The Darkness Inside You
23 Let“s Die Together, Will You?
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The Darkness Inside You
Author :demoisellelyn
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23 Let“s Die Together, Will You?

"Yes, I am angry at you. So angry that my mind about to explode cause of thinking of you."

~Third Person's Point of View~

Circus giggled and about to grab an enemy when Eva suddenly showed up from behind.

"You must be forgetting me." she uttered, pointing the guns at him.

But Circus did not flinch, he just smiled. He turned around to face her.

"Oh, what is this? You miss me?" he mocked her while smiling widely.

Eva pulled the trigger many times to shot him but he just avoided the bullets easily while getting near at her. She was trying to shoot him while she was moving backwards because of him. She wouldn't let him get near to her.

"Is this all what you've got, my princess?"

He annoyed Eva again while avoiding the bullets, but the more she ignored him the more he wanted to get closer, and the more she kept showing cold expression the more he wanted to tear it.

"I've already told you, didn't I?" he uttered as he swiftly grabbed her right arm that made her drop the gun, and then hugged her from behind while he positioned her gun directly at the garage.

"That, if we meet again... You'll suffer." he whispered to her ear as he pulled the trigger twice and shot the wooden barrel fifteen steps away from them. It was releasing liquid.

Eva kicked his foot that made him release her, and looked at him, "What are you trying to do?"

But his attention was not on Eva instead he was looking at Guz's direction. She used that chance to attack him again but to her surprise the gun she was holding was out of ammunition. She formed a bluntly smile while staring at her empty gun.

"Just how much he suffered to be this dangerous man..."

Is what she was thinking. A man from her left ran towards her and about to slashed its shark sword when Circus pulled her to him. He gave the man, who was one of his underdogs, a death glare.

"Boss..." the man uttered.

"You know the rules. Don't ever lay your hands on my business.!" he shouted that he never did before.

"Sorry boss... I thought..."

"Come here."

Circus looked at Eva's confused face. He smirked as he finally saw different expression from her. She noticed that he was looking at her, and so, she glared at him.

"I am asking you, what are you trying to do.?"

"You'll see."

Then, as his underdog went closer towards them, with the use of Eva's hand he withdrew the man's sword, and in a split seconds the sword slashed the man in to half, then he immediately let go of her hand holding the shark sword. He smirked again when he succeeded seeing Eva's shocked face as she dropped the sword unknowingly.

"Nice cut, Eva." he whispered that made her push him away.

"You son of monster!! You know nothing and you never know what I'm feeling all this time----and you'll never care about it!!!" Eva shouted as she withdrew her knife and launched an attack on him.

Circus did not move away from his position. He was just waiting while looking at Eva. The smile from his lips faded away when he saw the tears from her face.

But at the same time, his eyes caught Guz together with John fighting together with the enemies at the soaked ground where the barrel leaked. They also noticed Circus looking at their direction, and both of them saw Eva running towards Circus. Guz gave a grin at Circus as he, together with John, pointed their guns at Eva. Circus just showed a blank expression with a hint of sadness at them, and then as he turned back his view at Eva, he pulled her fast and fell on the ground avoiding the bullets. But as soon as they fell down, Circus rolled over the top of Eva when an explosion suddenly blew up.

He looked at Eva's stunned face. "I get back what I've said... You are still a cry-baby."

That's when Eva came back to herself and tried to push him away again.

"Ooops. No, no, not yet. Let's wait for the fireworks to settle down first----woah! See that? A flying tiles!" he refused to move away on her top.

"Move." she glared at him deathly.

"It's more dangerous to get up than your glare."

"I said move away.!"

"Why? Feeling shy?" Circus said that made her even more pissed, and she was about to knock him down from 'down there' when he immediately got up while both of his hands were in the air.

"Woah----! Not there, aggressive woman."

"For whatever you're planning to, I assure you that you're not the one who'll be laughing at the end." warned by Eva.

When she said that, Aries and Zoey suddenly showed up from the smoke. And they both pointed their weapons at Circus as they saw him with the heiress.

"Is this what you're talking about, Eva?" he smirked at her, "You really gonna use these brats against me?"

"Who told you that huh." Eva sarcastically answered at him.

While Aries and Zoey were confused and somewhat surprise that Circus and Eva knew each other and having conversations. And from the looks of them they didn't seem to hate each other that much.

"What's the meaning of this, Shin!!!" Qin screamed as she ran towards him. "I saw what you did. You intentionally killed Guz and John."

The smoke faded away and because of the explosion only few people were in the field while most of them were dead including Guz and John. And when the smoke was gone, Agatha and the rest joined Eva.

"What's going on here? Aries, it's the time to kill that man." Agatha whispered while looking at Circus.

"Not yet----"

"No. You can't." Eva declared, then she looked at them. "You're no match for him even the four of you fight together against him."

"I agree." Geo uttered that made Agatha looked at him in disbelief.

"I didn't expect that comes out from someone who doesn't know to give up." she bluntly murmured, enough for them to hear.

"I saw what he did because I've been watching him with this heiress. He used her gun and targeted the barrel filled with gas 12 meters from them, in just one shot, then he tossed a lighter on the edge of the gas that caused explosion. I think all this time, he was planning to kill them." Geo explained, then he pointed the two burnt corpses behind.

"Good observation there, kiddo." Circus uttered that caught their attention at him. "Normally, if it's just a normal gas it would create fire but since it's not, it exploded. I created that. So..."

He walked towards Qin and gave her a bluntly smile.

"Yep. I did kill them." he then picked out a small knife from his pocket, "Wanna join them, Qin?"

"Pfft---Ahahahaha! They were right about you then. You're the one who gave those bullshit envelopes that made me go insane because of what we did to master. I don't care how or when did you find out but... I'll make sure you go with me in hell and meet everyone th----"

Circus was just playing with its knife while she was blubbering, but then, in a swift of hand he tossed it and went straight to Qin's forehead, like some dartboard. In just one swipe of his hand, he made Qin silent forever, the once companion that betrayed him and his master.

Everyone, even Eva, that saw what he did got stunned on their feet. And the battle that currently happening between their undermen also stopped and got scared as they felt chill all over their spines.

The man called Circus is truly a dangerous man in the Worz City and no one can dare to against him or even make him angry in the slightest.

Meanwhile, Aries was thinking deeply while staring at him. He couldn't understand why he doesn't see any dark or evil creatures inside of Circus, as if like there is none. Even though he tried so many times but in the end, failed. It was like there's nothing to be seen or to look for. But he doesn't believe that. There's no way a dangerous man like him has no evil creatures inside of him. Or... Is it that he, himself, is the evil itself? Even so, he should still be able to see that.

Their all attention got disrupted when the military vehicles came. Eva was shocked when she saw her dad.

"What is he doing here?" she asked looking at the four's direction, then she diverted it to Mr. Howard, "You asked his help!?"

"That's the only way to stop this devil man." the old man said in a serious tone. Eva knew how much he wanted to destroy Circus, to be exact, the whole city.

"Guess what... Mr. Gins is here." Circus uttered with a hint of sadness

His respect towards him hasn't changed. Circus diverted his attention as Eva was looking at him. He bluntly smiled at her as he immediately pulled her.

"But I'm not allowed to meet him, am I right?" he said, then he pushed the remote button of his automated big bike. And when it came in front of them, he jumped on it along with Eva. They already left even before Mr. Howard make a move.

"Fast! He's escaping!!" Mr. Howard warned the military troupes. Then, he jumped on one of the military vehicles when it passed.

"Let's follow them. We can't let this chance slip again." Agatha said as she got already inside the car, Aries and Geo came inside.
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"I'll use the motor." Zoey said to them when they were waiting for her to get it. Then, Agatha immediately started the engine and driving it in a maximum speed. But when Zoey about to ride on the motor, someone pulled her hair that made her out of balance and fell her butt on the ground. She looked up to see who it was.

"We can finally have some time together, Ela. I miss you~"

On the other hand, while Circus riding its big bike away and being chased by Eva's companions, he increased the speed even though there were pile of blocks on the way.

"What are you trying to do, Shin!" Eva shouted while looking at the way.

"Just gonna give our chasers a delay." he uttered ignoring Eva panicking on his back.

"Let me go!" she shouted again, but she suddenly felt chills when she saw that smirk on his face.

"As you wish, my princess." playfully responded by Circus as he sped up once again and was deliberately going to let it smash on the blocks. Eva closed her eyes when they were about to crash any moment. Meanwhile, Circus let go the handles then he squatted on the motor and patiently waiting for few more seconds. When they only have 0.5 seconds left before they crash on the blocks, he immediately grabbed Eva then jumped off the big bike exact time as it already crashed. The impact gave him a bonus power to fly high, because of that he easily avoided the explosion.

"You can open your eyes now. We landed." he said.

Eva opened her eyes and saw herself being carried by Circus while running. She took this moment to push him back. He let go of her unwillingly.

"We haven't gone too far yet." he said while looking at her blankly.

"Just stop this and hand over yourself already... You can't be escaping forever." her tone became lower.

"Who said that I'm escaping? I am taking you away from them."

"For what? To amuse yourself, huh?!"

"Maybe. Now, let's go----"

"No! I won't!"

"Another fact about me, there's no word like patience in my vocabulary, Eva." then he grabbed her wrist and tried to pull her again, but she resisted.

"I want to help you, Shin!" she shouted in beg. "I want to free you from everything and live a normal life. I don't want you to die in this way..."

Circus slowly let go of her hand. "Impossible, Eva. Only in dreams that can happen and not in reality."

"I can help you make it happen in real life. Once they see you doing good deeds yo----"

"People are not some gods who can just easily forgive me. What they want for someone like me is to die in the most cruel way."

"Then, I can just hide you from fa----"

"You really think that's easy? If I feel bored, whom I should play with then? You? You think one simple-minded like you can ease my boredom?"

Eva gritted her teeth after hearing what he said, "Why are you like this... Why did you have to turned so evil... Shin..."

"Fine, then... If I'll go with you, will you give all I want and entertain me hmm? I just realize this now but, you're actually my typ----"

Eva slapped his cheek hard that it left a mark. She clenched her fists when Circus just smiled afterwards.

"You're really such an asshole, Shin."

But he turned around and started walking, "I'll take that as a compliment. You're free now to go and this'll be the last. If we meet again... I'll never let you go for sure." he said but since he intentionally whispered the last words, Eva didn't hear it.

"No. I've already lost mom and Dave... I can't let that happen again. I can't lose you, Shin." she sincerely said that made him stop from walking away.

He turned his sight at her, "Aren't you angry at me?" then he walked back towards her and gave five steps gap between them.

"Yes, I am angry at you. So angry that my mind about to explode cause of thinking of you." Eva said while looking at his eyes sincerely.

Circus showed a smile after the silence moment between them, then he extended his hand to her.

"Then... Are you willing to die with me, Eva?"

She was just looking at him while his arm was asking her to go with him. She smirked.

"Then, I just have to make sure that you'll live long." she responded while reaching out his hand.

But then...

When she almost reached his hand, she felt something passes through the side of her head. It was so fast that she couldn't dodge it and her ears felt stingy. Then, in just a second she saw that Shin got stunned as he felt that something struck inside his chest. After few seconds of realizing that Shin got shot, he fell down.

"Eva... What I said is just a joke.. D-Don't take it seriously and live..."

He said as he slowly closed his eyes. And as the last glimpse of Eva, he smiled.


Hey, scared cat crybaby clumsy Eva. I... I had a dream. It was at night when I laid down on bed exhaustedly. I thought of a lot of things and how tiring the path I chose. When I closed my eyes, at first it was filled in darkness till light came over and it became endless sky. In that dream, I saw myself holding you and we looked so happy together.

It's weird but... that's not bad at all.

After all, it's you.

Brother, I guess I'll also gonna leave Eva behind. But don't worry, she'll be fine.


To be continued...


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