The Darkness Inside You
26 Everything From The Star
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The Darkness Inside You
Author :demoisellelyn
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26 Everything From The Star

~Aries's Point of View~

We run towards the heiress kneeling over the dead body of Circus. At last, the human devil is gone. I killed him.

I did it, Sera.

While looking at his body, I still can't see the devil residing him. It bothers me. I've seen so many bad people and in just one look at them I can spot the dark aura, except to this man. This man who is known for its evil doings. Just where it is, that darkness? It may be disappeared into thin air when I shot him or in the first place... there wasn't something like that.

The latter is too absurd. I don't believe it.

Anyway, I should not be bothered by this thoughts. Whatever reason it is doesn't matter now. He's already gone. I've done it.

"Finally... Sera would be now in peace." Agatha said in low tone that can only be heard by me and Geo. We both just nod in response. We're a bit distance from them and till now that heiress does not leave or move an inch.

Our very own mission ended here, at last. I should be felt better but some part of me telling me that there's still more, and that we're missing very important things.

After a few moments, we hear cars coming closer. The military troupe together with Mr. Howard and that commander arrive the scene. They spot us and hurriedly go to the heiress. All the soldiers surrounded the place while the commander and Mr. Howard are the only ones who get closer to them.

"Eva, you should know it from the beginning. Justice won't let him go." the commander said as he holds her daughter's shoulder.

"Now, the whole city will be in peace."

Mr. Howard gives a sign at some soldiers to come forth but suddenly the heiress stands up.

"No one dares to move." she uttered that makes the soldiers left in confusion.

"Eva, what are you saying? We have to take his body at----"

"Let her be, Mr. Howard." the commander stopped him from talking.

"But sr..." in response of one of the soldiers.

"That's the order." he commanded.

Despite of confusion they still follow the order, even Mr. Howard who is eager to get the devil's corpse. At first I thought, this old man that hired Zoey is not some ordinary elders but it seems like he doesn't have any patience as well. It looks like he has a great grudge against Circus based on the dark smoke from him.

I can see some of the soldiers with devil creatures inside them, including Mr. Howard, but his devil is the darkest and scariest of all. I think this happen if a person is filled with revenge, or maybe there's even more deeper reason than that.

The heiress goes to the corpse and kneels down. The first thing she does is to caress his face while holding its hand, then she opens the collar button and gets the necklace from Circus's neck. After some minutes of silence, she walks back. Her aura changed. When she passes the two elders, she speaks up without looking anyone.

"Bring his body to my place. If anyone dares to question me will be killed." she said in coldly yet superior.

She makes their tongue pull over and can't speak, but it just because they are surprise that they can't make a reaction first. And when they realize it, commotion from the soldiers start.

"Forgive me commander but this isn't right. We can't just let her do whatever she wants."

"I agree, Commander. This isn't some kind that we can take action easily."

"Commander, majority of us doesn't want to accept what she just said even though we know she is your daughter. Many citizens are waiting to see the infamous man's corpse and for sure the family victims will be glad as well."

The commander let out a big sigh while he's holding his forehead.

"I understand you all have your own opinions, but as an in-charge chief of this place I recommend you all to follow her orders." he said which gives them shock, even us.

We three are just silently watching them and even us also get shocked by what the commander said. It's natural because we expected him to be on the side of his people. This is very amusing to see actually. Who could have thought that there's still a loving father like him. But on the second thought, something is suspicious.

"Gins! What are you talking?" Mr. Howard, on other hand, seems like he doesn't have any clue. But it looks like he can't handle the lava on his head anymore.
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"You too, Howard. I'm just doing this because I'm the commander of this place and it is better to follow the higher-ups."

"What do y----"

"Enough. We've been wasting time here." the heiress said that triggered the volcano heads, and then she snaps her two fingers that looks like some signal.

And as soon as she did that, people from nowhere suddenly show up. Two people suddenly show up and land down on both sides of the heiress and two people near at the corpse. The sight of their appearances give us more shock.

"Wait! Aren't they the elite bodyguards of the Chief Commander of the mains?"

That's right. Based on their clothes they really are the elite bodyguards of the most superior, highly respected, and powerful yet mysterious leader in Warz. I look at the heiress that makes me complete the big picture. I giggle and now trying hard to hold my laughter.

"Is something funny?"

I look at Agatha's confused face. While Geo heave a sigh.

"She is 'that' commander."


I knew from the moment I met this heiress that she's not ordinary despite of having a brat size, but I didn't expect to this extend. This is really unexpected. Many rumors that have already spreaded about this mysterious commander of the mains and I'd say none of them didn't hit the exact description, not even close.

"You bring his corpse, Xie. And if anyone of you still refuses, Commander Gins you know what to do with your subordinates." she commanded then she averts her sight on our direction which makes us flinch.

"I see. So, it's clear now. The one who shot Circus is one of my men so, there's no need to make a tag-war over his corpse. Besides, none of you here have no rights to disobey my orders." she continued then, she, together with the two elite guards besides her, disappears.

No one really dares to talk. She made their mouth totally shut, especially Mr. Howard. Guess he wasn't aware at all about her real identity.

"You heard her, do it." a tall man with eyeglasses, of the two elite guards near at Circus's corpse, said.

"Tch." a slender woman with curly hair called Xie said, as she covers the corpse with white cloth.

"W-Wait! What will you do to his body? Oh, right! You're gonna show him in much more bigger places so that the whole nation can see. Th-That's great!" Mr. Howard said hesitating but desperately.

"I would like not ruin your hopes but the answer to your question was given to you already."

Then, they disappear.

"That's so shocking, don't you think? I mean... That heiress girl is the Chief Commander of the mains? This is really unbelievable." Agatha commented while walking.

We decided to leave the place, leaving everyone there. We headed back to the place where we left the car but it wasn't there, and we don't have any clue as to why and what happened. So, we're walking.

"Do you know this already, Aries?" Geo asked.

I shake my head refer to as a no, "I just knew that she's not ordinary, but I never thought that she's the superior commander of all commanders. I just realized it way back when everything was getting suspicious."

"And it made you laugh, is that why?" Agatha confirmed which I just nod.

We cross the corner path where we came from and enter the deserted street again. While in the middle of walking, an image of her suddenly pop up on my head that it makes me stop. When they notice that, they look at me.

"What's wrong?" Agatha asked.

"She didn't come at all..." I uttered.

Back then when we were in that place where the fighting was taken, there was a person being filled with deep dark smoke. I noticed that because it was too strong to be ignored, but it was just in a split seconds. It suddenly vanished. I don't know what happened but I'm sure that Zoey was fighting on that part where I saw the person. It was not far from her.

"She? Oh, that girl called Zoey?"

"Let's run." I said then I start running swiftly. They follow me without questioning, but I know what they're thinking. For sure they're thinking I'm being frantic about her.

Anyways, we have to move fast and save the explanation later. I want to see who is that person and what is his or her motive. More importantly, whoever it is I want that dead by my hands.

I just can't let this chance slip by.

We arrive the place after turning the last corner and see two unfamiliar girls fighting each other while Zoey is standing on the side. We are behind her so she doesn't notice us. It seems to us that the girl using daggers is the enemy and trying to kill Zoey. We actually can hear what are they saying since they're shouting at each other. It just that they are calling Zoey in a different name.

"Are they calling her Ela and not Zoey?" Agatha queried.

"It's clear that something about her is a mystery." Geo said. I can tell from the start that he has been suspicious about her.

"It's a common thing since we don't have that relationship with her. She just saved my life." I uttered.

"Should we help or just watch?"

"Let's observe first. That girl with daggers has it."

"You mean its darkness completely controlling her?"

"Yep." then I nodded while reaching Geo's rifle to get ready.

I turn back my sight at them. I look at Zoey. Why aren't you moving? As of now, I only see the weak black thing inside her. It's maybe trying to talk to her, make her do something bad, manipulate her, and then control her. It's amazing how she is fighting that evil.

We've been watching them fight for 20 mins since we arrived and we heard lots of things about them which really plucked our interests. That dagger girl really wants to kill Zoey badly while the other one is not letting her make it happen, and these three were once friends or comrades. It seems like their other friends are killed by the dagger girl. That's the reason why this whip girl fighting her for revenge and for putting all the blame on Zoey, which they know as Ela. I figured out all this based on what they're saying. They even talked about a guy that saved Zoey to his very last breath, but that dagger girl killed him and that gave them a big shock, especially to Zoey. We've heard so many things to what that dagger girl was saying, and I just couldn't believe anything from it. I mean, that's very tragic.

And that is all done by the devil that successfully controlling her mind. I wonder how it happened, but it'll be more dangerous if it also devour its heart.

Then later on, she reveals about the fact that she's not the real sister of the guy. From that point, Zoey moves to her position and to our surprise she's already behind of Akane and stabs her. Her speed is out of this world.

"That's fast! Did you even follow that, Geo?"

Even Agatha got shocked and asked Geo but he didn't say anything. Well, that's really an awesome speed. And since she made her move, I think this fight won't stay any longer. I have to move as well.

"Do you really have to do that, huh? I mean she'll die in their hands anyways." Agatha said as she looks at me while I'm taking out the rifle from its case.

"The feeling it gives is more satisfying." I said.

While carrying the rifle, I position the muzzle on that girl's head. We are quite far from them but this will do since she looks like she's giving up. She's not moving away even though there are two people with knives getting closer to her. Two steps only and they'll soon gonna stab her so, I make my shot before they do. But they are faster than the bullet and end up stabbing her first before the bullet goes in her head, then she falls down. That's prettily amazing.

I throw away the rifle and about to get near at them but suddenly I felt chills. I get stunned when a knife passes by on my cheeks. It gets a scratch on it. I look forward to see who it was, but that person is already in front of me.

"Who the fuck told you to mingle us!?"

Woah. She is really angry. I try to hold her on the shoulder when she points me a knife that makes me step back.

"Easy, I just wanted to help 'coz you know she might escape." I excused.

"You really think I believe in whatever you say? You purposely did it." She said.

That's when Agatha steps up between us, "Hey, what's wrong with it? You two killed her anyways."

But Zoey glares at her that makes Agatha raises its eyebrow.

"That act of yours and the way of your fighting. You three must be assassins. Even so, you don't have the rights to kill just whatever you want. In the first place, we neither ask your help nor hire you to do that. It's only between us, she's our friend and it's our right to kill her in order to free her. And then you shot her? Just who do you think you are?"

Then, she turns her back on us and walks out. She goes back to where the corpse is. Her other friend are also there, and they cover the corpse with wide cloth.

Watching Zoey's walking away made me remember all what she said.

'... it's our right to kill her in order to free her.'

Why do I feel like there's something deep behind those words? Maybe they also know all along about the devil inside her that their friend acted like that.

But while in the midst of thinking I felt a sudden chills 'again' from behind. Like there's a very dangerous man staring at us. We immediately turn around and look what was that. Then, we see unfamiliar faces. But one of them feels like I've seen him somewhere before.

"Long time no see. I didn't expect that the three runaway nobles are at this kind of place."

He greeted us in a way that really makes us cautious. We step back from them while defending ourselves.

What's this...

Why did he know us?

To be continued...


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