The Darkness Inside You
14 Governing Her
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The Darkness Inside You
Author :demoisellelyn
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14 Governing Her

—Aries's Point Of View—

Zoey went out the elevator first and goes to the van where that heiress Eva and Mr. Howard are waiting. I follow her. I get confused because she suddenly stopped walking. As I stand at her side, I tap her shoulder.

"Hey, why did you stop?" I asked, but she is not responding.

Then, I felt a sudden chill around her. Something wrong is going on her. I focus my eyes on her and look at her forehead, but there is no horns. My forehead get frowned as I hold her shoulder again to face her on me.

"Are you alright----"

I get stunned and frozen as she turns her face to look at me. She's looking at me while her eyes turned red.

It's blank yet cold.


But she's just looking at me, more like staring, then after few moments, she smiles...

"You have to be erased." she said in a low and cold tone.

As my reflexes told me to, I automatically move back away from her. In a split seconds, I felt danger. This is not the Zoey who's in front of me right now. She's different from Zoey. It's not that long since I've known her, and she's right by what she meant back then in the elevator, but I can tell that this girl is not Zoey.

"Just what on earth are you two doing there?" Eva said, as she went out the van and started walking towards our direction. Her arms are crossed to each other while her face is showing an annoyed expression.

This is not good. I walk towards Zoey but then I stop as I saw her red eyes slowly becoming back to normal, then she lowers her head while touching it with her both hands. She looks like she's in pain.

"Uh, we're coming there Missy." I shouted, enough for her to hear to make her stop on going to us. Then I continue to walk, and when I'm again next to her, I grab her hand.

"You're back, right Zoey?" I confirmed, then she lifts up her face to me. That's when I heave a relief sigh. Her eyes went back to normal.

She looks at me confusingly, "What do you mean 'I'm back'??"

"I'll tell you once we have our free time. For now, let's save the victims." I just said, then I pull her to start walking as we go to the van.

This is not the right time for what just happened. So, a person doesn't have any idea on what happened while being controlled by its devil, huh. But I can't deny that I'm bothered by what she said.

("You have to be erased.")

What does that mean?

What I just saw is her demon over-controlling her mind. That was dangerous. I felt like a grim reaper was about to take my soul. Guess I have to do a research about her. I heave a sigh. Damn, if only Geo and Agatha were here. I take a glimpse on her, and I can feel that her hand is shivering... in fear.

After half an hour inside the van, we finally arrive the meeting place and we arrive first. That's a good sign for this ambush plan. I gave Eva the paper that I ripped out from the files that I found on that day we're inside that archaic house. What's written on that paper is the location, date, and exact hour of their meet up. And while we're in the van, I keep on taking glimpse at Zoey, sitting the next chair of mine. She was just silent the whole time—totally silent—even though she's not a talkative person I can still tell that something is bothering her.

I get down on van and look at the surrounding area. It's an open place and secluded area. At the right side of the round field is where bunch of old cars are parked. I think people just left these cars like this is some junk yard. But aside that, the place is surrounded by trees that have red leaves. We parked the van at the back, using these cars to hide it.

We are just waiting for them to come, and we only have 30 minutes left in our hands.

"Is something wrong happened?"

I get shocked when Mr. Howard just talked out of nowhere. I turn my back to look at him. This old man is sometimes creepy. He just suddenly standing behind you without realizing it.

"What is it again?" I asked.

"Is something wrong happened with Zoey—I said, coz it seems like she doesn't want to talk with anyone."

"Well, I don't know too actually... Maybe she is just thinking about the victims." I just said to avoid having long conversation. I don't think it's a good idea for anyone, except me, to know her secret.

The old man just shrugged as he goes back inside the van. I stare at his back for a while, and I'd say that, even adults have their own darkness. It just, theirs are too deep and heavy for me to look at it. At the corner of my eyes, I saw Zoey walking towards my direction. I look at her as she stands beside me.

"They arrive." she uttered, while looking at the ground field.

That's when I realize the engine sounds coming from there. Two vans arrived the place; one is a black Ford Transit and the other one is gray Chevrolet Express. The heiress gave us a sign that we have to be prepared. I'm about to go back at the van to get my guns when I paused because of Zoey. She was just standing at my side when she suddenly ran. It's already late for me to stop her. What is she doing? That's not what we planned. I followed what she's heading to and found out the reason why.

On that grey Chevrolet Express van, a bulk man, who is the same man on that day when we were in the archaic house, is guiding the victims to get down one by one, and all of them are being blind folded and naked.


I immediately get my twin revolvers and two knives, and put it all at my pockets on my back. Then, I run fast as I can to catch Zoey. She shouldn't be rushing. I even saw Eva gritted her teeth while looking at their direction, can't blame them. There's no girls would be happy seeing the victims at their situation. Besides, girls are too emotional and sensitive.

Another two steps and I'll be able to catch her, and when it's only one inch between our gap, I immediately grab her arm to stop her.


"Shhh! They can hear you." I warned her, as I cover her mouth with my another hand. We are hiding in one of the cars parking in here, and I think only 55 meters distance from their point to this park line. 67 steps away from them, and that's not far from here.

I remove my hand on her mouth when she's refusing. "Let me go. I have to save them!"

"We will. So, for now stick to the plan." I said, looking at her in the eyes. They are not red at the moment, so I think she's not in beast mode right now.

She didn't say anything and patiently wait kneeling at my back, while I keep on peeking at the situation between those people. She's preventing herself to get angry that's why she didn't argue more. I can see her holding back herself.

Someone open the door in front of the Chevrolet van, and a curly black headed woman in short cut gets down from the van, wearing a black long dress with two slits on both sides that shows off her legs. She has a black see-through cloth covering the half of her face. She went close to the bulk man and whispered on its ears. Then, the bulk man started walking towards to that black Ford Transit van. He goes straight to the passenger's place and knocks on its window. After few minutes, its door opened.

A foreigner old man that seems like he's in late 40s gets down on it, wearing a white tuxedo suit and white hat.

Hmmmm... A foreign trafficker huh.

I turn my head behind when I felt that someone is coming, but found out that Zoey is not there. Shit. Girls are really hard to handle. Where did she go? Don't tell me she went... I immediately look in front at the direction of those people having the thoughts that she might attack them, but she's not. Where did she go??

I tightly hold one of my revolvers as I felt that someone is behind me. Not only one, but two. Then, I immediately turn around pointing out the gun.

But then I slowly put down my gun as I recognize the person who's behind me—I mean them. It can't be.

"Sup, Red." she said as she winks.

To be continued...


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