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The Darkness Inside You
Author :demoisellelyn
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15 Ambush

—Aries's Point Of View—

"Sup, Red." she said as she winks at me.

Then a man stands up from kneeling, "There's no news of you for almost a month, and so I thought you're dead or something, but here you go already track down one of the traffickers."

I'm just stunned for a moment as I can't still believe that they are here. Geo and Agatha... I was just thinking about them earlier and now they are already here in front me. But wait, what did he mean by that? Track down one of the traffickers?

I was caught off guard when I saw Geo positioning his rifle. I immediately stand up and block his way.

He looks at me, "What are you doing?"

Even Agatha has this confuse expression, "Aren't you here to kill that foreign trafficker??"

I look behind and seems like they haven't notice us yet, and then I turn my sights at them again as I put down his riffle and make him lower down. I stare at them for a minute as we are kneeling on the ground lowering our backs to hide.

"Look, till now I'm still surprise by your out-of-nowhere arrival, but I have to clear one thing. I don't have any idea on what you two are talking about. What about with that foreigner? Never seen him before."

And after all what I just said they give me an unbelievable stare as if like I just said something stupidity. Then, they look at each other, and look back at me.

"So, you didn't know?" Agatha confirmed in question, while her eyebrows are curled up.

I shake my head to give them a no answer. And once again, they look at each other. I am now frowning at hem. They know something that I don't know, which I think is important.

"Then, what are you doing here if it's not the case?" Agatha asked another question.

She's really a type of person who keeps giving queries to someone.

I heave a sigh. "I'm here because I'm helping someone to save those victims. I owe her my life so, I gave her a hand." I give them a serious look, "Besides, thanks to her, I got some informations about Circus."

"Tss. You're lucky then." Agatha murmured, as she grins at me.

"You sounds unhappy, Agatha." I just said then, I hold their shoulder and stare at them. "Your turn to explain everything."

Agatha just stays silent while Geo let out a big sigh. He's the one who'll talk.

"We are here because of Sera, our mission. We got to know that a girl named Sera went through the hands of three traffickers, and one of them was that foreigner. But we couldn't confirm if it's the same Sera we know or not."

Hearing that makes me shut down. A girl named Sera...

"We were looking for you, Aries. And as we saw you here hiding we thought that you're also aiming the same purpose." Agatha said, then she stands up. Geo follows her. They are ready to attack.

"And we can't let him escape." Geo uttered, preparing his riffle once again. His eyes are on fire. I can feel the tense on their face.

And that's when my eyes acted weirdly. My eyes trying to figure something images on these two, and so I keep on blinking. Then, I get stunned seeing black shadows at their backs. They are filled with darkness. I have seen this before, when a person is hunger for a revenge he'll be drowned in darkness. I have to stop them. This is not the right thing to do, and for sure... Sera wouldn't like it.

I'm about to get up and grab them both to fall back when someone ran swiftly on our side and passing through us. Shit. Isn't that Zoey?

She ran straight to that direction where those two vans are being parked. She caught their attention as they turned their heads at her, except with that bulk blind man. The lady in black dress and the foreigner are the ones who noticed her.

"Who is she?" Agatha asked as she loses her grips on her katana swords. The dark shadows on them gone. I guess the thoughts of getting revenge subsided because of Zoey.

"That's Zoey, the one I'm talking about." I answered then, I went in front of them as I look at them in their eyes, "Since you two are already here... Lend us a hand. First, let's save the victims, then we'll capture that foreigner." I commanded them.

And they just give me a slight smile indicating that they agreed on me. I smile back on them. I turn my back at them as I look at Zoey.

"Remember what Sera always said to us... We're doing only for one thing, and killing for the sake of revenge is out of our goals." I said, while watching Zoey's movements.

Then, I felt a tap on my shoulder. "Got that, stupid captain." Agatha said, as she stands at my left side. I turn on my right side when Geo also stand beside me. "You better not let that man go."

"Oh God... I don't like what that girl is thinking right now, Aries." Agatha murmured, as she is about to go on Zoey.

While Zoey is running towards them, she picked out a grenade from her pocket. She's trying to throw it on one of the van and for sure that'll be the van of that foreigner. Strangely, that foreigner does not seem to be worried, in fact, he is pleasantly entertained by her. After seconds, he knocks the main door of the gray chevrolet, and when it opened, group of men came down from it.

Damnit! This is unexpected.

"Circus had planned for this."

Our attention get caught by the heiress from behind. We turned to look at her.

"He never missed a single transaction meeting, and yet now he's not here. That's why, since that witch bitch came out instead of Circus, I've had thought that we are the one who'll get ambushed and not him." she resumed. So, that's why I got the feeling the change of plan because I was supposed to get their signs for the surprise attack.

Then, a sudden realization come to my mind. "Then that means Zoey already noticed about that, and so she—"


I immediately turn my sight back to that direction, and saw the gray van is on fire. She threw the grenade. I cursed when I averted my sight to the other van. The lady and the foreigner are rushing to get those victims back in the van while the bulk man and the remaining men protected them by blocking Zoey's way. Total of twelve men are awaiting for her attack, and they don't seem to be going easy on her.

"We have to move or else they'll escape." I stated as I start to run, and Agatha follows me. "Geo, stop the van!" I commanded, looking at him while running then, I look at the way when he nodded.

There won't be next time anymore. This time we will succeed.

To be continued...


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