The Darkness Inside You
21 The Infamous Man And The Heiress
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The Darkness Inside You
Author :demoisellelyn
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21 The Infamous Man And The Heiress

"You do know nothing."

~Third Person's Point of View~

Fifteen years ago, there were three childhood friends playing near at the fountain plaza. The two little boys were teasing the youngest girl by attacking her with their toy guns which filled of water.

"Not fair!" the little girl with two pigtails whined, attacking them as well, side to side, while avoiding their water shots.

"Sorry Eva, I'll take revenge for you." the second boy that had a neatly cut on his blonde hair said. He felt sorry but at the same time he couldn't let the first boy wins.

"Well, they say, you should take on the weakest first. And now... Take that!" the first boy with black hair commented as he blasted the final shot on her shirt.

"Ahahaha! One down! Prepare yourself, Shin!"

The little girl lost as her lavender dress turned into dark violet. She pouted as she walked out and sat down on the only one bench near at the fountain. She watched the two brothers fighting each other. At one glance, the black headed boy might win the game as he was the fastest and playful one. While the blonde one who seemed to be timid and weak but he could easily fights back by using strategies. She smiled watching these two. They were just playing but they took it seriously as they gave their hardest to win, even so, the smile on their faces never faded.

At last, the game ended. The little girl went near at them as they fell down and were laying on the floor exhausted. She giggled looking at them.

"Looks like this time is a tie again." she said. They just gave her a smile as they were both breathing heavily. The girl laid down with them.

"Um Eva, if Mr. Gins saw you laying here, he'll put us in the jail."

"Why not! That will be so much fun!"

The girl just giggled by what the two said. But just like what the blonde boy worried, her father came to pick her up and saw them laying on the floor.

"What on earth are you two doing on my baby girl?! Get up!"

They got up immediately as soon as they heard his groggy and grim voice.

"We're very sorry, Mr. Gins." the blonde boy apologized as he bowed in series.

While the other one formed a 'V' finger sign in front of Mr. Gins's face. "Don't be so green-minded, old man so... Peace!"

He couldn't really stand this boy and about to give him a punch as he formed its hand to fist, but his daughter stopped him. "Now, now, dad. Let's go home, mom might give you a black eye if we'll be late."

"Shin! Dave!"

They all stopped and turned around when the father of the two boys came. Suddenly, the girl hid herself on her dad. She seemed scared towards the man. The two boys saw that so, they started to walk towards their father.

"Let's play next time, Eva." the black headed boy said as he waved at them, while the blonde boy bowed to them.

Eva watched them going to their father, and as soon as they reached at his side, she noticed that Dave became cold. It was like, black fogs surrounded him which blocked the brightness side of him. She could tell already that he didn't like their father.

"Dad, will they be OK?" she asked, and her dad, Mr. Gins, just smiled at her.

"Of course, my princess, even an ex-con like him can change for their children."


"Hey! Wake up there, bitch!"

Shouted by one of the girls wearing revealing dresses with furry coat on their shoulders, then she poured a bucket of water on Eva. She was sitting on the floor while her hands were tied up together, same goes to her legs. They had been torturing her by abuse words, punches and kicks, slaps, and soaked her in water, but she didn't get affected by those as she was just silent. Like a beautiful doll who is emotionless and shut. And it seemed like they were the ones who was getting frustrated.

"I think, we should show her more."

"Oh yeah? Then, what about ruining its face hmm?"

"Love it~"

They both laughed devilishly as they took out their little knives. But then, as the door opened she heard two strikes of gunshots.

*Bang! Bang!*

The two women who tortured her fell down on the floor. Seeing the holes on their head didn't even make her flinch. She had to make a plan wisely on how to deal with the man who just headshot the girls, Circus.

"You really know how to hide your expressions. Still showing a blank face as always, Eva." he said while leaning against the door and playing with his revolver. But Eva didn't utter any words. He came closer to her and squatted to level her face, then he looked at her straight to the eyes. "You have mouth right? So, why not open it once in a while." he glared sarcastically.

Still she was keeping herself silent, and glared him back. Circus tried to read her thoughts through her eyes but failed. She's the only one he can't tell what she's up to, when he is known for being good at knowing what others thinking by their expressions. That's his specialty, but Eva is exception to him. He can't read her at all. And she's aware of that.

Circus stood up and walked around. "I was shocked when at first got to know that you're one of them. They just gave me a lot of pain in the ass. First, intrusion. Second, ruining my business. Third, annoying by fault. And lastly, one of them is a nuisance."

He stopped and looked at her, "So, here you are representing as my bait."

Eva let out a deep breath after hearing all his blubbering. She knew well who he was talking about and it was not about her or the kids helped her in ruining the transaction. She knew that it was a different people he was cussing to. Then, she smirked at him that made him stun on its feet.

"You still sounded like a kid, Shin. Try to intimidate me again once you read my mind, OK." she mocked.

At first, he got shocked by what she said but then he started giggling that led to laughing when he couldn't control of it to let out. And it annoyed Eva.

"Oh sorry, did I annoy you?"

She glared at him, "You've changed."

As she said that Circus became cold. He looked back at her, and he could tell the anger in her eyes. She was telling him that he is not the same Shin anymore, and that the Shin she knew is already dead.

She have known him since they were kids, along with his elder brother, Dave.

They first met at the fountain in the center of plaza. Eva was so clumsy and weak that the other kids always bullied her, even though they knew that both of her parents were police officers. One day, the brothers were walking and caught the kids bullying Eva. They attacked them and sided her, but in the end, all three of them got beaten up instead. The kids left them laying on the floor exhaustedly weak. But for some reason, they started giggling till they laughed out loud together. That's how they became friends. Since then, they had been playing together. They taught each other how to defend themselves. Day by day, they became free from bullying. But then, a horrible incident happened to the brothers that made Eva gets scared towards their father.

It happened at the same place.

Dave and Shin were going home when they heard noises from their house. It was like there was a fight going on, but they knew already that it was caused by their father. He was a criminal that just got home from jail after five years of imprisonment. And as soon as they entered the house, they saw their drunk old man being wild. Breaking appliances, throwing plates and glasses, and tearing up all the clothes. While there was a thin woman sitting at the corner, she was neither worried nor scared. There was not even a trace of tears on her face. A soulless woman.

The wild man stopped as he realized that there was nothing to break, then he came towards his wife. He lifted her up by her collar with only one hand and punched its stomach really hard, then he dropped her. She fell down and started coughing with blood nonstop, but the expressionless face was still there. The woman didn't even care at all. And as their father didn't get satisfied he started beaten up its wife nonstop.

The two kids were trembling in fear. They wanted to stop him and save their mother but their bodies were not listening to them. Dave held Shin's hand as he noticed that their mother was finally free from hell. The man stopped. He tried to wake up his wife by slapping its unrecognizable face, but then gave up after countless of slaps.

Shin got shocked as he didn't expect that their father looked at the entrance door where they were standing. But Dave already knew because he caught his father glancing on them couple of times while beating up his wife. He tightly held his brother's hand as he pulled him and ran as soon as their father stood up.

That was the beginning of the nightmare of Eva.

Eva was upset that time because her parents were arguing as she came home, but she didn't go straight inside house and ran away instead. She couldn't take to hear them fights. That's why, she went to the plaza and stayed there sitting at the rail of the fountain.

Meanwhile, Mr. and Mrs. Gins settled down when they realized that Eva hadn't come home yet. They both sighed and hugged each other indicating of forgiveness. Then, they both dashed off and immediately looked for their only daughter. And there's only one place they knew that she might be.

But to their surprise, they saw Eva was not alone. The two kids that are her only friends were also at that place and unconscious on the floor, while there was a man standing in front of her. Mr. Gins immediately ran then jumped in front of his daughter when he saw a dangerous man brandished a knife.

The wife grabbed her daughter away from them, and went closer to the boys to protect them as well. While Mr. Gins fought the dangerous man. At that night the old man of the two boys once again imprisoned for murdering his own wife and attempting child abuse.

But that was just the beginning of her nightmare. She didn't know that at a young age she would lost two important persons of her life.

"People changed, Eva. And you've changed too. You're not that clumsy and scared-cat girl anymore." Cirsus said. He became unreadable.

"While you become heartless and murderer... Like your excon father." Eva sarcastically said that made Circus furious. He rushed to her and grabbed her by her shirt.

"Don't test me. I can kill you right now."

She could clearly see the madness on his eyes. She smirked as he was the one who got triggered.

"Then, kill me already. Kill me like what your excon father did to Dave and to my mother!!" she couldn't hold her anger and bursted out as pushed him away.

"I really wonder how did you escape. Why only you was saved and he didn't kill you... When you rushed at home that night, I thought something bad happened but you said it wasn't that big of a deal, and you just went because you needed mom's help... But then what? What we found out when we went at your house? Mom already got killed by your father! Not only that, he even raped her like an animal!! While you? You were just crying over the dead body of Dave. But I knew he tried to save mom..."

She bit her lips when she remembered the tragedy.

"Dad really did a mistake. He shouldn't help your father not to be sentenced! Your father should just stay and die.!"

Circus released her.

"Are you done? Am I the one who killed your mother so, why are you spitting on me? You should blame the dead body and thank me instead for the torture I did to that excon old man you're talking about."

After hearing what he said, Eva became more angry.

"You think I didn't know?! It is you who got my mom killed! That monster told you to do that, and you followed it instead of escaping or telling us the truth! Just why on earth did you do that huh, Shin!? Aren't you smart? So, why did you let him do want he wanted! I'm angry at you because after that incident and all, you became like this just like your dad!"

She would forgive his mistakes if only he didn't become a cruel man like what he is right now.

"You went gone after what happened and didn't show up, then I got to know you're that infamous Circus. You are not Shin anymore! You're just like your fathe----"
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"You do know nothing. Every bad incident has its own reason as to why it have to be happened in cruelty." he said after he slapped Eva to make her mouth shut. He turned back at her and went to the door but while walking he said something to her.

"Give peace to your past or it might spoil your present. If you want, I can kill you right now..."

He stopped walking at the front door and held the doorknob, then he glanced at her.

"...just say so, my ex-childhood friend."

To be continued...


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