The Darkness Inside You
20 The Leader“s Last Wish
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The Darkness Inside You
Author :demoisellelyn
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20 The Leader“s Last Wish

'These nightmares makes her keep on fighting on her own, on behalf of them.'

~Nami's Point of View~

I finally left this huge building, and it took me a while to find the way out. But, when I left that commander's office, I felt like I just passed someone that I know. Why do I feel like I just saw someone very close to me...? It's strange. I can't pin-point who it was since I've bumped on to so many people in there so, I'm not quite sure. Anyways, I'll never come back there again.

I've got what I want. Finally... It is now in my hands.

I go straight to my dorm and lay down on my bed. The tiredness and pains suddenly hit my body. Living alone for five months was quite rough, since I had to fight anyone who's in my way alone. I'm actually surprised at myself. Like... just how did I survive all this time?

I miss them so much.

Having their memories flashes back on my mind makes my heart aches, and tears flowing down on my face. Till now, I can't imagine in my entire life that she did that. She killed most of us. The worst nightmare. How dare she! I can't and will never forgive her.

I stare at the ceiling in anguish and despair, which is making me remember the root of all this.

I was going downstairs when I caught a glimpse of shadow outside the windows. I checked it out hurriedly, just in case that it might be an enemy. Minutes later, footsteps from behind alerted me to be cautious. I hid myself behind stairs, that's when I saw Akane in her fighting attire going down then she went out. I followed her secretly. I thought of surprising her and telling her to be careful as well, but I started to doubt when her actions seemed like she didn't want to get caught because she kept on looking around. She was being too cautious and nervous. I became suspicious of her at that moment.

We reached at the back of the house, and when she stopped, I completely hid my presence so that she wouldn't notice me. She was waiting for someone. After few moments, a man figure in black clothes suddenly appeared in front of Akane. I formed my hand into fist. That clothes he was wearing is the same clothes of Anino Clan, a group of ninjas and one of our rivals. The leader of this shitty clan had a grudge towards our leader. He had been trying to kill Ash many times, and Akane is his sister so, why the hell she was talking to the enemy?

I have to know the reason as soon as possible---that was been my plan after seeing her with the enemy.

They talked for only five minutes then, he left immediately like a bubble in the air, which once popped it would be gone in front your naked eyes without leaving a trace. After that, I looked at Akane angrily. She better had to give me a remarkable explanation. And because I couldn't control my emotions, I almost leave my hiding place and reveal myself to her to confront her. But Ash suddenly showed up. He was from the other side of the house and he looked at me, telling me not to do what was I planning to.

At first, of course, Akane got panicked when he showed up right after the man vanished. He rolled his wheelchair to get near on her. Then, they talked. It didn't last long because Akane went back first.

"You can come out now, Nami." he uttered.

I ran towards him. "He's one of the Anino clan, Ash. I'm sure of it." I directly said because I knew that he also saw that man.

But he was just quiet for a while before he said something.

"I've already got a feeling that this will happen." he just said then, he turned his wheelchair to go back.

That was the start of me being suspicious towards Akane. That made me think of her that she changed. A teardrop escape from eyes thinking of her. She's the youngest member and we treated her like a real youngest sister. Until now, I can't believe that she would be able to do such horrible things to us.

I close my eyes and another memories flash back. The sole reason of my hatred heart and that time is...

"Ash... Please.. Wake up.. No.. Please.. Don't leave us... Don't leave me....."

I opened my eyes and saw Ela holding Ash in her arms and crying. He was stabbed by the old Maiden and was running out of blood.

That's right. How could I forget this... The nightmare.

Ash's eyes looked at me. "Nami... Don't forget the thing I gave... And live."

Even if it was so hard to control, I still tried myself not to cry and nodded at him while holding the necklace tightly that we made for the symbol of our bonds.

I looked at Ela when she suddenly stopped crying. She wasn't moving at all. Then, I heard her murmuring something.

"It's because of me..."

That's the first time I saw her eyes turned to red. It was very deep that I felt like it was pulling me down the more I looked at it.

"Ela..." I called her out as I gathered my strength to get near to her. My legs were shaking whenever I looked at the leader.
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I got shocked when Ela bit her arms many times then, she noticed the gun on the floor. She picked it up and pointed it to the old witch again. She was desperate to get revenge but it's hopeless.

Ash mentioned to us before that she couldn't kill someone on her own. Her eyes were normal again.

I immediately went close to her when I noticed that she slowly pointing the gun on her forehead. None of us could notice that, except me, because they were busy stopping Akane from getting near at Ela. For sure, she'd kill Ela.

"What are you trying to do? Stop it.!" I shouted at her, giving all my strength to get back the gun.

"Let me! I better be dead than making your life miserable...!"

I was stunned. She said that to me while her eyes turned to red again, and it was releasing tears. I felt sorry for Ela because we made a vow to Ash. I wouldn't allow her to bring her own life in hell. I used all my strength to point the gun on me while she was still desperate, and before anything else, to make her stop, I pushed down the trigger.

I lost conscious.

My eyes opened again, and found myself laying on the floor with my own blood. I couldn't feel my body, and I thought that I wouldn't make it because of the amount of blood that I lost, since I shot myself pretty deep. I could neither make a noise nor move my body. The only thing I could do was to look around me. That was when I realized that the nightmare was already happening in front of my eyes.

Akane was fighting Seia. She looked like a wild crazy woman that didn't care whom she was killing. Then, I saw Kano and Layla laying on the floor with their own blood, while Jinno was trying to get up. He was also bleeding a lot and his lips were turning to grayish purple.

I'm seeing this again... The nightmare of my life, and I've been seeing this every single night. I can't forget every single thing about it. And till now, I can't believe that what Ash had said to us about Akane that she'd do something like this, happened way earlier. That's right, we've already expected that she will kill Ela and might as well us... Just to kill her. That's why Ash told us before to protect Ela whatever it takes.

That was his last wish... to let Ela live.

I remember when I was still conscious that time, I was looking at Ela. She was unconscious, and I could see well the tears of her agony. We all knew what kind of person she is. We've witnessed already her devil self, except Akane. We knew that she's different and that she's been fighting all the suffers that her devil self is making her. I could tell that just by looking at the bite marks on her arm. And when she regained concious, I told her to escape so that Akane wouldn't be able to kill her.

The thing is... If it was Ela, herself, she wouldn't escape and leave me there.

I open my eyes and now sitting on my bed.

Now that I think about it... There was one incident that happened between them that made Ash lost sight on his left eye. There was a very dangerous detective that was stalking Ela until she got kidnapped by him and tortured her just to make her admit for something, but he didn't succeed as we killed him and saved Ela. She suffered so much that time, mostly mentally because even though she was totally beaten up she tried to take her life. Ash stopped her, and made a promise to her by taking his eyesight. But the one he made promises was not Ela, it was the another Ela, her devil self.

That's also why, she couldn't remember anything about it and blamed herself for what happened to Ash.

Ever since Ela came to our lives, she had given us light. At first when Ash told us everything about her, I despised her until an incident happened and it changed our impressions towards her, except Akane. We were losing hopes and almost gave up when she stood up for us in front of the enemies and protected us by herself, because of her courage we fought again. We live all together. Since then, our bonds got stronger than ever. And as for Ash, he saw Ela as our light so, he always by her side and protected her till he gradually fell in love. Ash was like a father, a big brother, or the head of the family to us, our leader, that's why Ela became the pillar for us. Just like a family, whatever what the father wanted us to do we had to accomplish it as his children. And it so hard to take it every time I think about them... Instead of being happy for them I just get hurt.

They love each other but they can't be together.

"I know that my days can be counted by fingers. This weak body can't no longer stand for longer and is just getting worst. That's why, while I am still here, I want to tell you all that you have to be on your own and live the life you want to be. As the leader----no... As a friend, do this for me. Ela... Make sure that she'll live as well. That's the best thing I could wish for my family that I'll leave behind..."

That was the words from Ash that night we made our necklaces, we all stayed up while Akane and Ela were in deep sleep. The words of him was the only thing that goes to my mind that time I was at Ela while she was still laying on the floor unconsciously. That's the reason why I let her escape.

But one of Ash's fears is now happening. Akane is still alive and will still continue on killing Ela.

I close my eyes again.

"Why are you all like this to me huh..."

It was Akane, and I remember how much hatred and scared she was feeling that time. They still didn't realize that I was awake. For sure, Akane thought that I was just a dead body. Both Seia and Akane were barely breathing, but Seia was in terrible shape between them.

"Ever since that bitch showed up everything goes wrong. She took everything to me! She took Ash from me!!!"

Seia ignored her and attacked her again. The sister-love she had towards her turned to anger.

"Still fighting for that bitch?! Then, die! All of you!!" Akane had lost her mind.

In a split seconds, I saw Seia looked at me and smiled before Akane threw all her daggers on Seia at once.

I close my eyes in pressure. It's too cruel and painful.

Akane... You'll pay for what you've done. I'll make sure of it.

I open my eyes and get up from bed. What a terrible memories to remember over and over again, but I think I have to. Every single details of it, I have to remember it. I choose not to forget it so that I have a reason to keep on living.

I hold my necklace tightly as I remember the note Ash put in here.


I will, Ash. I will and will never stop looking for Ela to tell her everything she has to know. I will pursue the last wish on behalf of Seia, Kano, Layla, and Jinno. And to accomplish your wish, Leader.

So, Ela... Wherever you are, I'll surely be able to find you. I promise.

To be continued...


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