The Darkness Inside You
17 Her True Intention
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The Darkness Inside You
Author :demoisellelyn
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17 Her True Intention

`In life, we never lose friends... We just learn who the true ones are.`

~Zoey's Point of View~

We got a hold of their plan and they failed on escaping from us, thanks to the sniper. The girl who seems to be related with Aries and Ms. Eva, rushed to the van as they got the chance, because the accomplice of the trafficker attacked me that resulted her to leave the van behind.

The moment I saw how she threw her dagger I already got the feeling that it was her, and I confirmed it when I saw the dagger up close. It's really her. I have known this girl for two years, and till now... I can't still believe that she's alive. And right now, she keeps on giving me attack moves and I'm just dodging it. She was wearing a black cloth that covers her face and since that she removed it, there's no doubt that it is really her, given that I can see her face up close.

"How..." I uttered. "All this time I thought I killed you, Akane..."

She jumps backwards and pauses her attacks. I see her giggle. Then again, she throws her daggers on me, but I just clash it with my blade.

"There's no way I let myself be killed by a demon like you!" she yelped as she attacks me again.

"Akane, I'm sorry..."

She stops attacking and gives me an unpleasant expression.

"Seriously?! Is your sorry even make the time back!?"

Akane glares at me as she throws one dagger on my right foot that makes me out of balance and fall on the ground. I'm sitting on the ground, and I look up when Akane comes closer to me. I can see in her eyes how deep her anguish is.

"It can't, but your life will do. And at this time, I'll really make sure to take your life at once!" she shouted as she is holding her dagger with her two hands, and going to stab that on me. She's so determine to kill me. "Die, you monster!!"

Images suddenly flashing back through my head. It's like there is something very important scene that happened that I forgot unconsciously.

"Die, you monster!!"

An image of Akane screaming the same words on me, but she looks so scared on that image and... She's being held by Seia and Kano. They're trying to stop her. But what is this feeling...? Why do I feel like this happened before? But, I can't be so sure. I'm not sure.

Another image again flashes back, this time Akane gets away from them and furiously running towards me with her dagger that wants to go through my chest. Her eyes only want to witness how I soak in my own blood.

I come back to my senses when she groans in anger, and she's already in front of me. She's so close already and I can see clearly in her eyes how she badly wants me to die, it's the same eyes that I saw from those images.

Akane... A friend who I considered as my family, and the sister of Ash... wants to kill me. She wants me to die.

It's so hard to endure this feeling that someone who's been so close to my heart wants to kill me. This pain in chest is what hurting me most than getting bruises from fights.

I immediately move back and about to counter attack when all of a sudden I hear gunshots, then I see Akane drops the dagger as she moves back holding her left hand in pain. It's bleeding. I avert my sights on the right and see Aries there with a gun. He shots Akane twice. After that, he rushes towards me.

"Zoey, you okay? Why did you just stay there?"

"Why did you do that!?" I hissed then I push him away when he tried to get me up. I start walking towards Akane.

He doesn't have to do that. This guy just always in the way. Ugh. He can only see the things that normal people can't, and that's it. He can't see what are the most important things. Didn't he notice that I know this girl? And that this is only between of us??

"Um... You're welcome~?" he shouted, trying to get my attention back to him. First of all, I didn't thank him and second, I would never thank him for what he did. He just shot my friend. I know he saved me but still... What he did is unacceptable and wasn't on the timing. He has nothing to do with it.

I walk fast and as I am almost at Akane's position, I reach her out.

"Akane, are you alr----"

"Don't you ever dare touch me, monster." Akane glared at me.
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I get back my hand that tried to reach her. I fully understand now. She doesn't see me as her friend or companion anymore. What she thinks of me right now is a killer... A monster. I lower my head and look at the ground.

Here is it again... They are coming back again, after all these days. That terror memories are flashing back again on my mind.

| She's causing you to remember all these horrible moments. You should finish what you have started. Kill her now. |

Ugh. I shake off my head and turn back to where Aries is. Then, I realize that Eva and the girl with katana swords are successfully get back the victims on our side.

"Miss A!! What the hell are you doing there----come back here, and let me escape!!!" the trafficker bellowing at her to come over at once, giving orders. He's in panic.

I hear Akane curses as she gets something out of her pocket. An automated key for something. Then, after she tapped it, we heard a very loud engine from somewhere. Then, out of nowhere, a black big bike comes out from our backs. It's running towards us, and so, we immediately dodge it as it goes through our way.

I look at Akane, and I can tell that she's planning on escaping from us. I run towards her direction as fast as I can.

"Akane!" I called out her attention. She turns her sights on me and looks at me in disgust.

"You dare to call me in my real name.!" she shouted angrily. She despises me.

Then, her big bike stops at her side and she immediately hops on it. She positions her way directly on me as she is preparing the bike for the run. She drives her big bike towards me.

You really want to kill me that much huh, Akane.

But in a split second, I felt a hand grabbed me and pulled me away from it. And again, for the the second time, Aries saved me from her killing intent.

I couldn't utter a word from what just happened. My eyes are just watching Akane as how she drives her bike without stopping till the trafficker jumps on it behind her, but he fails because the sniper shots its leg. So, Akane doesn't have choice but to leave everything and escape all by herself.

She left.

~Third Person's Point of View~

From far away, a man in silhouette had watched all what happened in that old parking lot. He was standing behind the big tree of apple holding his binocular.

Ten minutes have passed and a sound of engine was coming near to his direction. Until he could clearly saw the black big bike being driven by Akane.

"Circus. Mission failed." Akane, known as Miss A, reported the situation to the man who had been watching.

"I know. I saw everything." he said.

Akane was not paying attention to what Circus just said. Her anger was palpable.

Circus suddenly came up with an idea because of Akane. He then smirked as he started to walk closer at her, and then he whispered to its ear. And in every words that came out from his mouth was making her fluster. She got shocked and confused at the same time. Like... how someone like him knew everything what was going on her mind.

How did he know 'exactly' what was on her mind... Everything.

Akane was feeling so angry to the point that she badly wanted to go back to kill her. She wanted to erase her for real that she couldn't do five months ago. And every time she remembered her face all the memories with her to that day of that incident flashed back.

That was what on her mind and Circus just whispered all of it on her, even the memories and the urge of getting rid of Zoey and also of finding the other person... as the witness.

Circus is a very mysterious person despite the fact that most all of the detectives and investigators have been keeping an eye on him for so many years to track him down, but none of them can decipher the mysteries behind his name.

Or no one will ever be.

To be continued...


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