The Darkness Inside You
18 It“s The First Time
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The Darkness Inside You
Author :demoisellelyn
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18 It“s The First Time

ʼ`I forget about him, right... Then, why... In just few words of those, I remember him again.ʼ`

~Third Person's Point of View~

One hour had passed since Akane left the scene. She managed to escape from Zoey and the others. But what was more important for them is that they got back the victims safe and sound, and so the mission completed. Not only that, they also got the trafficker and other accomplices in their hands that made the heiress satisfied.

Mr. Howard delivered the victims at the ground floor of the condominium, at the secret safe place underneath. While the heiress took the trafficker and others in custody somewhere after they got interrogated by the three assassins.

Zoey went up and stayed in Eva's room, waiting for them at the moment. The three followed her after they interrogated the trafficker. None of them talked about the incident. They just stayed silent but they didn't feel awkward on each other.

"I can't believe that it's not the same person we know, after all what we did... It's still failed!" Agatha said in anger.

From what they heard from the trafficker, it was a teenage girl who had the same name as Sera. They got wrong information again, and it made her frustrated because they couldn't seem to find any leads about what really happened to Sera. Silence once again devoured the whole room after Agatha talked. Until a disturbing sound echoed the whole room.

It was a siren.

All of a sudden, the door opened roughly and Mr. Howard with two man in black showed up.

"Grab your weapons and immediately leave this place!" he commanded in his deep husky superior voice.

They all got shocked but they did what he ordered. "What's going on?" Agatha said. There was a slight of worries in their faces.

Mr. Howard looked back at them again as his face showing seriousness. "Miss Eva is now in the hands of Circus. We have to move fast and save the talk later!"

Disbelief and shock was left in their faces. Another incident again from Circus. He sure knows how to surprise his enemies, and that's what makes him infamous. And what was shocking is that they got the heiress in their hands.

They immediately went down the condominium, but as soon as their feet touched the ground floor they heard a loud noise from above, it was an explosion. When they looked at it, they saw a huge black smoke coming out of one of the rooms.

"Wait, that's the heiress's room!" one of the man in black confirmed the owner of the room.

"Must be one of his plan, to put a bomb and blow up her room because he knew that we are in there." Mr. Howard said.

"Didn't you say that they got Eva, Mr. Howard... Does that mean they also got the victims..?" Zoey asked in confirmation.

"Don't worry, Zoey. The heiress wouldn't allow it, that's why even before she got captured she made sure that she's the only one." Mr. Howard answered her as he cleared her worries. "They are in safe place where they can't find them."

"It's not the time for chit-chats we have to leave.!" Geo, for the first time, shouted and warned everyone to move back as he was looking up the building and saw something.

At the same time, Agatha and Aries looked at him as they knew very well that he is not the type of person who talks a lot, especially in the way he spoke. And as they saw that Geo was looking up the sky they also did the same and got shocked when they saw two grenades falling down to their positions. As it was falling fast, they immediately moved and pulled everyone far from it before it fell. Geo pulled the two man in black, and Agatha got Mr. Howard, while Aries immediately held Zoey on its waist and dashed in the back of the van near them as their shield.

Then, in a split seconds, the grenades made a very big impact when it touched the ground. A huge explosion had been made.

"Is everyone OK?!" Mr. Howard shouted in question to confirm everyone's situation, and they all responded in tune.

As the situation calmed down a bit, everyone gathered around in one place.

"What was that? Just what on earth did just happen?" Agatha threw questions on Geo. He had no choice but to explain everything and clear the confusion.

What Geo saw back then was a shadow from the very top of the building. It was a figure of a woman and he saw that it was just there and looking down on their direction, then suddenly he noticed that she threw something. And since he was still looking above and figuring out what it was, he got shocked at first and immediately warned everyone. Even though they didn't know who it was behind the shadow Geo saw, they were sure that it was one of the accomplices of Circus.

Mr. Howard suggested everyone to leave the place and hide for a moment while thinking of a plan on how to retrieve the heiress.

In the meantime, everyone was resting on the house that could be found in a private villa resort of the heiress that Mr. Howard chosen as their safe house. Aries left the lounge, with everyone making of a plan in there, to look for Zoey who had been not with them for the whole time. He looked for her in every room of the house till he ended up in the balcony of the girl's bedroom, from there he saw a small garden which is quite far from the house. Using a telescope beside him, he looked for Zoey in that garden thinking that she might be there.

He let out a sigh as he saw her sitting on the greenfield. For no reason, he decided to accompany her, and so, he went there.

"You'll be dehydrated here without any drinks with you." he uttered while he gave Zoey a bottle of water.

She was just holding the bottle, "Why are you here?" she asked.

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Aries sat down besides her, leaning against on the tree. "Well, I'm also taking a fresh air here." he responded.

"Who said that I'm taking a fresh air?"

"Oh, are you not then?"

Zoey stood up out of frustration. "Are you just here to annoy me? Why can't you understand the mood? I want to be alone!"

Aries got shocked as that was the first time he saw her got angry. He then realized that he might gone too much. He didn't attention to annoy her and was just trying to lessen the dimmed mood, but since he couldn't understand girls at all he didn't know what to do, and so, that happened. In the first place, he didn't even know why he was trying to comfort her when he could just really leave her be. Zoey was about to walk out and leave the place when he grabbed her wrist to stop her.

"My bad. So, just stay here and let me be your shoulder to cry on." he sincerely said. But it just made Zoey frowned her eyebrows.

"What are you talking about?" Zoey asked, and still annoyed. But Aries didn't respond to it and pulled her instead to get her sit back again. Then, when Zoey got to sit, he held her other shoulder and pulled her to get more closer at his side. Afterwards, he put Zoey's head on his shoulder.

"Now, cry----"

"Just what kind of bullshit is this Aries?"

"Wait----I'm just helping you!" he explained.

"Well, I don't need it especially from someone who doesn't take serious on other's feelings!"

Zoey tried to stand up once more when Aries stopped her again by holding her hand.

"I know." he said. Zoey suddenly realized that she was being rude at him. "I know you're in pain and..." he started to avoid her gaze. while scratching the back of his head.

"And I want to remove that in there." he said pointing out her chest through his sight. He was talking about the pain in her heart.


Even before Zoey could continue what she was about to say, Aries talked first.

"Well, that's because you're the angel who saved my life." he excused.

And he was expecting that she would giggle or or maybe irritated again about it, but out of surprise he couldn't utter a single word or move an inch as he saw tears flowing down on her cheeks. Even Zoey didn't realize that she was crying. She got shocked because of what Aries just said by calling her angel. That's because, it triggered all the memories of Ash that she once tried to forget.

But what made Aries speechless was that, for the reason he didn't know why she was crying, he was also clueless as why was her eyes were red.

Her brown eyes turned to deep red as soon as the first teardrop flowed down while she was looking at him in shock but painful.

To be continued...


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