The Darkness Inside You
19 Will They Meet?
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The Darkness Inside You
Author :demoisellelyn
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19 Will They Meet?

"We may not came out of the same womb, I still see you as my sister."

~Third Person's Point of View~

There was a certain street in the Worz city where all the citizens seemed like they were having a peaceful life in that place, but behind the happy faces was a torture to themselves. They were pretending to be happy, and decided to shut down themselves because of fear. Then, a sudden rain flowed down. Just a moment ago there was a lot of people walking on the street, but then, one by one, they were gone, and the street was left with nothing. It turned to a deserted street, just because of the rain.

From afar, a shadow figure was coming and walking in the aisle of the lonely street. As the shadow became clear, a girl showed up. She was wearing a large gray shirt with barefoot, walking and ignoring that she was getting soaked by the rain.

In a moment, couple of guys appeared in front of her.

She didn't give attention to their approachable, and because of the rain her face couldn't see well by these two guys. They seemed to be planning bad on her as they were smirking.

"Why are you getting soaked by the rain, miss?"

"You'll catch cold."

But the girl didn't respond, and ignored them as she continued on walking. They got pissed, and once again blocked her way.

"Hey, don't be so rude. We're being nice here."

"That's right. I bet you're hungry. Come, we'll take you to a restaurant."

The girl smirked seeing the two trying hard to be nice to her when they were on their limits.

"Why do you care so much? Oh, maybe your birds are too hungry to let go such poor girl alone in this rainy street huh?"


"What are you talking about?" they got shocked by the sudden change of the girl's aura. At first glance, she seemed so timid and weak but the truth is that was just part of her plan.

"Oh, wait. Why did you invite me to a restaurant when you two are also getting soaked, hmm? Guess I've catch a pair of dumbass." the girl finished her talk as she removed her gray shirt that made them shock.

It seemed to them that they fell into a trap of a bounty hunter. Not to mention the most dangerous one.


They tried to run but it was already too late. Before they knew it, their hands were already cuff on each other. No one can escape by a sly hunter girl like her.

*Clap! Clap! Clap! Clap! Clap!*

A man in a black cloak showed up out of nowhere while amusingly clapping.

"Excellent! You never failed me, the so-called bounty hunter ghost from the legendary bounty group." the man said.

The girl, known as the bounty hunter ghost, pushed the two criminals towards the man. "As what we've discussed, I'll catch the fear of this street and you'll give the information. But, since I've caught two, there's an additional prize for it for sure." she declared.

The man in black cloak is known to be the one of the greatest police commander in the city. He needed a bite to catch these criminals that were been hiding and giving fear to the people in this street so, the girl showed up to cooperate with him since she needs a very important information from him.

"Don't be so in a hurry, young lady. We haven't deliver them in the headquarters." he said while checking up on the two criminals in front of him to confirm that they got the real deal.

Then, his subordinate came. "Commander, I've checked in their hideout and found this." he reported as he showed up bags of illegal drugs.

"Very good, Gin. Now, let's head back to the office." he commanded as they left the place that was finally in peace.

In the 3rd headquarter of the four main headquarters that destined in the south was where they headed. Only the prestigious and noble police and militaries can work in the main headquarters. And the commander that the girl helped is the head commander of third district. He can access all the crime records of the south, including the massacre that happened five months ago.

"People may easily forget what happened that day, but I'm not. I'll never forget every single moment."

The girl said on her mind while they took the hallway, all the way to the head office. As they entered the room, the commander sat on his chair.

"Job well done as well, missy. Your comrades may be buried in memories but still, no one can beat your record. Legendary, indeed." he said.

The girl didn't react to what the commander said, she thought that he was just babbling.

"Well, inside this folder is the information you're asking for, in exchange of your cooperation." he mentioned as one of his assistants gave him a brown folder.

The girl was about to get the file when another assistant suddenly opened the door, he seemed to be in a rush. They all turned their attentions on him as they got surprised of his sudden appearance.

"Officer Chin, what makes you opened the door without knocking? Want to get kicked out!?"

Hearing the commander's scolding made him realize what he acted and immediately bowed at them, especially to the commander.

"Pardon my actions, Commander Gins. But Mr. Howard is here and wants to meet you." Officer Chin reported that made the commander got up from its chair.

"After for so many years he is finally giving me a visit, that old geezer butler of my stubborn daughter." the commander murmured.

It looks like Mr. Howard and Commander Gins have connections to each other, but the girl that was still inside his office and standing didn't care anything around her. All what she wanted is to get the information. She went near the commander and picked up the folder from the table. That was when the commander realized that she was still inside room.

"If you'll excuse me. I have to finish my business here and leave." she said.

But sure thing this girl is one of his important chess pieces to let go that easily. "Don't be so cold there, missy. We will still meet again." he declared as he put a piece of paper in the folder.

The girl smirked seeing that, "We'll see."

She then took her way to leave the room, and when she was almost there to reach the door that was when it opened suddenly and two men came inside.

It was Mr. Howard and Aries.

"Ohhh~ There you are, my daughter's old geezer butler. You finally show up!" the commander lightened up as he saw Mr. Howard, but in a split second his expressions changed, from happy to scary.

"You're not here just to say that Eva is kidnapped, right old man?" he questioned Mr. Howard directly, and it made Aries giggles beside him.

"You're just the same age as me, Commander Gins. And yes, you're quite hit the point."

"Ohhh so... I'm right then. Eva really got kidnapped."

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"No. She actually intended to get kidnapped."

"And you let her do that. You, as her butler?"

"Don't misunderstand. I am just following her instructions."

"But she still get kidnapped.!" he stood up giving them with so much tense. No one could dare to break the heavy atmosphere.

Aries looked at Mr. Howard as he whispered, "I thought everything will go to the plan smoothly...?"

But Mr. Howard seemed to be calmed.

"In other words... She's fine." the commander said making it looks like there was nothing to be serious about, and that made everyone confuse, except Mr. Howard.

On the other hand, the girl, that time, already left the room shrugging its shoulder. I'll never meet that weird old man again----is what she was thinking while walking away from that office. She looked at the folder she was holding, the information about the massacre that she had been wanting to get to, was already in her hands.

At the same time, Zoey, together with Agatha and Geo, was heading to the Commander's office as the two were taking their time. Agatha and Geo were leading the way while Zoey was just following them behind. The reason why were they at the 3rd headquarter is because they'll be needing the help of the commander as it is the Heiress's father. Even though Mr. Howard knew well that Eva wouldn't like to get a help from her dad, he still had no choice but to tell it to him. On the other hand, Zoey was supposed not to be going inside the headquarter as she's a wanted person, but Agatha forced her. That's why while walking behind them she was feeling anxious. She was being careful as much as she needed to, so that no one could recognize her.

On the way, there were two corners in front of them and they would be heading to the right corner. Same goes to the girl, two corners on her way, and she'd be heading to her left side as it was lead to the exit.

And they crossed each other's paths.

The girl moved away as they took their turn in order for her to turn.

Their eyes met, but as they passed each other they ignored it and turned back their sights on the way just like strangers.

Zoey somewhat felt strange. "Why do I feel that I've seen her before? Strange."

She wasn't aware that she did see that girl before, she even knew her. But she wouldn't realize that, because the way how the girl looks before is way too different in the present. Just like Zoey, she looks a different person compare to their past.

And she wasn't aware that 'that girl' was Nami, and Nami wasn't aware that she was Ela.

To be continued...


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