The Darkness Inside You
16 The Lady Behind The Mask
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The Darkness Inside You
Author :demoisellelyn
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16 The Lady Behind The Mask

Meeting an old friend on the unpleasant place is not appreciating, but the 'old friend' appreciated it.

~Third Person's Point of View~

Before Zoey threw the grenade, the foreign trafficker gave a sign, by knocking the window of the door, to the group of ruffians that were been waiting inside the gray van. Then, he immediately went to the black van as he was hurrying to get the victims back inside the van to escape and let these ruffians take care of Zoey and the others.

At the moment, Zoey sped up to stop them from getting the victims. She unleashed her black blade as she was getting closer to the ruffians.

"Pin her down!" the bulk man ordered then the ruffians dashed towards her while screaming.

Zoey didn't flinch and kept on running straight. Seeing that made Aries runs more faster.

"Slow down, Aries. I think she's planning something."

While Zoey was very close to the ruffians, she rans straight on them while dropping grenades on their feet. Ruffians tried to catch her while she was passing through but she was too flexible to catch. She didn't even turn head back as the grenades started blowing up one by one, and many ruffians were get caught by the explosion.

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She was getting closer to the criminals that were keep trying to get the poor girls in their hands. She immediately shifted to left when she felt a threat from behind. It was one of the ruffians trying to stab her. Zoey grabbed his arms to knock him down, then she used its knife and threw it towards the van. It went straight in the chair that made them freeze. The foreigner turned his head on Zoey.

He faced her while grinning. "You're good. Why don't you come to me and be one of my collections, young lady." he offered.

Zoey clenched her fist as she heard that, but she didn't utter a word.

Meanwhile, there was a fight going on behind Zoey's back. She could clearly hear the groaning pain and urge to kill from the ruffians. Series of gunshots, clashes of blades, punches and kicks, and so on... Until she heard footsteps coming closer to her position, the two people that were fighting the ruffians.

"Just in time." Aries murmured as he gave a stare to the foreign trafficker.

"Now, she got companies. Are they still not ready?" the foreign trafficker asked the lady with a see-through cloth mask on the half of her face. She looked at him and just gave a sign without uttering any words. She was not even facing towards the direction of Zoey. She was full of mysteries to them.

"I'm telling you already, old man. Whatever you're planning is, you won't get away from us." Agatha warned them while pointing her katana sword at them.

"You're good as well. Don't worry girls, I'll take you two with us." the foreigner smirked then he clapped twice making a signal.

Three ruffians came out of nowhere behind their backs and they pinned Aries down. Zoey was about to attack them but Agatha already did. She immediately swayed her sword on their backs and left marks. The three ruffians that attacked Aries are the ones who were laying on the ground.

Aries got up, "I'm not really used to be saved by a girl."

"If that's how you show your gratitude, well then, you're welcome." Agatha said while putting back her sword on its scabbard, which attached on her back together with her another sword, forming a x-mark.

They became silent and got alerted when the Lady walked towards the foreigner, seeing by how confident her walks were dangerous. She was going to tell that the preparation were done. And that was when Zoey realized that all the victims were already got back inside the black van, except for a girl with small height. When the lady got closed at the foreigner, she whispered to its ear.

"Hmmm.... You're right, miss A. It'll be really a hindrance if I keep on taking these two. Such a waste... Let's go then." the foreigner said after what the Lady in black, called miss A, just whispered to him.

"Well then, till next time... That if you perfectly hide away from Circus's eyes. Ahahahah-----"

The foreigner stopped its laugh when a sudden chill went through his spine. Miss A got the same chills as well. They felt like there was something---more like someone was coming from nowhere that has similar presence to Circus. Then, a mysterious fog suddenly surrounded the ground. They looked around as they were hearing sounds of heels steps coming closer.

After few minutes, the Heiress came out of the fog.

She started talking in a riddle way, "Silent, I invade places..." she was giving them outstanding presence that made them silent.

"Blur edges, confuse travelers. My thumb smudging the light." she continued as she threw something sparkle on the tyre of the van.

"I drift from rivers, to loiter in the early morning fields. Until constable sun moves me on."

As soon as she finished her riddle, the tyre of the van suddenly exploded a mass of air. Someone just shot the tyre that made Agatha smirked. After few moments, as the fog went away, a realization came to their minds as the foreigner and miss A saw the sniper from the pile of cars. While Zoey, the only one among the four who was clueless about what just happened, turned her head behind and found Geo. She was still confused by these two but she somehow could tell that they are related to Aries.

"Told yah, old man. There's no way you can escape from us." Agatha said, as she rushed towards them.

She reached the handle of her swords from her back and was about to unleash them, when she saw something sparkle coming on her. She dodged it immediately when she realized that it was a sharp thing, targeting her. Agatha stopped from running and lowered her head down as she looked the dagger that fell on the ground. Meanwhile, as Aries and Eva saw what made Agatha stops from attacking they noticed that something was wrong about the accomplice of the trafficker, standing beside him. Miss A was the one who threw the dagger, she threw it swiftly that their naked eyes barely saw how she did it. And they got cautious about it, especially that she seemed calm and confident unlike the foreigner.

They got a feeling that something big was about to happen.

Aries was caught off guard when he felt a sudden chill coming from his right side. That was when he realized that something wrong was going on Zoey. By the looks of her face, she seemed like she just saw a ghost.

He came closer to her and touched her shoulder. "Are you alright?"

Zoey looked at him without realizing that she was still in shock. "Th-The-There is no way..."

Aries shook her on her shoulder, "Zoey, hey!" he yelled at her. She seemed not in her self.

Zoey got back to herself when she saw a dagger coming through their direction. She immediately pushed Aries away from her and clashed the dagger with her black blade. It fell on the ground. Her heartbeat was beating so fast while staring at the edge of the dagger. It had a purple liquid on it.

"I see that you're bit different now..."

The girl in black called miss A uttered, then she started walking towards her as she removed the cloth that was covering her face.

"This can't be----" Zoey was out of words seeing the girl in front of her. She couldn't believe it.

The girl smirked seeing Zoey's shock face.

"Unbelievable right? Well, people say that a poisonous grass cannot be easily destroyed, Ela."

Then, she attacked Zoey while holding her two daggers.

To be continued...


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