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The Darkness Inside You
Author :demoisellelyn
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22 Meeting

"Never blame the destiny that we meet again."

~Third Person's Point of View~

Fuck it.!

Eva cursed through her mind as soon as Circus left the room. She gritted her teeth. When will Circus realize that what he's been doing is wrong, but does it already too late for him to fix everything what he had done? Deep down in her heart, she wants to help him. She wants to erase the Circus inside of Shin, for the sake of Dave's soul, and for the sake of their relationship and memories they made together.

After all what happened to them that made them apart, she still cares for him.

Eva lifted up her head as she heard noises from outside. And as the commotion got louder and louder, she got the feeling that something might have happened.

They might have came to rescue her.

She was desperately untying the tight knot on her wrists while there still no one around, even though it's giving her a lot of pain. Out of desperation, she bit her lower lip as she forcefully pulled her hands to separate it. She succeeded, but terrible pain-shock is what she got. Now that her hands were free, she next untied the knot on her feet with trembling hands.

Eva stood up and went near the door. She waited there first while her ear was sticking to the door and listening to what was going on the other side.

"Come, quick! We can't let the intruder escapes or we will be headed!"

Intruder? Eva said on her mind.

"Hey! Someone saw the intruder jumped through the window and ran!"

A woman's voice from the right side alerted them. Who is it? Is it not them..?

"Where the hell are you going?! The intruder passed through this way!"

A voice of man from the left shouted after seconds. What's going on?

The group of people were just in front of the door and Eva could clearly hear them mumbled in confusion. They split into two and left moments ago. She took that opportunity to open the door, but to her surprise, someone covered her mouth and pulled her in. That was when another troupes passed by. They didn't see them because of the big black curtains was covering them. And as they left, Eva immediately kicked the man's part to where it hurts the most and swiftly unleashed herself from his grasp when it loosen.

"Who are you?" She asked in demand.

"I-It's me. Damn... Are all girls have no mercy?"

She was a bit shocked seeing Aries in pain. "I'm at the enemy's place so, how can you think that I'd be careless? It's your fault."

"Pfft----Guess what. I'll be having a disabled cousin. Hahaha!" Agatha came out from another side of the curtain.

"I really don't like girls." Aries just murmured.

"Oh yeah?" Agatha exclaimed staring at him while her arms were crossed against her chest, confirming for something.

"Yeah, except for one..." he murmured.

It's now clear to Eva on what was happening. So, that's why she somehow familiarized those two voices that shouted earlier. They were the ones who gave false alarm to the groups that were looking for the intruder, and there's a possibility that these two might be the intruders.

They heard noises from somewhere that made them alert, and immediately left the place. But they weren't aware that Circus caught them fleeing from behind. He arrived when they ran away, and the two man in black with him were about to follow Eva when Circus stopped them.

"As long as I am here, no one dares to escape safely." he said.

The two man in black suddenly gone like some ninjas who move so fast that eyes can't track to.

Circus formed a smile, "I once let you go Eva, but since you appeared to me again... Don't blame the destiny if I won't let you go this time." he uttered to the air as he started walking away.


"Your soul may rest in peace..."

The priest said as he poured the last three drops of holy water on the coffin of Dave, then he went in front of Mrs. Gins's coffin and did the same thing. As the praying ended, the people started leaving the cemetery after giving their condolences to Mr. Gins and Eva. Only the two of them were left behind staring at the graves in front of them.

"Dad, is Shin still not coming yet..." uttered by the soulless Eva while Mr. Gins was beside her. He didn't know what to do or what to say to console the little girl, and just hugged her. But while hugging her, his attention was caught by Shin who was standing beside the tree, twenty steps away from them, looking at them.

For some reason, he uttered some words that gave Eva bit of hope. "He will come, Eva."

That time when Eva was 16 years-old of age. One of Mr. Gins apprentices was teaching her about defense attacks, but this man was scheming a plan on her as he was crazy about her. They weren't even aware that he's a hardcore stalker of Eva.

All this time, Shin had been a beggar ever since he didn't show up to Eva. The incident was too much for him to forget it easily, after all it was his fault. The reason behind why he only asked Mrs. Gins's help is for the sake of everyone's safety. Their father buried a bomb at Gins's House, and wouldn't tell the hiding spot if Shin didn't do what he wanted. His father asked him to get Eva, that's why he asked Mrs. Gins instead of putting Eva's life on danger. And even before they went inside their house, Shin told Mrs. Gins everything along with the plan that the brothers came up to. Dave made his father slipped its tongue about the bomb before it fell asleep. And when Shin arrived together with Mrs. Gins, she hurriedly put the handcuff on their father. It was already a success plan when the excon father woke up by the smell of a woman. Dave hurriedly smashed the flower base on the excon's head, but failed. It angered the man as he smashed the boy's head on the edge of the table without hesitation.

The man was like a monster whose hungry for a woman flesh.

It was a horrible nightmare. He almost gone crazy remembering every single moment of how the monster gone wild when a mysterious man who was in 30s found him and adopted him.

Around the same year, Shin was 18 years-old when he unexpectedly saw Eva alone walking on the street and the suspicious man following her way. He followed them stealthy till the apprentice-slashed-stalker attacked Eva and put her to sleep by making her smell chloroform from the handkerchief. That's when Shin made a move as he jumped on the scene, and with a split seconds he broke the stalker's leg.

Eva woke up and found herself laying on her bed. At first, she was stunned as she saw Shin sitting on her room's window shelf. After a few seconds, she called him out as the tears flew down on her cheeks.

That's when they met each other again.

But she didn't know that it would be the last chance of meeting him again.

"I've done a big mistake, Eva. I was the cause of their deaths, that's why I want you to hate me. Even if you don't hate me now, soon you will. We're not kids anymore so, stand on your own. And don't easily fall on someone's schemes."

Shin said while staring at the moon then he went towards her and bent over to get closer look at her face. He smiled.

"If we meet again, you'll suffer. Remember that."

His final words before he snapped her neck to make her unconscious again, and left the room.
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Shin a.k.a Circus was walking on the hallway leads to a door painted in dark red. He smiled nonchalantly with the ideas that is on his mind. A perfect plan on how to make the traitors pay for what they've done in the past.

He stopped in front of the close door. Behind this door is where traitors are waiting. He clenched his fist as his expression became cold.

He opened the door and saw the three people sitting on their respective chairs.

"Finally, the leader showed up." said by the man with bangs that covering his right eye.

A woman in red dress stood up and went near at him as she clung on to his arm, then she gave him a kiss on his cheek.

"It's been a while since we've met. Did you miss me, Circus?"

He didn't utter a word to her and just continued on walking towards his chair, letting the girl walked with him. And as he sat, the girl went back to its chair that's next to him.

Inside the room there's nothing but the long table of five chairs; two chairs on each side and one at the top. The man with bangs and the other man were sitting on the left side of the table while the girl and Circus were on the right side. He looked at the empty chair on the middle, he showed expressionless while staring at it.

That chair was owned by the original boss of them. The man who found him when he was a teenage along with these three, their master. But he died two years ago, he was killed. Remembering the past, he looked back at them. He focused his attention to the man sitting across him.

It's them who killed the Master and it's him who was the mastermind.

"How suck, I'm with the bunch of traitors."

He smirked having that thought. The man noticed that and talked to him.

"You seem so happy, Shin. Mind if you share it with us?"

Circus leaned forward as he looked straight to the man's eyes. "You don't deserve to be happy aren't you, Guz?"

It annoyed the man called Guz and glared him back. They were just staring yet there was deathly lightning strikes between them.

"Ey~ We're not here for some personal issues." stopped by the man with bangs named John.

The girl right next to Circus let out a deep sigh. "I'm jealous of how Circus gives so much attention to you, Guz."

"Don't joke around, Qin." Guz said as Qin got his attention away from Circus. She just shrugged.

Then Guz looked at John, "What are we really doing here?"

"Don't play dumb. We're here because of this." He answered as he threw the bloody envelope on the table. "I know you also received the same thing. That envelope who has the same written figures as Master saying 'You'll pay for what you've done.'"


"What for?!" Qin bursted out. She was already nervous when John threw the envelope and banged the table after what he said.

"Sit down." commanded by Guz.

She looked at him annoyingly and about to say something when she felt John was staring at her. She calmed and sat down again.

"Ehem... I mean Master is dead so, it's absurd to think that he really did write something like that."

"I think the same way." Circus agreed that made them look at him suspiciously.

"At the very beginning, we shouldn't think that it's him. There's someone else behind this. Any idea who might it be?"

"I have." Guz replied, "His hair is blonde, skin is tan, and annoying as hell."

Circus laughed after what Guz said, "Pfft----Hahaha! I get who's your pointing to, but I assure you he's innocent."

"I am sure that he's the only one to blame. You didn't receive an envelope like this, right?"

"Nope. I didn't receive anything."

"Then, that's the proof!"

"How so?"

"He's saying that because the fact that you didn't receive this envelope is because it's you who made this and delivered it to us, Circus." John interrupted their talk fight.

"Is it really you?" Qin asked nervously while looking at Circus.

But Circus was just calm as always, not even a hint of sweat could be seen. He looked at each one of them directly to their eyes as he threw a sentence that made them trigger.

"You know well I hate wasting time so, why would I do such silly things if I can just kill you three right now, right here."

Guz and Qin were about to attack him when a big explosion was made from outside and caused a small earthquake.

"Right! Just exact time, since you're all here. Give me a hand to get rid of those rats ruining my business." Circus said as he stood up and went to the door.

He turned his attention at them, "They really have to pay for what they've done, isn't?"

They ran out of the room and went out the building to see what was happening outside. Then there, they saw bunch of people fighting. Circus saw his men fighting with Eva's group.

"Well, that's good. They're prepared." He grinned.

He stepped up front and turned around to face Guz, Qin, and John. Neither of them were confused on what's going on nor scared. Circus smiled at them as he widely opened his arms.

"Don't you guys miss the old days? You see I have these troublesome enemies so, will you join me fight like before? You're not old enough to give excuses, ok?"

They looked at each other then they started walking towards him. Guz smirked at Circus as he patted its shoulder.

"Aren't you the old one here asking for our help? Ahahahaha!" He said and passed through Circus.

Circus formed an evil smile before he turned around to see them off to battle.

"In exchange, I'll let you meet Master again." he uttered but they didn't hear him because they already launched at the battle ground.

He was just watching them fighting with Eva's troupe, and seeing their enthusiasm and longing for fights made him smile again.

"That's right. This is what you've three waiting for. Enjoy it till you see the man who sent the envelopes... In heaven."

He said in his mind and started walking to join them fights, but then he stopped as he realized something.

"Oh wait... No, not in heaven... Ahahaha! How can demons go to heaven, really..." he giggled and about to grab an enemy when Eva suddenly showed up from behind.

"You must be forgetting me." she uttered, pointing the guns at him.

But Circus did not flinch, he just smiled.

"How could I..."

He whispered.

To be continued...


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