chest. She feels like she forgot to breathe for a moment.

Ela glances at her as she immediately goes to her, "Are you alright? Something hurts you? It's alright now."

But then, a sudden loud sound makes them freeze in a moment.

The door in the kitchen opened forcefully. The town's people came.

"What on earth is happening here..."

"Oh god... This is terrible."

"The maiden di---" Ela is about to tell them what happened but then...

"You monster! You did this!!!" an old maiden shouted that makes Ela stops from telling them who really did this.

She felt a sudden anxious, but she calmed down herself.

"Wait, listen to me first. It's the maide---"

"Cuff her hands right now immediately! This is terrible! We can't let someone like her escape!!"

This is unexpected. It's very unlikely to what will they react. It's like as if it's already planned, as if some of them already knew this would happen to this children.

Ela couldn't think of anything now that she can clearly say that they have been made her as the murderer. Not even as a prime suspect but a murderer already, just by seeing her in the scene.

She glances at the little girl behind her. Aby is still not in herself.

"Wait! A kid is behind her! She's going to kill her!"

Once again the old maiden shouts and the town's people got alerted by her warning.

('This old lady is getting on my nerves. Why does she have to shout like that?') Ela is getting frustrated.

But then, the old maiden suddenly let out a gun that really made them surprise. She pointed the gun at Ela.

"I won't let you kill her! Monster!"

And because of what the old maiden said Aby comes to her senses. Ela notices this and got a feeling that this kid might say something that will lead her life in danger again.

She already figured out that this old maiden that just dragging her down on this case might be the mastermind behind this. And so, before anything else, she knocks out Aby.

The town's people alerted and keep calling her 'monster'. Because of what she did, they are now chasing her.

But she saw it.

As she started running away she turned her head at them and saw it. Ela clearly saw how that old maiden grinned after what she just did to Aby.

('This is bad. I have to do something before it gets too late.')

—On the other hand, before the incident happened.—

Maiden Anna and the kids were having a picnic in the town's garden that can be found behind the church. The youngest ones were playing in the ground while the oldest ones were helping the maiden to prepare the foods for the picnic.

"Maiden Anna, is this picnic is a celebration for Ashton because someone adopted him?" Aya asked as she brought out the plates.

The maiden happily smiled at her and to other kids that were also waiting for what will she say.

"Yes, my dear, we're celebrating because Ashton finally found his new family."

They all smiled and feel happy for Ashton, but some of them feel envy, jealous, and sad.

"I wonder when will someone adopts me?" Aya wondered.

"Don't worry Aya, the right time will come for you and all of you will get their own family. Rest assured, as long as Maiden Anna is here there'll be always happiness."

"That's right! Maiden Anna is right!" the tall boy named Carl screamed in full energy.

"That's because she's always on the right side." the girl wearing a round-eyeglasses called Sam said.

"I feel excited, once I found my own family I'll be really going to buy lots of pretty clothes." said by the girl with two-sided ponytails with a flower on her right ear, named Chloe. The maiden smiled by what Chloe said.

"Then you should pray that a very rich family get to like you and well, as for me I'll make my room with full of books." the short haired girl said, called as Cynthia.

"Me! I'll buy lots of foods and play a video game!" the chubby boy excitedly said, named Chugs.

"Ahahaha! As expected from Chugs." Aya laughed.

"So, what about Aya? What will you do once you get your own family?" the maiden asked.

"Hmmm... Well.."

"Aya! I'm going to jump!" Aby screamed as she was running towards Aya getting chased by the other little kids, and then she jumped on her lap and looked at her with her very cute smile.

Aya smiled sweetly while looking at her, "I'll ask them to take this cute Aby with me."

The maiden smiled very happy seeing all the kids playing and laughing all together in one place.

"Such a nice view isn't Maiden Anna?"

Maiden Anna got surprised because of the sudden presence of the old maiden.

The kids stopped from playing as they saw the old maiden behind Maiden Anna. They formed a line and bowed their heads on her to show respect. The old maiden showed them it's lovingly grandma smile.

"I didn't expect that the Grand Maiden is here." Maiden Anna uttered as the kids went back at playing.

"I've heard from the Father that you'll be having a picnic in here, so I came to see. By the way, is Ashton already left together with his new family?"

"Ah yes, that's why we are celebrating."

"Hmmm.. He's a lucky kid that someone adopted him before anything else."

Maiden Anna got confused as what the old maiden just said.

"What do you mean by that Grand Maiden?"

But then the old maiden looked at her seriously.

"The winter is coming, Maiden Anna. We'll be having a big trouble to get food supplies from the big city, and besides you know well how poor and unknown this orphanage, and so only a few rich families are coming here to take a visit. We are out of funds."

Maiden Anna didn't know what to say, "Grand Maiden... Does that mean..."

The old maiden watched the children playing together.

"Yes. As long as we have the youngest ones, the orphanage will be saved from getting closed."

"But Grand Maiden this idea is so outrageous. I can't do something like that. I know there is still a way for the kids not to get sick once the winter comes, and I'll make sure that they'll eat every day and live healthy."

"You are the seventh maiden that told me that exact phrase as like that, Maiden Anna."

"But they are just kids... Just how can you think somethi---"

"Maidens are a higher position than the Sisters, all what the Maiden has decided are always been in the right path. Maiden Anna, it has just been for three months since you became a Maiden from a Sister. Do you wish to get back to where you started?"

She got nervous, "No... Grand Maiden..." she murmured as she lowered her head.

"Then do as I say. Once the food truck stops delivering foods in here, you know what to do to prevent hunger."

"Yes... Grand Maiden..."

"Only remember this... Do this for the sake of the young ones. These young lively kids are the ones that will surely love by the rich family, so make sure you take a good care of them."

"Yes... Grand Maiden..."

Inside of her, she wanted to back out. But what can she do if this orphanage and being a maiden is her life... Besides, she has something special in this orphanage.

"We don't have a choice, Maiden Anna. Sometimes, in order to survive the only thing we could think of is to sacrifice... And the oldest kids is our way to survive."

The old maiden turned back to walk away.

"Besides, not a single family is interested at them hahahahaha!~"

The maiden went blank.

She couldn't hear anything but only the laughs of the old maiden.

Every word that she said is repeating and repeating on her mind.

('Only remember this...


Do this...

Dot this...

Do this...

Do this...

Do this...

Do this...

Do this...

DO IT!!!

Yes... That's right...

For the sake of the young ones...

For the sake of the young ones...

For the sake of the young ones...

For the sake of the young ones...

Young ones...

Young ones...

Young ones...

Young ones...

Young ones...

Young ones...

Young ones...

Young ones...

Young ones...

Young ones...


The smiles and laughs of the oldest kids are slowly getting blurred in the eyes of the maiden.

"Maiden Anna... *sob*sob* why are you doing this..." Aya was crying and shivering in fears.

All the six oldest kids including Aya were gathered up by the maiden in the kitchen. But they didn't know that this would happen to them.

Chugs and Sam were the first ones who got chopped by the maiden. Their arms and legs are now removed on its body, while their heads are getting washed in the faucet area.

Maiden Anna ignored what Aya just said as she was concentrating on removing Carl's eyeballs.

('For the sake of the young ones... For the sake of the young ones..')

These phrase was again repeating on her mind and nothing else.

Meanwhile, Chloe and Cynthia were just crying nonstop while they're hugging each other. Chloe tried to escape by getting closer in the door secretly which is ten steps away from them but since it's on the right side of the maiden, even though she's concentrating on something she saw Chloe trying to escape through her peripheral vision.

And because of that, Cynthia was hugging Chloe while her legs are chopped off already.

"Done. We have now a total of six meatballs. Do Aby and Rafael not love meat balls?" the maiden said as she turned back and face the three kids crying behind her.

She was just looking at them, and as she saw Chloe she started getting emotional...

('Don't! This is for the sake of the young ones... For the sake of the young ones... For the sake of the young ones... Only for the young ones!')

Her expression went blank again.

She started walking towards Chloe and Cynthia, and as the maiden is in front of them, their hugs get tighter. None of them wants to let go of each other.

"Please... Maiden Anna... Stop this..."

She ignored Cynthia and got closer to Chloe.

She then grabbed her hair, "It's for the sake of the young ones..."

Chloe was trying hard to get out of her hands but the maiden is stronger. She lifted up the kid and letting all the blood drips from the two half cut limbs.

Chloe then gave up on resisting, "You're not a Maiden... Monster." Chloe mocked her as she accepted her death.

Maiden Anna got furious by what Chloe said, "For the sake of the young ones!!!!!"

Then she cuts off Chloe's head from its body as it fell down in the floor.

The maiden teared up while looking at Chloe's head getting held up by her hand. She hugged Chloe's head.

('Forgive me, Chloe... Forgive your mother...')

She has something special in this orphanage... A proof of her for not being a virgin anymore.

And now it's gone.

To be continued...


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