The Darkness Inside You
27 Greedy Evil
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The Darkness Inside You
Author :demoisellelyn
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27 Greedy Evil

'The man who is more greedy that its own devil.'

~Third Person's Point of View~

"Long time no see. I didn't expect that the three runaway nobles are at this kind of place."

A man wearing a sleek white suit that has a long earing, and is known for his cold aura with deduction skills. The number one most trusted detective by the nobles, Detective Khan. He arrived together with his two apprentices, Mario and Bea.

And also the Chief Detective of the group, Detective Chen.

They arrived the place thanks to the lead that Commander Gins gave to them as they were looking for the wanted girl named Angela. But they didn't except that they would be also seeing the runaway nobles at the same place. Aries and Agatha's real identities are nobles from the family side of Queen's siblings while Geo is a royal knight, but he is also considered as a noble as he's related to the King's brother.

The royal palace can be found at the mains but it's separated by the sea. It has its own island, and surrounded or protected by the big cemented wall. They ran away when they couldn't get a contact to Sera, older sister of Aries. Since then, they became assassins.

"Oh, what. Isn't this the famous Detective Khan? And also the Chief is here... Are you here to capture us then?" Agatha confronted them. Her family is very close to the Chief Detective Chen.

"No. We're here to find my long lost granddaughter. You've matured a lot, young lady." Chief Chen responded.

"Your grandchild? In here?"

"It's actually them who we have business in here. And it seems like we're already late." Mario uttered as he pointed Zoey's direction.

They all looked at them as well.

"What do you mean? You see my granddaughter?" the Chief asked then he walked towards them, followed by Detective Khan and Mario.

"Can you tell what just happened here? Why there's a lot of dead bodies here?" queries by Bea.

"Um, it'll make a very long story actually."

"Well, that's true. By the looks of it, a battle was held in here by two parties and you three got tag along by some reason. By any chance, have you met the wanted girl way long ago or just now?"

Agatha couldn't utter a word because of Bea. She showed off an excellent deduction just by observing the place. But she didn't understand a thing about the wanted girl, and Bea got a point of it from Agatha's reactions.

"I see, you don't know. The other one looks like a man with a few words so... What about you? You seem to know a lot." she speculated as she pointed her hand at Aries.

Aries snickered when all their attentions were on him and waiting for a response.

He wanted to hide the information he knew ever since he met Zoey, but he didn't expect that it would be happening already.

"Uh, well. The wanted girl, Angela that you've been looking for. I know her."

"What? You... Really?!"

"Yeah. I mean, she saved my life that's why. I just realize now that Ela is a short term of Angela. "

Agatha and Geo got shocked to know that Zoey is the wanted girl and 'she' saved Aries's life, even Bea didn't expect to hear this as well. Aries explained everything from the start to give more information, but while talking they got stunned when they heard a gunshot. Aries looked at the place where the gunshot was heard, then he saw Zoey sitting on the ground and bleeding on its arm.

He immediately ran towards them, followed by Agatha, Geo, and the detective lady, Bea. As they arrived, he approached Zoey immediately and helped her to stop the bleeding, even though Nami was already doing that.

"What happened here?" Agatha asked as she and Geo confronted them, blocking them from the detectives in front.

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"She killed my granddaughter!" shouted by the Detective Chen pointing the gun at Zoey.

Nami stood up out of irritation and confronted the detectives, "You should be thanking us, old man. We did that in order to free her from all her sins!"

"Watch your mouth, lady. You don't know what you're talking about." said by Mario as he was getting annoyed on what was happening.

"Oh yeah? Am I not the 'very special witness' here? I do know what I'm talking. I know everything than you all."

"Even so, you're not in your normal state. You're being brainwashed by the murderous girl."

"Pfft----Ahahahaha! Brainwash? By the murderous girl you say? How is that possible if we already killed her, huh?"

"You're talking nonsense."

"You're saying that because you couldn't believe all what we said, right? Because all what you have been thinking is wrong. Pathetic detectives, you should just stay home and read more about Holmes books."

Mario couldn't control his anger and about to attack Nami when Bea stopped him and stood in the middle.

"A detective never hits an innocent people, especially when it's a witness. That's in the golden rule, Mario."

"What the... You're much immature than me Bea, you should just stand by and watch. Don't tell me you believe them.?"

"I do."

Bea said in an instant that made the other detectives left in unbelievable reaction, except for Detective Khan.

"First off. I found this and I can tell that it's witness's hand, am I right?" she diverted their thoughts by starting deducting to get the whole picture. Her right hand with white glove was holding Nami's poisoned hand that she cut off earlier. And seeing Nami's right arm covered with a cloth it was obviously that it was her hand.

"That's right. It's mine. I had to cut it off so that the poison wouldn't spread out."

"And how did it get poisoned?" asked by Mario.

"I got scratched by Akane's dagger. It has poison. A very dangerous one."

"Can you tell us how you three meet again and why did you have to fight?"

And from that point, Nami started elaborating what happened to her from the beginning she escaped at the care of the detective's headquarter. Mario and the Chief weren't able to accept all what she was saying, but they couldn't deny the fact that the lines are somewhat connecting to each other.

"So, you're saying that my granddaughter was the real responsible for that massacre?" Detective Chen unbelievably asked after Nami finished her side story.

"And that's the truth. If you're really a detective you can actually tell that Ela is also just a victim here." she responded.

"Detective Khan, we need your decision for this case. Now that all the wires get connected, and we have enough evidence and a witness. We can disclose the case." suggested by Bea.

"Based on what the witness story, it seems like the Mythics massacre case ended this way. The real murderer is gone and we've only got one witness and a victim. It can't be helped." Mario said.

"For now, let's head back to the mains with everyone in here." Detective Chen commanded as he walked away from them.

No one refused or said something and silently followed the Chief Detective. Mario and Bea helped together to lift the corpse while walking. At the same time, Detective Khan left a deep message and it was clear that it was for Zoey.

"There's one more thing that we also need to solve. You've been really doing a great job of hiding yourself, Ms. Zoey. Once you get back at the mains, the Caleb's case will rise again."

After that, he walked towards Zoey and kneeled on the ground as he bent over to get closer at her. Then, he whispered.

"You're not thinking of escaping again, right little devil? You have already gave me a lot of time, thanks to you. Now, everyone in here will come with us."

He said that made her shiver in fear, while Aries who was been with her heard exactly what the detective said.

That's when he caught something from inside of the detective. A different kind of evil residing him. It's different one but makes it more dangerous of all.

And the greediest one.

At first sight, he wasn't seeing any darkness from Detective Khan and almost made him think that this man is a good person that only sides the justice. But his eyes tricked him----no. That detective hid it so well that Aries couldn't notice it at all. He perfectly hid its darkness.

How's that even possible? Or is this one of the abilities of the evil when it successfully controls the mind of the owner? That doesn't seem to be that way. It might be vice versa and more complicated than he thought. Detective Khan is dangerous enough to be able to control its own devil than him being controlled. Or another option is that they have agreed on each other's way and set their own rules.

Aries felt excitement having those thoughts.

Despite of gaining respect of most people and nobles, Detective Khan is the kind of man that greeds on power and knowledge. He never stops of finding out the truth and by simply doing that, he can achieve much more power and knowledges. The more greedy he becomes the more power he gets, and that's because of the evil and him that equals each other's needs.

To be continued...


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