The Darkness Inside You
10 Following Her Makes Everything Interesting
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The Darkness Inside You
Author :demoisellelyn
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10 Following Her Makes Everything Interesting

—Red's Point of View—

When was it again? I can't really remember but I'm so sure that I had also seen something like that on someone, just like her. I can't remember his face, although it just happened not so long ago. So, how come I am forgetting that.

I turn around and watch her making something herbal. I'm just watching her digging and crushing a lot of garlic, then she'll mix it on a bottle with a lot of strange leaves. She stops crushing the garlic and looks at me. I got alerted by that.

"Oh, sorry 'bout that. I won't look again." I said. I forgot that she is not used to anyone watches her, and that she gets easily distracted. She already warned me three times but I still keep doing it. I wasn't watching her actually. I was looking at her horns. Since last night, after that lunch, she just left me alone without saying anything. I've thought of leaving as well as I can tell that she wouldn't care about it if I leave, but I changed of mind and stayed in this small room the whole afternoon. She came back at night, and I was so delightful to see her again with foods. I've been trying to talk to her because I have a lot of questions to ask but there's some part of me of not to disturb her, because last night as she came back she looked so tired and her eyes was like about to give up. Maybe she did a lot of works.

"By the way, can I ask you something?" I asked, but she didn't respond, so I just say it anyway. "What kind of job are you working for?"

And whatever that is, I'm sure it's not a proper job. I can tell it, from the way she dressed and being silent, I'd say that she's working under someone's order. I barely heard her talking that she didn't even bother to ask about me like where on earth did I come from and why I got all these wounds. And that just indicates that she's not an extrovert person, and that she don't give a shit. It appears to me that she doesn't need anyone for her to live. What an independent girl. And the way she dresses is very dark. Since yesterday till now she wears the same black t-shirt, fitted pants, and knee-length leather boots. And today, the logo on her t-shirt looks familiar.

And for me as an experienced assassin, not wearing colored or bright clothes indicates that we don't want the blood to be seen by anyone.

I let out a sigh. Not saying anything huh. "I'm just curious, because you know you don't look like you're a rich girl or even has someone to look for you, so I got curious and let say amazed at the same as how do you manage to buy very healthy and delicious foods in every time you came back. You even bought me foods."

She stops working for a moment, she then continues crushing garlic as she said, "I forgot to tell you this, but I used your ATM card for the things that I used to treat your wounds, including your meals and that snacks you're eating."

I almost choke myself after what she just said. "You're not joking right?"

"I'm not a joker." she uttered, not sounding sarcastic. I look at her, and she doesn't really look like she's lying. I heave a sigh.

"So, you used my own money all this time and here I thought you really saved me." I said, expressing of a disappointment. That's really unbelievable.

"Saving your life doesn't mean I have to spend my own money. Besides, if I use my own money, which is 0.001 percent of your money, that I saved for years for a living then you'll be felt in debt on me, and that is what I don't like the most." she said. The very first long sentence that came out of her mouth.

It doesn't really matter to me if she used my ATM. I am just shocked. "So, you don't really want to say what is your job um... uhh... What's your name again?"



"Just Zoey."

"Oh, well, thanks for saving my butt there Zoey." I thanked her as I give my hand on her to shake hands, but she doesn't seem want to do that, so I pull back.

"What is it to you..." she murmured, and then she looks at me, "My job, what will you do if I tell you?"

I get up from sitting lazy and come at her table. I pointed out the logo on her shirt, "I want to apply."

"No." I almost got out of balance when she disagreed just like that. No reactions at all ha ha. There's no even emotions in her words.

"Hey, that's so fast. Think about it first. I'll be really a big help to you actually. I can do anything, and I have a unique ability you know."

She suddenly stood up. "I don't care how or what you know about the job just don't butt in, and don't ever interrupt me." then she picked up something on her pocket and gives it to me as she pushes me all the way out. "That's your ATM. Now, leave."

"W-Wait... Hey!" she locks the door, "That's not nice." I sighed.

I can't just leave just like that like she wants to, even though she used my ATM without my permission she still saved me. And saving life of a person is priceless. I know that I was in verge of death that time, I was hopeless, and if it wasn't her I'll be dead by now. That's why... That's why I can't just leave her.

I sit down on the floor, sitting beside the door. I lean on the wall while my head is down.

'Geo, Agatha... I guess it'll be taken a while for us to meet again.'

—Third Person's Point of View—

"So, how is it?"

"Well, whoever saved you, she did well. Not a single trace of poison were found in your body and the wounds are recovering so well. Did she make you drink something like medicines or herbals?"

The lady doctor said to Red. When he was sitting in the corridor in front of Zoey's room, a familiar face popped out in front of him out of nowhere. It's the lady doctor who's coincidentally had some client in the same place. She examined his body to confirm its situation, and now checking him up.

"Maybe, I guess? I'm not really sure. I was unconscious for two nights in her place, and when I woke up I felt just normal as if like nothing's wrong on me." Red explained to her.

The lady doctor did not say anything. She is just standing in front of him. Her left hand is supporting her right arm holding her chin and her left foot is tapping the floor many times making a series of sounds while observing his wounds. She's amazed by the girl that saved his life, especially as how she removed the poison. The lady doctor let out a relief sigh. Then she gives a paper to Red, "You just need these antibiotics and you'll be fine."

Red stands up from the chair, gets his t-shirt and wears it. Then he leaves the room as he thanked the doctor. The room is just right next to Zoey's room. Red is thinking of knocking the door to talk to her, but then he saw her turning on the right corner. He follows her. They left the apartment building and Zoey is taking west to her destination. Red is carefully following her and makes sure that she wouldn't notice his presence. On the way, a group of people wearing all dark clothes and masks, covering the half of their face, are leaving the department store one by one, and they'll be going straight to Zoey. They don't seem the kinds of people who just give some space to walk in. For short, these people are the so-called gangsters of the street.

Worz city is known for having any kinds of criminals, so it's not new for citizens to encounter groups of troublesome gangsters roaming around the street.

And as what Red is seeing right now, it seems to him that Zoey doesn't mind who will she go to pass. He's assure that these gangsters won't let her slid, but he was wrong. As Zoey about to bump the fat lady who's in the leading of the party, she suddenly disappears. Red got shocked and is looking for where she is now. Then, a thought just came to his mind. "Does she knew all along?" He curses as he runs fast to catch up on Zoey.

The gangsters are now behind him while Zoey is nowhere to be found. It'll be such a wasted of time if he can't find her. He must be found her.

"Hey, look what you're walking!"

As Red heard that he turned his face to look what's going on, but then he got shocked when he saw Zoey. He immediately grabs the newspaper from the trashcan then he goes to the mail pole and acts like he's reading when he's actually hiding his face with the use of newspaper. He almost got caught. When Zoey passes the pole he's leaning on, he slightly lowers the newspaper to take a peak on her. Red notices that she's holding a white plastic bag that wasn't there in the first place. He thought that it might from that department store that's why she suddenly disappeared because she ran towards there and went inside immediately, so that she won't get bumped by them. When Zoey is ten inches away from him, he started following her again.

15 minutes after and they are still walking the street. Red has no clue on where will she heads to, but he's amused by her as how the citizens are not aware of her presence. Some were about to bump her but she was the only one who moved away to prevent that, some kids playing with their water guns on people passing them but they didn't do that on her, and some teenagers who were giving fliers to every people they saw but on her they didn't give one or at least approach to her. It was like she has ability to make herself invisible in the eyes of people. And Red was amazed by what he saw after the 20 minutes of following her.

Red ran as Zoey took turn to her left, and what he is seeing right now in front of him is what made him freeze. He knew all along that what Zoey went to is the destination of her job, and now she entered a looking archaic house, which seems to be a very dangerous place in one look. Red hides first in the corner of the building, so that he can observe before he enters.

After some time of waiting for the right time, he saw group of men walking out of the house. His face suddenly became serious when he saw these people having dark shadows with red eyes on their backs. Each one of them has this dark creature from their back, holding its head, and whispering to its ears. Telling them what bad things should they do next.

And this is what Red makes him special. He can see the darkness of a person.

He showed a slight smile.

"What kind of job does a girl with pair of horns is doing there... She doesn't seem like a bad person despite of that horns... Interesting." Is what he's thinking.

To be continued...


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