The Darkness Inside You
9 Codename : Red
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The Darkness Inside You
Author :demoisellelyn
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9 Codename : Red

—Third Person's Point of View—

Time is 2:30 in the morning when an old man vendor found a mass of wounded people somewhere in Shinya street.

"Are you sure they are not citizens in here?"

"Yes, sir. Apparently, they are the thugs under of Circus group."

"Hmmm, that's the so-called famous criminal of Worz. No wonder he's the danger of our city. So, who did this? Who's the one they battled with?"

"Um, about that sir, we found this note at officer Linda's pocket."

"A note?"

"Yes, sir."

The chief police looks at the note that they found on headquarters' officer Linda, the lady client that is currently being treated at the near hospital. The note is indicating that she's the one who captured the thugs.

"Who wrote this?" the chief asked but no one didn't know the answer. Officer Linda was once a comrade of him and he didn't expect that a very feminine person like her could have done this. While the three policemen are confuse, a high school student girl is running towards them.

"Officers! There are dead people in our place!!" and as she shouted that, all of them rush to that place being led by the teenage girl. They found a ten people laying on the ground and a mysterious white van near the corpses. The investigation said that the ten corpses are also part of those thugs, six of them were shot in their foreheads while the remaining four are brutally beaten, and they can't find a single clue that leads to the one who did this.

At the same time somewhere in Shinya street, Silver and Violet went to a hotel to take rest.

"Will you just tell me what exactly is going on? Where's Aries? Where did you go? And why the heck did you leave me in the bushes?!"

"You never really stop asking too many questions, Agatha."

"Oh, so it's my fault now? It's my fault for not knowing anything huh, Geo."

Silver, real name: Geo, let out a sigh as he stands up and walks towards Violet who is sitting at the bed, real name: Agatha. He knows her for so long and he knew that Agatha if didn't get any answers to her nonstop questions she'll again ask more questions, and so as Agatha starts asking another questions, he bends towards Agatha to get closer to her face. Agatha stopped saying questions as she got confused because of Geo that is now one inch away from her.

"What... What's wrong with you? Why are you so close----" but she couldn't finish her talk when Geo suddenly gets more closer and kiss her.

After seconds of them with their lips are stick to each other, Geo pulls over and looks at Agatha's blushing face with her wide eyes, "I want to see something cute that's why I did that." he said.

Agatha was left shock and couldn't utter a word, Geo slightly grins when he succeeded to his plan to make her silent. He suddenly feels pain and falls down on Agatha, and that's when she came back to her senses.

"What that... What did you do that... Ugh! You're such a jerk, Geo! Get off me!"

He didn't respond instead he started breathing heavily. Agatha got the feeling that something wrong is going on him, "Hey, are you alright?" she asked while worrying as she shakes his shoulder.

Agatha pushes him and laid him down on the bed, then she notices that he's bleeding. She immediately stands up and goes to the phone to make a call but then something came up on her mind. She got worried that if she calls the emergency hotline the situation might get worst. She made up her mind that she'll be the one who will take care of Geo, and she's the only one who can do that as of the moment and no one else. Agatha gets the first aid kit, and then she rips off Geo's polo shirt as she ties up her hair to start giving him first aid.

"Be thankful that I studied medical or not you'll be dead any moment, and after this you better to open your damn soft mouth and tell me everything what happened earlier." she murmured while treating Geo's deep wound.

—Red's Point of View—

Where... I'm getting conscious but my vision is still blurry, just where am I? I get up and blinking my eyes repeatedly to get my vision back to normal. I look around me. This seems a normal room for one person. Just only a bed and a table. What is this place?

The last thing I remember is that when I turned to that corner, a person suddenly popped out in front me, it was a girl. That's right, a girl. Is that mean she helped me? I immediately look at my body as soon as I remember that I got three stabbed plus my right arm was also stabbed with a poison and now it has bandages, same thing on my stomach and chest. I got poisoned but why I don't feel anything?

I push myself to get out of the bed. I feel that I'm starting to get hungry, but the owner of this room doesn't even have a refrigerator or leftover foods on the table. There is nothing valuable here, not even a single thing of her. I'll die in no time if she hasn't come by noon. I go forward to the only one window in here and look outside. Just a simple street, I guess. But I can tell that I'm still in Shinya street. Right now, I'm guessing that I'm in a small apartment building, and from here, I can see the entrance. I think I'm in the third floor. Oh, wait. That's maybe her, the girl who I saw last night. She's going up here.

I go back on the bed and wait for her arrival, but since it's in the third floor for sure it'll take time to reach here. Oh, but there's an elevator, so she'll be here in no time. What if she's a type of person who takes the ladder instead of elevator, like me? Maybe we both don't like standing still? I scratch my head. Why am I being anxious about her? As if like I want her to take the ladder instead, so that she won't arrive here in no time. Why do I feel like I have to escape from her?

Damn, I hope what I saw earlier is just an imagination.

Earlier, when I saw her in the entrance way, she looked up here exactly at me. And because of that I saw her face, but there's something very strange on it. On her forehead, there's a... Ugh! I scratch my head more. My head is really feels itchy, maybe because I haven't had shower for... Oh, fuck! How many days has it been?! I got up. I have to ask her.

"Here's your food."

I get stunned. She's already inside the room and I didn't even notice that! But... Damn. What I saw on her forehead wasn't just a mistake. I really saw it right.

She was putting the foods out of the plastic bag. Then, I froze when she looked at me and our eyes met.

"Don't worry, these foods is safe. You can eat." she said.

I get a hold of myself. "Well, thanks..." then I get up and go to the table to eat. She prepares my food herself as I can't still move my right arm. I look at the foods and well, they look fine.

I keep my posture and eat normal, so that she wouldn't get suspicious of me. But while she's eating, I couldn't help myself to look at her. She's pretty and has this peace vibe on her because of that angelic aura. A normal person will say that she's not dangerous to be with and she can be trusted, but for me, that's not the case.

She's dangerous.

That's for sure, and I say that because of that thing on her forehead. I can clearly see it as we are just close to each other and eating in one table. I immediately look away from her when she notices that I'm staring at her.

"If you have something to say just say it." she uttered.

"Ah, well..." I look at those things on her forehead once again then I smirk, "Just wanted to say that you have awesome pair of horns there."

She just looks at me. Her eyes are too deep and lonely... "I don't get what you said." she denied and looks away, avoiding my eyes.

So, she knew that she has something like that but doesn't want to accept it huh. She's different from the other people I've encountered before. She's way more different actually. I have never seen those small black horns on a person in my entire life. This is the first time, which makes it interesting. Oh, I see. Maybe she's a special person just like me. I smile having that thought. That's the only reason why she has those horns like a demon on her forehead.

"When was it again? The last time I saw something different from the usual..." I murmured.

To be continued...


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