The Darkness Inside You
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The Darkness Inside You
Author :demoisellelyn
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Like a black rose, her darkness is beautifully fatal.


—Third Person's Point of View—

Red secretly went inside the house. There are two men guarding the front door that's why he didn't enter in that way, and managely got inside through windows. When he got inside the only thing that he noticed was the two suspicious white door at right and left of the concrete stairs. It goes to the second floor of this house. He was amused at first he entered the house, because he thought that the interior of the house will be looked like old, and that all the furnitures will be antiqued, but it's not. The only archaic looking is on exterior design of the house while the interior was made of modern, but the house doesn't have a chandelier. The light from outside coming through windows is the only source, that's why there's still a bit of brightness inside the house.

Red takes advantage of the darkness to be freely moving around the house. His goals are to get information about the mastermind in the house and to look for Zoey.

Red looks up at the center of the lobby. Up there is a black flag with a logo of a skull inside the mouth of a snake. That's what the logo that Red saw on Zoey's t-shirt, and he has knowledge about that logo. That's the reason why he asked Zoey about her job and followed her, because staying longer on that job will put her to death.

One night ago, Red and the other two, Geo and Agatha, were watching news on TV. A news about missing people from the branches of a company. Every Friday night, three employees of the company were gone missing. This company is about making candies, and one of its branches are making snake-shape candies in different colors. What Red discovered is that those snake candy branches are the source of human trafficking of Worz's dangerous man, Circus. The logo of this candy is a rainbow colored candy inside the mouth of a snake, which is similar to the logo on the black flag he saw earlier. That's the dark form of the logo.

Red wants to see this most dangerous man, Circus. They've been looking for this man that's why they become assassins. They want to kill him and take revenge for the victims that Circus used to traded with traffickers, including his sister.


"You're really serious on this thing huh, Sera." Red said while leaning on the wall and watching her sister, Sera, packing her things.

"Of course, if not, how will I enjoy the rest of my life if I just stay here and be imprisoned by dad."

He can tell that she's really in one hundred percent sure of her decision, and she's the type of person that never let anyone stops her from what she wants. Red just shrugged while he took one of Sera's baggages.

"You'll miss my cooking." Red reminded her as they took the hallway leaving the room.

"Doesn't matter." Sera was behind him.

"You'll miss mom."

"Mom will be the one who'll gonna miss me."

"You'll miss fluffy."

"I'll take him then."

"You'll miss dad's scolds."

"Not a single minute."

"You'll miss your bed."

"I'll buy the softest one."

"You'll miss your beautiful clothes."

"Don't need them anymore."

"You'll miss---"

"You will miss each other!" Agatha exclaimed as she suddenly popped up between them and hugged them, resting her arms on their shoulders.

"Agatha, you surprise me! What made you go here? I thought you're out of town."

"Well, change of mind. I decided to see you off."

"Then, if you're here... I knew it. Agatha is no longer a brat, Geo. She doesn't need a chaperone. Maybe, a lover?"

"Sera!!" Agatha shouted as she slightly slapped Sera's arm.

"Ahahaha! Just kidding." Sera giggled while giving Agatha and Geo a grin smile.

"Don't worry, sis. These two will end up together and you'll be their children's grandma." Red uttered leading the walk, but because of what he said he got a fist bump on the head by Sera.

"You really never stop calling me grandma, you monkey."

"Seems like this is really gonna happen, Sera. Living a normal life outside the wall." Geo said, diverting the topic.

Sera just showed a slight smile, "Yes, once in our life time we should choose what we really want to do. The decision that will make us free and happy, and I'm doing this because I love myself."

"We are not torturing you here though." Red said.

As Sera heard that, she ran and immediately jumped on his back while she locked his neck with her right arm and scratching his head with her left fist, "Isn't having a super stubborn and troublemaker little brother is already a torture for me, huh~"

"Aw, Aw, Aw! Hey! Get down, piggy granny!" Red whined while trying to pull down his sister from his back. Geo and Agatha laughed watching the siblings teasing each other. Even though from now on they will no longer see each other every day, for sure they won't forget the memories they've built inside the wall, and will make more outside.

And they are aware that what awaits Sera outside the walls will be difficult. "Will you be fine out there, Sera?" Agatha asked as she walked next beside her.

"Yeah, it'll be dangerous for you." Red agreed while fixing his hair that got crumbled by Sera.

"And we won't be there at your side to protect you." Geo reminded her.

She looked at each of them as she displayed her grateful smile. Ever since childhood, she was the always one who needed protection by these three even though she's the oldest, but now it's different.

"I choose this path because I want to see the real world and embrace that, and of course, there will be times that I'll suffer, that's part of the life I'm heading to, because not always there will be just happiness. I decide to leave because I want to feel that I'm alive through living outside these walls."

Then, she looked up the big wall in front of them as they were getting closer on that. And when they reached the wooden gate, Sera immediately felt the wind that welcomed them.

Sera turned around and faced Red, Agatha, and Geo, then she smiled very lovingly at them while waving them. She noticed that Red was looking at her sadly, "I promise I won't regret this decision, Aries." her last words to Red as she sets off.

Red was just looking at her sister and couldn't help not to get worried about her.

*End of Flashback*

Sera spend her life in the city for three months and they only got to visited her twice a month. The last time they went to her apartment room was the time they got the news of her gone missing. That was already five months ago, and till now they still have hopes that she's still alive. She's the reason why they leave behind walls of the castle and became assassins.

And Red grabbed this opportunity to finally get a lead of their very own mission; to catch Circus and save Sera.

Red sneakily went inside the white door on the left as he saw two men came out of it.

"I hope she's in here..." he whispered while hiding behind the big thick black curtain that is hanging on the wall of the corridor he's in. Behind the white door is a long empty corridor, which at the end is another door, and that the walls are being covered by the black curtains, and the source of light is from the one bulb at the center of the ceiling. So, he's not worry that he might get caught.

Using the black curtains, he goes straight at the end of the corridor till he reaches the door. He slowly and carefully open the door to the very slightest and takes a peak on what's inside. And what he saw is group of girls sitting in one corner while their hands and legs are being tied up. In the center of the room, he sees Zoey standing there with two guns at her back.

And it seems to him that Zoey is guarding the girls.

For some reason, he's staring at her. Looking at her from head to toe, and as what he usually seeing her, she is wearing a black t-shirt, black fitted leather pants, and black boots. But aside her way of dressing, her aura is shining to his eyes, even though she has horns on her head. Adding her black long silk hair, she's like a black rose in his eyes.

It's beauty is deadly.

To be continued...


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