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The Darkness Inside You
Author :demoisellelyn
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29 Caleb

'A kind of danger that only a woman can relate.'

~Third Person's Point of View~

An accident that changed Zoey's life, and the start of her miserable life.

Few days after, Zoey was preparing for their departure. After her grandpa finished its work in the academy, they had to go back at their house. While cleaning the laboratory, she remembered something that made her look at the sealed closet. And to her surprise the virus sample was still there. What was more shocking is that the closet was not lock. She thought that maybe her grandpa forgot about it, but on the second thought, how could that be? It was a very important sample.

"There's no way grandpa will leave it here." she murmured.

She picked up the sample and put it on her pocket, she made sure first that the lid was sealed and safe. She finished cleaning the floor and chairs of the lab before she headed out to find her grandpa.

While looking for him, she saw again the two suspicious people. She remembered that it was her that they were looking for so, she carefully hid herself while avoiding them. Zoey ran opposite from their direction. She ended up back in the building where she came from, and while was standing in the entrance of the building thinking of where his grandfather might be, she halted and saw Caleb. And the direction he was heading to was lead to the laboratory.

She was looking everywhere to find him yesterday, but he was out of sight that's why she wasn't able to say what she wanted to express. And now that Caleb just showed up it was the best time to do that, but she had to find her grandpa first. It was a dilemma on her part.

After minutes of thinking, she shook her head repeatedly then she followed the way that Caleb walked to.

"Let's hope for the best, Zoey." she whispered to herself.

There were two corners on the hallway, and on the right corner was leading to the laboratory, but she took the left turn where the gym hall was. She knew that Caleb frequently stayed at there to do some sports. It was just her bad luck that she didn't see him there yesterday. And again, her expectation failed her. There were no people inside the gym when she checked it. She got the idea where Caleb headed to, but why would he be there?

Without finding any possible answers to that question, she left the place and headed straight to where it leads the lab. But when she arrived the place, she felt something wrong as soon as she saw the double door was wide opened.

She hurriedly ran towards there as soon as she heard a disturbing noise from there. And when she got inside, her grandpa was laying unconscious on the floor. She was stunned at first but she immediately went to him and checked him while panicking.

"Grandpa, wake up! What happened here? Grandpa... Grandpa!"

She was shaking him to wake him up, but then she saw blood on his stomach that made her even more panic. She was nervous and her hand was shaking as she tried to check its pulse.

"No... Grandpa! Grandpa! Wake up! What happened here!? Who did this!? Grandpa please...! Wake up!"

Few minutes after, some professors, staffs, and even students started gathering outside the laboratory to see what was happening. The teachers called an emergency and approached Zoey who was crying nonstop. They tried to calm her down as she was gone crazy and started shouting nonstop by why and who did this to her grandfather. They didn't blame her and even them was shocked to see the tragedy. Later on, the doctor announced that Prof. Clint was declared as dead on arrival. Then, the investigators said that his death was suicidal.

But of course, there's no way Zoey would believe that. But no one sided her and so, she locked up herself in their house for so many months. The closest friends and professors were the one who arranged Prof. Clint's grave. Many people came, except for Zoey.

She wasn't able to accept anything, and sometimes she blamed herself for what happened and so, she couldn't face her grandfather. Her grandfather was her only family that accepted her wholeheartedly. She was not ready at that time, but at a very young age she lost her only one family. Her emotions had lain dormant for several months.

One day, she received a parcel from anonymous. It was a small box that had only one envelope, and inside there were a pile of pictures and one small note.

'I knew how your grandfather died. I saw everything. I was part of it.

If you want to know the reason why, come and meet me at NB032 room. You know where it is.ʼ

From that point, she got a bad vibe coming from that sole note because the room that it was telling is at the boy's dormitory. It wasn't a common dormitory. All the men living there are nobles. And while looking at the room's number, she got the feeling that she somehow saw this before but she wasn't sure enough to figure out when and who was it belong to.

Her attention got caught when piles of pictures were suddenly dropped on her lap. Then, there she saw what was really happened on that incident inside the laboratory room.

It was showing exactly what happened on that day.

There were only three main photos indicating the incident while the rest were all just duplicates. It had numbers on it that could tell the arrangement. On the first photo, it showed a clear view from above of one of the laboratory tables that near on the lab's shelves. From that, she saw her grandfather standing at the edge of the table and was talking to some people because it also captured the two men shadows on the floor directly to where her grandpa was facing. On the second photo, it showed there that everything that inside the laboratory got messed up, and there she saw that those two men behind shadows were students... noble students. And they were seemed like arguing with Prof. Clint. And then, on the last photo showed that they stabbed the old man from back and front using the broken glass tubes, but also on that photo she could clearly see who were these people that killed her grandpa.

By these photos declared that her grandfather didn't really suicide, and in the first place there was no way her grandpa would leave her. And seeing the other person made her fume in so much anger, hatred, and betrayal. From the moment she felt that, her darkness got a way to talk and disturb her mind.

On that night, she made her way on the noble boy's dormitory. She was desperate to know what kind of reason he had to tell her. Yes, she got the feeling of who was this person behind the door where she was standing. Although, the man wasn't clearly shown in the picture but she could tell already. Her instinct was telling to.

Then, she rung the doorbell.

And it didn't take that long for the door to open, he knew that she would come.

"Zoey... I'm so glad you're here. Come inside." he greeted her like it was just normal.

"How are you? I've heard you didn't show up at Prof. Clint's grave..." he started conversing with her, but Zoey was just looking at him and patiently waiting for him to spill the beans.

"But everything's fine now, I am here with you. Without that old man we can freely do whatever we wan----"


A loud slap from Zoey as she couldn't hold her anguish anymore towards him, especially he was just saying nonsense the moment she came.

"Why... Why of all people... Why you, Caleb?!!" she yelled in so much emotions to the man who was behind of this tragedy. The man that she thought would make her happy. She was holding her tears not to dare to fall.

Caleb got stunned because he wasn't expecting that she would slap him. But then, he ended up smirking.

"What's the matter, Zoey? Isn't this the better way? To get rid of that old man."

"Why?! Why would you do that?!!"

"Can't you see? He's trying to use all of us for his shitty experiments! At first I ignored it because he seemed not to cause harm but then every time I went to visit him, he never stopped nagging at my performances! Just who the hell did he think he is!? He's not my parent or anyone to rule over me and use me like some toy!"

Zoey got stunned knowing his reasons, but that led her to get more angry.

"Grandpa doted on you the most, Caleb. He always had high hopes on you because he knew that you'll succeed in whatever you do. How can you just jump to that kind of conclusions? Grandpa is not that kind of a person... Why do you have to kill him! You've wronged him!"

"Do you really think that I would do that kind of thing that never in my life I expected to do, huh? You saw the other guy on the pictures, right? I hired him to investigate Prof. Clint and he never failed. He had shown me many valuable evidence that will proof that I am not wrong about your grandpa. Here, if you don't believe me."

Then, Caleb threw a white folder on Zoey that he picked up from the table beside him. She saw weird photos of experimental records that she hadn't seen before.

"What are these... We don't have this kind of records."

"As expected. For sure, he hid it from you."

"No. That's impossible because from the very start I'm the one who's handling all the students records. Grandpa was blind, Caleb."

After hearing that the glass of wine he was holding slipped off from his hand and fell on the ground.

"You're kidding me----"

"Really? At a situation like this? Grandpa had been blind since last year that's why I never left him and always helped him."

"Then, why the hell he acted so normal as if he can see us?!" Caleb started panicking having the thought the he might really wronged Prof. Clint and killed an innocent and unharmed old man.

"He's a genius scientist for so many years, Caleb! He had been studying anatomy and excel on improving people and so, he did to himself. He improved his sense of hearing and smell even before he went to blind! You killed him... The only family I have... Just what have you done!!" she teared up and started punching his chest in despair.

Caleb was just letting her to punch him many times. He was doing nothing and just staring at her. Some part of him was telling him to make a move on her.

Since the day he met her, he knew that Zoey was not ordinary like any other girls. He got an interest towards her. So, he started approaching her but slowly. He had also tell about this on her grandpa, but he got so upset when Prof. Clint refused to give him an approval. That's the start he hated him because he thought that he would be a big pain in the ass when the time comes. But he didn't make any plan at first on how and what would he do to her grandpa. He was just waiting for an opportunity while he tried his best to make Zoey fall for him in a way that it's not noticeable. Until he did. He got so happy when he realized that Zoey also had feelings for him, but on that day was also the same day when a mysterious man appeared in front of him and told him a lie about Prof. Clint to ruin its reputation. That's how he got blinded and wronged about Prof. Clint. That's also the start of his schemes.

And having the thought that Zoey had feelings for him, he made sure that he'll get rid of her grandpa on their way. He wasn't worrying on what will happen because he thought that once it's all done everything will be fine and he'll be able to get her.

But he failed. He did succeed in getting rid of her grandfather, but the moment the truth was spilled he realized that what he had done was a crime. And having the thoughts of he might get in jail because of Zoey, he got the urge to also get rid of her.

But not by killing her instantly.

With all these thoughts going on his head, a pair of black eyes had awoken that had been sleeping in his mind.

So, Caleb suddenly grabbed her arms and pushed her to the wall. He pinned her against it so that she couldn't get away. He saw the shock in her face that made him felt more exciting on the thoughts that were popping up on his mind.

And from the moment he showed his evil smirk on Zoey, she got the feeling that Caleb turned to someone else, into more evil.

"I didn't expect that I've got everything wrong and... You know now everything." he mumbled while staring at her.

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Zoey felt danger. "W-What are you trying to do!?"

A kind of danger that only a woman can relate.

"You already know what leads to this. But before getting rid of you, I might as well express how much attractive you are to me. Think of this as my love to you before you follow your grandpa."

That's how her second worst nightmare begun that led her darkness governed her consciousness and killed Caleb.

To be continued...


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