The Darkness Inside You
8 Worz City
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The Darkness Inside You
Author :demoisellelyn
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8 Worz City

—Third Person's POV—

Zoey is waving at them before she starts her new journey with her real name.

"Zoey! Stop spacing out wherever you go, people will take advantage of you!!"

The boy Nayan shouted while he's waving at her. His grandparents are just standing next to him and are also waving.

Zoey stops walking as she heard Nayan's reminder. She spend there for almost a month with them, and they've been only good to her even though she's a total stranger to her. Zoey turns her face at them and bowed down to them for a long time. She did that to show how grateful she is towards them. The grandma felt that as she starts crying on her husband's chest while Nayan trying to hold his tears.

His grandpa noticed that as he hit Nayan's head, "Tell her, brat."

And because of that Nayan starts crying out loud that even his nose is also crying.

"You can come back here whenever you want. You're always welcome here! So, make sure you visit us again!!" He shouted again while crying and waving at her.

Zoey stands up and starts to walk again. She closes her eyes with a smile for a moment then she leaves the place.

Then, a memory flashes back on her head.

Zoey was helping the grandma to water the flowers while the boy and grandpa were sitting at the green field and organizing the herbs they got in the forest. It had been two weeks with them, and so she realized something that made her asked the old lady beside her.

"Aren't you scared at me?"

The old lady paused watering the flowers as she got confused by what Zoey said. The old lady looked at her confusingly.

"What do you mean?"

"Ah, I mean.. You don't know me and yet you let me stay in here."

The old lady smiled as she continued watering the flowers.

"No dear, you're wounded and still weak so, that's why we let you stay here. Besides, Nayan became cheerful since you came here. Ever since he wanted to have a sister."

"But I'm a stranger to all of you and don't you ever think or curious as to why and where I got this wound? Don't you ever think that I might be a bad person?"

"Well, of course, we did, but we are just a simple family living in the middle of this forest for six years and no one wouldn't ever think of harming us. You've been here for two weeks and if ever you're planning something bad on us, I think you should have done that way before right?"

"But still... You have to be more careful."

The grandma looked at her as she sighed, "It depends on the instincts of a person Zoey, it has to be felt... And with you, we didn't feel danger. You are so gentle to be with and besides you look like an angel."

'Look like an angel huh..' is what on Zoey's mind regarding what the old lady just said. Back then, in the town where she escaped, people there were also told her the same thing that even her friends used to tease her, and she even got blushed because of that. But now it's different, she doesn't know how to react to that. It's no more a compliment to her, because the phrase 'look like an angel' is not how it sounds to her ears anymore, it's more like... 'she's a demon who hides in the face of an angel'.

Somewhere in the continent called Worz City, which is the capital city.

A group of thugs is running on the streets. They are trying to mislead the policemen that are catching up on them. These thugs are no ordinary thugs that the policemen are having a hard time to catch them. They've been looking for these thugs for three months and now that they're just in front of their sights they can't let them slip away again. They don't want another month to spend just to catch them and seeing their hard works make the thugs make a fun of it. As the thugs are running fast they tend to look back at the policemen behind to mock them by giving an annoying grin, curse hand gestures, and laughing hard at them. But the policemen did not give any attention to it.

On the chasing race, the thugs use any kinds of things that they picked up on the way to throw on the policemen to make them slow. Boxes that are just on the way, trash cans, metal pipes, rocks, and even their own weapons like a baseball bat, knives, etc. All the possible way to make the policemen distract. Meanwhile, the policemen are using their revolvers only on them. Trying to hit the thugs on their extremities so that they can't run anymore, but no matter how hard or concentrated they are, the thugs will just avoid the bullets easily.

On one of the building corners, there is a strange man waiting for the thugs to pass by on his position. He's going to attack one of the thugs, only to one significant thug. One more minute and the thugs will pass by, he positioned himself for the attack. And as the thugs are now passing on that corner he throws his red leather whip on the air straight to his target. When the whip got the target's waist he pulls him over and immediately covers his face with a black cloth as they both disappear, without anyone noticing what just happened.

At some point, two mysterious people in a black cloak are observing the chasing race from the rooftop of a building.

"Are these the thugs that he described on us?" a woman asked while looking for something using a binocular. She's given a codename of Violet.

"I think so." A man of tall stature answered as he is cleaning an Nr. 0 Barett M99, his sniper rifle. Codename, Silver.

Violet looks at him when she notices that Silver puts the parts of his rifle altogether.

"And what do you think you're doing huh, Silver?!" she exclaimed.

"Catching the target from far away is the easiest way. He wouldn't get a chance to escaped." he said without even looking at Violet.

"Are you out of your mind?! Our task is to bring the target alive!"

"I know."

"Then?! What's the point of using that big annoying weapon of yours!?"

"I told you, it's the easiest way. When the target is aware of his hunter he'll be given a lot of chances to escape, that's why the chase has no end."

"Cut the crap, Silver. We want him alive and not dead----!"

Violet gasped because Silver pointed the riffle on her. She immediately unleashed her two katana, Japanese swords, that are attached on her back. The atmosphere between them begins to get colder.

"I'll ask you again, Silver. What the hell do you think you're doing.!"

Silver stays silent as he placed the magnifying eye locked on Violet. She prepared herself for defense. But when both of them are ready to attack, they heard a bump sound. The noise was from the back of the door. Suddenly it got opened and both them throw their first attack on the person who came out from the door. Violet threw one of her katana swords while Silver fired up his rifle, but the person whom they just attacked easily avoided it. Little did they know, it was one of their comrades.

"Hey, that was closed. You two never stop loving each other. Tsk, Tsk, Tsk." he said.

Violet felt irritated as she walks and passes him to get her katana that got stabbed on the door. The guy who disrupted the scene is carrying a man with its face covered in black cloth. It's the strange man that captured a thug, codename: Red. He puts the man on the floor and removes the black cloth that has a sleeping gas.

"Silver, you don't really have to use your magnificent head shot on this worthless man. You'll be just wasting your bullets."

"I was just experimenting. The target was moving, so I couldn't help but to test my skills---"

Silver stopped talking because Violet punches him at the back of his head, "Skills my ass. You were trying to kill me!!"

"It's because you're in the way." he excused while caressing the bump on his head.

"You pointed out that stupid rifle on me, idiot!" she shouted.

These three people are one of the those famous assassins in the big city, but they work individually. They don't belong to any companies, and they have been working together for more than three years.

The big city is where all the noble people live and where most of the criminals hide from the hunters and assassins, that is why Worz city is the most dangerous than the other small towns.

"So, is that the man? The ringleader of those thugs." Violet asked while looking at their target.

Red nods at her, "That's definitely him."

"Then what are we waiting for? Let's bring him to the headquarters and get our money."

They went somewhere near at the headquarters. Violet and Silver are inside an old warehouse and guarding the man while Red is talking to someone on the phone.

"What did she says?" Violet asked as soon as Red went inside the warehouse.

"She told us to move to another place."


"At Shinya Street."

"You're acting like something is going on, Red." the silent guy Silver uttered as he lifts up the man.

"Nah. I just don't like the way she ordered us. I'll tell her to double up the prize, anyway."

They leave the warehouse and now walking all the way to Shinya street where they will meet up with their client to deliver the target and get their prize. But none of them are aware that the lady client is planning on making them fall on her trap.

Red's group is now in front of another old warehouse, somewhere in Shinya street. Violet is about to open the warehouse when Silver got cautious at his surroundings. He looks at Red as they both getting suspicious, but they are not aware that the man they captured is awake all along. The man is being carried by Red and it's already too late when he stabbed Red a poisoned syringe on his arm. They got shocked but Red didn't let go of the man as he slams it on the ground that makes the man's spine got broken. Violet is about to unleash her katanas when Red throws a smoke bomb and Silver immediately grabs Violet and runs away from that place.

"What the hell are you doi--mmmpp!!"

"Not now, Agatha. It's a trap." Silver warned her as he called her name. They both get serious.

Meanwhile, as the smoke settle down, troops of thugs and some politicians are compiling in front of Red. He looks at them and smirks as he saw the lady client standing in front of the thugs like a boss.

"What a nice way of meeting up huh, Old lady." he said while holding his arm that got stabbed with a poison. He intentionally irritates the lady by calling her old.

"This will be the last time for you to call me that again, brat."

"Oh sorry, old lady. Did I hurt your feelings? My bad, old lady." Red is mocking her.

She tries not to burst out then she stares at his arm, "That poison is not too dangerous for you to die easily."

Red just smirked, "Will you just get to the point, old lady. What is the meaning of this?"

But the lady client didn't answer him instead she gives a sign to the thugs behind her. An over 30 thugs will be attacking Red brutally till he wouldn't get a chance to escape from them.

"Ohoh, that's not nice, old lady." Red uttered as he grabs his whip at his back.

Meanwhile, as Violet was insisting on going back Silver puts her to sleep. He's carrying Violet back to their hideout, but he stops from running when he notices a white van parked near at the hideout. He got cautious, and so he puts down Violet and hides her in the bushes together with his rifle bag, then he starts sneaking to confirm if it's an enemy or a hunter that also hunting them.

When he gets closer to the white van, he looks inside of it. He suddenly back out away from it as soon as he saw what's inside the white van.

'Five? No...'

He counted the thugs that are inside the van that are waiting for him to come, another trap. And as soon as they get out, Silver pulls out a gun from his pocket.

'Six bullets versus ten people huh.'

At the same time somewhere at one of the stores of Shinya street, a girl who has been wandering around the city for a whole week starts to feel hungry. She stops in front of the store and stares at the food stall inside. Her stomach let out a slight growl. She didn't go inside the store even though she has money. As she starts walking, her attention got caught by a wanted poster on the wall. She stares at it then she removes it. She goes at the corridor of the store and sits down on the floor as she gets out her half remaining bread. As she starts eating, she is also staring the wanted person on the poster she's holding.

She smirks as how perfectly they drew her face that they ended up confusing the people because of how angelic she looks in the poster.

"3 billions huh. I'll be happy if this money is on my hands right now and not on my head. Oh, it's not 'dead or alive' that's written here."

She cramped the poster.

"Maybe they'll execute me in public once I get captured." she murmured.

But while sitting on a corner, she sees a silhouette in a man's figure. She immediately gets up as she faces the man covers in bruises and blood stains.


She got frozen when she saw the man teared up while trying to reach her, but then suddenly, the man falls down on her.


The man whispered on her as he lost conscious.

To be continued...


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