The Darkness Inside You
4 I“ll Go With You
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The Darkness Inside You
Author :demoisellelyn
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4 I“ll Go With You

—Ela's point of view—

"Come on, I know.. From the very beginning you like me, right? So.. Don't be shy and get stripped."

A guy... with no eyes? Who is this? And why is he smiling so creepy on me?

I'm getting scared. I feel like this already happened before...

"Don't be shy or... do you want me to help you?~"

No... Wait. Don't come. Don't get close to me. No! Why is he trying to hold me?

What does he wants?

"Oh come on Zoey. I know you like me and I might like you too if we get closer, don't you think?"

Don't touch me. Who are you? What are you trying to do? No! Don't!

He raised my both hands with his left hand, while his right hand is trying to unbutton my polo shirt.

"Don't move, I'm helping you to remove your clothes. I know you've been wanting this ever since you saw me, right?"

No! Get away... Get away from me!

My legs are shivering... I don't even have any power to free myself from him. He's strong. What should I do...

He already unbuttoned me fully and now my chest and stomach are exposed at him. He's looking at my chest pervertedly.

"I didn't know you have a very nice body. If we keep doing this I might really fall for you."

Don't touch me... Who are you... What are you talking... Get away from me... Please... No.

What's wrong with me? Why there's no voice coming out on my mouth? I want to scream. Please, someone help me...

"That's what you want right, Zoey? You want me to like you."

Now, his hand is getting close to my chest. He's going to touch my breast with that creepy smile.

Am I getting raped?

("Isn't that obvious? He's going to **** you? The one you're having a crush on... Is going to **** you!")

The voice on my head whispered.

No... No. I don't want that. No.! This voice on my head again.

My body starting to fight back. I can feel my legs, but he is so strong.

Someone help!

("There isn't someone here to help you. Only you can help yourself. There's only one way.")

Only one way..? No.. Stop! I'm not going to listen to you.

"You're fighting back. Oh, I see. You can't wait anymore, right? Ahahahaha!"

He touches my breast. He's touching it. His body is so close to mine. He even gets more closer.

No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No!!!

He puts his face on my neck, "You smell nice."

Get away from me! Get away from me! Get away from me!!! Please.. Someone..!

("At this rate, if you don't do something, he'll win. And you'll be raped by him.")

No.. Someone... Please... Please...

("Stop being so stupid. Only you can save yourself. Or maybe he's right after all... You also want this.")

No! That's not true! No! Do something, do something, do something, do something! Think, think, think, think!

("There's only way~")

He's touching my breast nonstop and kissing my neck nonstop while I keep on moving and ramping myself against the wall to get free. I tried to kick him away but he blocked it and pinned me more.

What should I do?

He suddenly stopped and looked at me. He grinned when he puts his mouth near on my left ear.

"You just keep on moving huh. I bet you're already wet."

He provokingly whispered to me while I can feel that his right hand is going down.

And as soon as he touched it, my eyes went black.

("That's right, kill him~")

My eyes opened as I get up immediately and catching my breath.

Ugh... Why of all things to dream about, why this? It's already in the past... It happened already so, why am I dreaming this again? I don't like this.

It's killing me.

"Finally, you're awake Ela."

I turned my sight at my left as I heard his voice. "Ash..."

I remember all that happened earlier in the lobby. That detective... Just who is he?

"Where's everyone?" I asked.

But instead of answering me he pointed his face on our left side. I looked at my left and saw them at the big window sitting and sleeping on the floor.

"They've been waiting for you to get awaken." He said while looking at them. I lowered my head. I caused them so much trouble.

"You made them worry." then he holds my hand, "You made me worry, Ela."

Here he goes again. Why is he being like this? Yes, I like him no-I actually love him. I've confessed my feelings... I said that I like him but... He refused me. He didn't accept my feelings. So, why doing this Ash? Why... I get back my hands from his hands as I looked at him straight.

"I'm thinking of leaving you all, Ash." I have decided. If I stay with them any longer, I'll just get them in danger. I'll just love you even more...

"Being with me is dangerous..."

I lowered my head. He's getting angry, but instead of saying anything he showed me a white folder. I opened it. It's all about the information that they've got according to the case.

"It says there that the only witness is the little girl named Aby. She's still in the care of Mr. Brown as she is still not in good condition." He explained.

It has her information written in here with her photo attached. This girl... That's right, this girl. She can be my witness, the only one who can clear this case is this girl.

"Don't worry. I told Mr. Brown to never let anyone come close to her without my permission. She's safe."

"I know that but do you think she'll talk?" That's what I'm worrying.

"You have to talk to her then. Mr. Brown said that when she regained consciousness she cried nonstop while was looking for an angel." Ash said then he smiles, "It's you that Aby is looking for."

Really, there's no time to joke around Ash.

"Why me? I don't even have wings. Even though it can't tell on your face because you have this cold aura on you, you are actually a smooth talker, Ash."

He smirked, "Isn't that the reason why you like me."

I raise an eyebrow on him, "Oh really, huh." But then he smiles at me while staring at my face warmly.

"That's right, be like that. The brave Ela I know that I like the most."

Ba-dump! Ah please, Ash... Stop doing this. I touch my chest as it is beating fast.

"What's wrong Ela? Something is hurting you again?"

"No.. I'm fine... It just.."

"Tell me. I'm worried.." He said as his face is getting closer to me. I look at him. He's really worried about me... But why?

You don't even like me the same way as I do. You like me as a companion.. as a friend only. Ash gives importance friendship that's why they never leave him and respect him so much. You only not care and worried about me.. You show the same care with everyone you lead.

And this is what suffocate me inside...

"I said I'm alright." I refuse as I push him away, "Stop treating me like this."

He becomes cold. "I'm just worried about you, you are important to me Ela."

That words again... That loving voice again.. Ugh please stop! But... If... If this is a sign maybe... Maybe for the second chance.

"Then tell me.."

I look at him in the eyes.

"Is there a chance for me to have a place in your heart... Ash?" I asked while looking him in the eyes.

And my heart keeps beating so fast. What should I do once I get his answer? But whatever it is.. I'll accept it. He's looking at me in the eyes too but.. his face is showing sadness towards me. I don't understand him really.

"I can't answer that for now. I'm not sure... But one thing is for sure Ela."

He holds my hand.

"I won't stop you for loving me nor leaving us, but if you're going to leave tell me.. because I'll go with you."

Tears fall down on my cheeks, but my chest now feels lighter. As he saw the tears he kiss me on my forehead.

Ash, you idiot.

You can't just tell anyone not to stop for loving you when you can't even give a proper answer, idiot. But... I think this will do. As long as I'm with him I'll be happy and be content on that. That's right. I don't have to rush things.

Oh, wait. I said that I don't have to rush but this is still so confusing. Realizing that made me push him once again then I wipe my tears.

"Then, can you at least tell me what am I really to you?" I directly asked while giving him a stare.

He gets panicked, "Do I really need to answer that?"

"Of course! You just don't know how it feels like to love someone that doesn't give any proper answer and yet showing so much affection! Tsk."

I crossed my arms and look away from him. He's really an idiot.

But then he giggles, "Pfft--ok fine. Then come here." then he grabs me and hugs me.

"Whenever you're with me I always feel relax and calm and that because you are my angel."



I feel the same way. With him, I feel at ease and peace and the voice that's inside me is not troubling me. It just shut whenever I'm with Ash.

He said that I'll tell him if I decided to leave and he'll go with me but.. does that mean he'll leave them for me? Then, if that happens what will they react? Besides, they need him as much as I do.. because he is their leader. A someone that they really trust. And Akane... What will she do if her brother leaves her for me?

If ever I decide to leave them I have to think very carefully. It might sound selfish but... I hope they understand, especially Akane.


We got shocked when the door suddenly opens and we immediately release each other as we still hugging. Nami and the others woke up because of him.

"What is it?"

The guy wearing a police officer suit enters the room. He's a friend of Ash and is helping us to solve the case.

He gives us a very serious expression like something bad has happened.

"The little girl Aby is missing."

Wait... What?! That little girl? But why...?

"This is bad. We can't lose her. Isn't Mr. Brown taking care of her?" Ash becomes serious.

But the guy scratches his head, "It's actually me because an urgent came up and that he's needed.. And well, it just I left her for a moment but then when I came back to her room she's not there anymore."

"Why did you let that happen?! Her life is in danger you shouldn't--"

I scream but Ash stops me, "Did you notice something very strange as you came back to her room?"

"Nothing particular but... On my way, I bumped to an old lady covering her mouth with a mask. She seemed to rush that time."

Old lady with a mask? Old lady.. Wait..

"What was she wearing? Is her hair is all white in boy cut with the same height as me??"

This is a bad feeling. Please say no.

"That's really like her. I'm not sure with the height but her hair is exactly like what you said."

We have to move fast. This can't be happening.

"Aside that, was she holding something?" Ash asks that trigger our cautiousness.

"Now that you mentioned it... I was also hurrying but I do saw her carrying a big black bag. No, it was actually a black trash bag and there was something big inside... What the hell! Don't tell me--"

"I hope it's not but we can't ignore that. Ok, have you called a search team?"

"I did."

"That's good, tell them to keep searching for Aby." Ash commanded.


"But what about that old lady?" I asked as I start getting nervous.

"That's not a big deal Ela. We will do it right, leader." I turn my sight at them as Nami answers me.

They are already prepared.

"So, what are we going to look for is that old maiden, right?" Kano clarifies the situation as he is stretching his legs.

Ash just nods at him. That's right... I don't only have Ash to solve this case but I also have them, these people that I've been with together for so long.

They are famous. Wherever you are in this town or even outside, their names are being heard by people. And the reason is that they are a bounty hunters known as 'Mythics' that lead by Ash. A bunch of hunters that are not only good at fighting and hunting but also good at finding a missing person so, finding that old maiden is a piece of cake for them. That's right. Ugh, why did I forget about that. I don't have to worry at all. They are capable of finding someone in a flash.

That old maiden... Wait for us Aby. We will save you.

"Um... That's not only the problem here..." the police officer interrupts us.

There's another one aside of Aby gone missing?

We are all looking at him and waiting for him to say the other problem.. I don't like this feeling I'm getting right now.

"Maiden Anna is dead."

To be continued...


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