The Darkness Inside You
13 A New Companion
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The Darkness Inside You
Author :demoisellelyn
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13 A New Companion

—Zoey's Point Of View—

"So, that means... You failed." a brown headed girl confirmed what the old man reported.

He brought us in a room of a condominium at the center of the city where there are lots of people. And as we entered the place this girl was sitting on an office-chair with her hands impatiently tapping the table, it was like she was waiting for our arrival.

She looks young and I think maybe around my age but she has this vibes that really makes her stand out. She gives me a commander aura. And well, as what the old man reported she just clarified that I did really fail the mission.

"We can't say that yet, Missy." the weird guy standing right next to me disagreed to what the girl said, and as my mind still remembers he introduced himself as Aries.

When the girl heard what Aries said, her forehead frowned out of confusion. "And who are you?" she bluntly asked.

Oh, right. She never met this guy, and she really ignores his presence the whole time. But out of nowhere, this weird Aries suddenly puts his arm on my shoulder as if like we're close to each other, as if like we're buddies.

"My name is Aries, her most trusted companion." he said in a way that really makes me feel unbelievable at him. I get back what I said, his presence is totally annoying.

"Oh, is that so?"


"So? what do you mean by what you just said. Are you saying that there's a way to save the girls?" the girl said, as her eyes telling him to give her a definite answer or else she'll toss the pencil she's been playing with her fingers at his forehead.

But I heard him chuckled, so I look at him and he's smirking at the girl.

"I was also in that scene and thanks to me Zoey is still breathing..."

My ears feel itchy as he said that as if like he just did something incredible. I look at him again to give him a glare but I just get stunned as I saw that his face become serious.

"I've been looking for that guy, so I'll give you a hand to save his victims." he continued in a grave tone and I can feel his anger and determination.

He might had a miserable past caused by that man, Circus.

"I see..." she mumbled, then she gets up from the chair and walks towards us. She was sitting, so I didn't notice that she is so small in height. "So, how will you help us?"

Aries pulls something similar of a piece of paper out of his pocket and gives it to her, "We will go to the place where they hold their meet up."

And as the girl saw what's in the paper, which looks like he tore it out of something, she smiles widely. They look at each other having this certain thought that we will save the abducted girls.

The heiress turns her back at us as she goes back to the table and sits on the chair.

"Mr. Howard, prepare for the battle." she commanded.

Ten minutes after, I went out the dressing room and look myself at the mirror, wearing a fitted and lavish outfit given by that small heiress called Eva. Mr. Howard told us that we need to change in to another clothes that can help us in the battle, as the order of the heiress. And I have no choice but to follow that. One of the staff gave me a black and white fitted jumpsuit, an ankle-length black boots, a black cloth that covered my right arm and black ribbon on my left wrist, and a metal black sword in medium size. I don't really know what to think about the style of this outfit, but well, since this is what they gave me, I can't complain. Besides, I can move swiftly with this, so I think it'll help me.

The plan is to ambush the meet up between Circus and the traffickers. And our main purpose is to save the abducted girls, no matter what happen.

"You look different on that costume."

I get shocked as Aries just suddenly went inside the room without knocking the door. I let out a big sigh. "Don't you know that door exists because of some unmanner people who don't even bother to knock before they come in." I rebuked, as my eyes follow his presence in the room.

"I know that~" he chortled, while roaming around the room and looking for all the outfits displayed, and each of them has its own glass box.

This room is actually a closet itself for the girl's costumes. And I'm guessing that the place he went to change clothes is the room closet for boy's costumes. Aries is wearing a plain jet-black t-shirt with a black bulletproof vest, and pants with thick knee-length boots that have two daggers each. He has pairs of black cloth gloves, which his fingertips is seen.

"Anyway, it's time for departure. That's actually the reason why I came in." he mentioned, and goes to the door.

I take a glance at myself in the mirror. "You better behave this time, demon self." I murmured while looking at my face, but then my eyes averted on the door and saw Aries looking at me. I can see his reflection through this mirror. I guess he heard what I just said even though I speak in a very low tone. He's giving me a blank expression. I can't tell what's going on his mind.

('You have to erase that guy. He's dangerous.')

Tch. This demon doesn't know how to listen, really. Just like what I've used to, I ignore it. I take a deep breath as I start walking. I pass through the door and saw him waiting while he's leaning against the wall.

"Let's go? Mr. Howard and that Missy already at the ground floor." he said. I just nod at him and follow him taking the lead as he walks on the hallway of this floor, 15th floor I think.

When we almost at the elevator, he passed through on that and I think he's going to use the stairs instead of elevator. I'm standing in front of the elevator and watch him walking straight to the emergency door where stairs waiting behind it. Then he stops walking as he realizes that I'm not following him. He averted his sight at me and look at me confusingly, then suddenly he face-palm his self and curses as he goes back towards me. I giggle at his idiocy as he is hurrying to go back. I swiftly look away as he caught me giggling.

"It just a habit because I like to use stairs than elevator, but since that Missy will surely be mad if I don't get down on time." he said while scratching the back of his head, but I didn't respond to that till we go inside the elevator as it opened.

As we enter inside elevator, I tap the button where it leads all the way down, at the ground floor. And as the door of the elevator closes, silence overflow us. None of us dare to talk, strangely is that we don't feel awkward.

('Kill him right now. He's an eyesore. Erase him!')

I'm not surprise anymore. Whenever there's someone that helps me, this demon voice just want him or her to be erase. It wants me to kill whoever help me. Not only that, this demon shows me the terrible past every single night whenever I do something good. It doesn't want me to have a peaceful sleep. She's doing all these in order to govern me, which I won't let it happen.

('Stop thinking nonsense to ignore me bitch, just do what I say!')

And well, whenever I ignore her, she tends to curse at me. But those are no effect to me anymore. I've got used to it. Besides, she's only babbling nonstop on my head and never harm me, except that it once overcontrolled me.

"You're also a special person, right." I turn my eyes on him standing next to me when he talked. Did he says 'special person'? And 'also'?? Does that mean that he is...

"By what your face is telling, yes, I'm also one of those special people who have strange thing going on us. I can see anything that's related to evil things of a person, especially the evil creature itself." he resumed, as he looks straight at the door of the elevator. My eyes shift to that and saw our reflection, and he's looking at me through that.

"And from what I'm seeing right now, you're more different to those I usually see."

"Why... Why are you saying this?" I mumbled as I turn my head at him again.

He turns his face at me and innocently says, "Maybe cause of amusement? I'm not sure actually."

I frown my forehead, "Huh?"

"Um, well, you have these two horns..." pointing my head with his right and left pointed finger, "which tell that you're a very dangerous person, but here you go doing some good deeds that is really far from what I expected you to be. You're are more better than the people who surrounds us, actually." he continued, giving me a smile.

I avert my eyesight back to the elevator's door, "You're wrong." I whispered.

"I'm wrong...?"

"You just don't know anything about me." I said, then I start to walk because the elevator opens.

I found Mr. Howard together with Eva standing in front of the black van and waiting for us.

"Finally, you came." Eva uttered, then she rides inside the van.

I'm about to move and go there when I feel that my heart skip a beat and my eyesight turning to black. What's going on me...?

('I'm just going to teach you some lesson, Zoey.')

To be continued...


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