The Darkness Inside You
24 The Reunion In The Battle
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The Darkness Inside You
Author :demoisellelyn
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24 The Reunion In The Battle

"Oh, is this one vs two? Then, should I take this opportunity to get rid both of you?"

~Third Person's Point of View~

"We should take the short route." Agatha uttered, then she turned the car to the right corner and entered in a small and deserted street. She was driving as fast as possible.

"There. That motor, it's him." Geo said pointing an open corner when he caught the motor passed swiftly. Nothing can escape from his eyes, may it be moving or not.

"We can really rely on the sniper who assassinated two people in the bullet train." she grinned as she drove the car on the way that he directed.

Meanwhile, Aries was just silently sitting at the backseat. Both of them took a glance at him from the rear view and then, they looked at each other through their peripheral view.

"Are you worrying about her?" Geo asked that made Aries look at him because he knew that it's him who he was talking.

Then he looked away, "That's not. I'm thinking why the heiress let herself to be a hostage purposely."

Geo was right that Aries was thinking about Zoey because she was not following them from behind driving a motor, but what he answered is not a lie. He did think about the Heiress's actions. He chose to divert their thoughts about him and Zoey.

"Maybe since they knew each other..?" Agatha joined the conversation.

"Still, why would someone want to be with a devil itself?" Aries complained.

"You're saying you couldn't see any dark creatures inside him?"

"That's right, and that's why I can't let someone like him roam around again." he said in determination.

And as soon as they got out of the corner and left the street, they heard a loud noise. More like an explosion. When they turned their sight at the right they all got shocked as they saw a flying wheel coming towards them. That was when they realized that Circus's big bike was crashed on to something and it made a big explosion. It's a good thing that they were inside the car and so, all the parts that scattered all over did not hit them.

"Is this man loves explosion? He's really a devil." Agatha commented when they went out of the car.

They looked at the surroundings and inspected everything they saw with their eyes while looking for the man who caused the diversion. But as soon as Aries caught something from afar, he immediately went back in the car.

"We have to move fast. I saw them." he alerted them.

Agatha drifted the car as soon as Aries directed their location. She easily passed through the fire from the explosion while the two were preparing for the battle. Until few meters away, they saw Circus facing the heiress that seemed like they were having a conversation.

"What's this? They really knew each other." Agatha said in irritation as she pushed more the pedal speed. She couldn't believe that a Heiress like her knew someone who's a big danger to humanity, the way she sees it is like they're once friends.

But then, the engine stopped working suddenly. Agatha annoyingly smacked the control wheel, "What the hell... Out of gas?!"

"There's no time for that." Geo said, then he got out of the car. She did the same after she picked up her two katana, while Aries didn't leave.

He stayed in the car while his eyes were focused at Circus, trying to find the dark creature inside him. But no matter what he did, he couldn't see anything. There was nothing inside of him, that Circus. He, who is known to be the infamous. The most dangerous who have killed many innocent people. And he, who is responsible for Sera's death... The only family member who accepted him. The more he tried to dig what he wanted to see inside of Circus, the more likely it was telling him that he's innocent.

He gritted his teeth having that kind of thoughts.

"What's the point on confirming for something when he have done unforgivable crimes." he uttered as he took the rifle beside him, then he went on top of the car and positioned himself along with the rifle.

And while he was looking at Circus through the optic mount to aim the target, he remembered what his sister said about him.

"What do you mean?" Aries was confused by what Sera said.

"It's true. I mean, if you have that kind of power then are you perhaps a vampire?"


"Ahahaha! Look at your face. I'm just kidding."

"No... I mean---how did you know that? It's a top secret that I have to hide from you, neither of my friends know that. Are you perhaps a witch, Sera?"

But he distanced himself away from her when he saw her dimmed face that looks like she wanted to struggle someone that nears her.

"U-Uhh... I'm just kidding ha... ha..."

And suddenly Sera's face went back to normal.

"Oh well, but this is your last warning. If I pull jokes on you, don't ever counter attack."

"O-Okay... Hahaha.." he awkwardly responded.

"Anyways, what I mean is that, since you can see the darkness inside of a person then obviously you can easily tell who's bad and who's not. So, since that's the case then you can also exterminate the evil people."

"I'm not sure about that. I just have this kind of ability but that doesn't mean I have the rights to kill anyone."

"Then, who will tell you to do so? Who will give you the rights?"


"Meaning, since you're the only one who can see what others can't, then I think it is your duty to use it well. You're not thinking of just standing at the corner and watch without doing something, right?

"Am I like a hero or what?"

"Oh then, I'm the luckiest girl since I have a brother like you. I'll count on you~"

A smile formed from his lips, "Roger that." he murmured as he pulled the trigger of the rifle, aiming Circus's chest.


Meanwhile, at the place where Zoey was left behind because someone stopped her from following Aries's group. She and the other were just looking at each other for awhile without saying words or giving each other an opening.

Zoey clenched her hand, "Akane..." she said, calling the other's name.

Akane smirked. She was waiting for this opportunity to come and badly wanted to kill her.

"Surprise? You didn't think that I'll just disappear again after that day, right?" Akane said.

"I have a question to you." Zoey suggested as she took a one step towards her. "How did you survive?"

All this time, Zoey still thinks that she's responsible for killing them. The deep scar on her heart will never heal no matter what changes she'll do in herself. She may be not weak and rely on others like before, but deep inside she's still the same. She can control the evil her, but no matter what... she's still an evil.

She flinched when Akane started giggling, "Shouldn't it be me asking you that? Oh right, you are still as clueless as ever."

"What are you trying to say?"

"I can't believe I let you escape, but well, I think it's worth it since all this long you still blame yourself for nothing. Hahaha! What a dumb."

"Just what are you pointing to? Are you saying I shouldn't blame myself for what happened?"

"Of course! Because first of all, you are a demon to begin with so, don't act like you care for what happened as if like it wasn't on purpose. You killed them with your own hands!" Akane screamed in anger, and then she dashed off holding her daggers to perform an attack on Zoey.

"And I'll kill you here for sure, Ela!"

Akane smoothly swifts the dagger directly on Zoey's face, but she successfully avoided it as she immediately squatted then she stepped backwards and spun as she kicked her stomach to push back Akane. Due to the impact that she put, it made Akane coughs several times. She cursed her after and attacked Zoey again. This time, she threw one of her daggers on Zoey as she sped up, and when she expectedly that Zoey would dodge it, Akane kicked her leg that made her out of balance, but she was not satisfied and pushed Zoey down. She made sure that Zoey wouldn't get a chance of avoiding her poisonous dagger. And once Zoey forcefully laid down on the ground, she flinched when Akane about to stab the dagger on her face. Out of reflexes, she immediately held Akane's hand stopping the momentum.

"Oh, what? I thought you only know how to dodge."

They both giving all their strength, and struggling on each other's strength. The one who will show a slightest of weakness is the loser.

"I'm not the same before." Zoey said as she added strength to push her hands away.

"Oh, really? Then, why not get your filthy hands off me and let me destroy that disgusting face of yours!!" Akane shouted as she surprised her by overshadowing her strength.

Because of that, it made Zoey let her guard down that result to Akane's grinning face. Only few inches from her face and she would get stabbed by Akane's dagger, and if that happen it would be over for her. The poison on her dagger is deadly which will give a terrible pain, even if it is a small scratch.

"Don't worry, I won't give you an easy death. I'll make you suffer first!"

Zoey couldn't move because of the deadly glare of her, and for some reason she couldn't take away her eyes on Akane. At that moment, Akane immediately snatched Zoey's grip on her hands and redid the momentum to stab her. But a thick black whip suddenly came and rolled around her neck, and then it pulled her back away from Zoey. It was a sudden attack that both of them didn't expect.

After that, the owner of the whip slowly showed up from behind of Akane. She couldn't see who it was since she didn't have time to turn around because that attack choked her and gave a lot of pain. While Zoey, who was in front of her, could clearly see the person who showed up. At first look, she couldn't recognize who it was but then after looking at her thoroughly, she familiarized the face that made her shock.

Her mind wasn't sinking anything that was happening in front her. The fact that aside Akane there's another one who is also alive after that massacre, which she's the cause. Zoey couldn't accept anything. It made her speechless that she couldn't even utter that person's name without stuttering.


Akane got shocked as soon as she heard that and immediately turned around to look if it was really Nami. She gritted her teeth when she confirmed that it was really her. Of all places and timing, why she suddenly showes up? After all the efforts that I gave just to find her before she meets Zoey and reveals the truth, now she's here? Is what she was thinking. On the other hand, Zoey's body gave up as her knees fell down on the ground while she was looking at Nami. She didn't know what to feel after seeing her.

Mix emotions were rampaging inside her, but only one remained stronger.

"I-It's Nami.. It is really her... She's also alive. I might hurt her and tried to kill but she's alive! Oh God... Thank you... Akane and Nami are both safe from my hands..."

That's what she was feeling all along. She felt relieved that Akane didn't die and now seeing Nami standing in front of her, she never felt thankful in her life for having two of her friends that she once destroyed, are still alive. She didn't care anymore if Nami was there because of revenge and both of them might kill her together. Their lives are enough and more important than her, but having that kind of feeling and thoughts made her stun as she listened to the demon voice that she thought she would never hear again.

[ Should I kill them? Don't be so ignorant that I didn't disturb for a long time. You thought I let you go? What a fool. This is the time what I'm waiting for. ]

"N-No.!" she shouted while she was holding her head.

Akane might be confused seeing her acting strange, but Nami already had a feeling of what was happening on her. So, she hurriedly ran towards her and held her.

"Ela... Fight for it. I'm here with you."

Zoey confusingly looked at her. She thought she was there to get revenge on her.

"Nami? What----"

[ Kill her first, Zoey. Kill her... ]

Zoey once again groaned in pain because of the devil trying to devour her again. Nami looked at her while holding her shoulders.
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"Save the details later. For now, you have to fight back against that devil inside you... for me, for everyone, and for Ash."

Even though she didn't understand what Nami said but she did it. After all, she was right.

[ No! Don't listen to her---kill her!! ]

She took a deep breath as she closed her eyes.

"Fool. Do you think I let some evil like you to control me again and kill them whatever you please!?"

[ What the... You're talking to me? You have guts to talk to me?! ]

"It's my body and mind so, why not? And you better be shut down!"

She shouted through her and giving all best to shut the evil.

[ N-No! No---- ]

And the voice disappeared due to her strong will. She opened her eyes as she felt lighter. It confirmed that she did it. She never felt peace like this before, but she has to be prepared once it gets back and disturbs her again. Even so, she couldn't help not to smile.

"I knew you'll be able to fight it, Ela."

They looked at each other.

"Long time no see."

"Mm." Zoey nodded seeing Nami's smile.

Akane was overwhelming by excitement seeing the two of them acting so friendly to each other. They never fail to anger her, and that's what made her smile.

"Look what we have here. Nami, you might be confused but... Shouldn't you be here, right next to me?" she said getting their attentions on her. She grinned as she saw Nami's angry face.

"You're insane, Akane." she responded angrily. While Zoey was just standing cautious towards Akane despite of being clueless, but she was believing on Nami. After all, they're sisters by heart.

"Oh, is this one vs two? Then, should I take this opportunity to get rid of you?" Akane said provoking them while smiling.

They both became more cautious after what she said, especially Nami since she knew the truth behind that massacre incident, and Akane is aware of that.

A moment of silence devour them as none of them showing an opening, but in any moment they'll move to fight.

To be continued...


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