The Darkness Inside You
30 He“s Not An Enemy
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The Darkness Inside You
Author :demoisellelyn
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30 He“s Not An Enemy

'Some will judge but some will correct.'

~Third Person's Point of View~

Zoey and the others arrived, and once again got back in the palace city. It's known as the palace of Worz, the mains. All nobles and royalties are living there ruled by the king. There are two kinds of person that rule the Worz, first is the one who is ruling all the towns of Worz except the palace, the president. And the second is the king who only rules the palace while the outside wall is none of his business. These two can corporate sometimes, but only when it's needed.

Zoey raised her head to see the big wall once again. She never thought that she'd be back in this place again, to where it all begun. Same goes to the three assassins that are naturally born nobles, they looked at the big wall gate and waited for it to open and let them in. Memories were coming back as they saw what's inside the big wall, the palace and the home of nobles.

Zoey immediately lowered her head when she saw the academy tower. Painful memories were coming back. Aries looked at her when he noticed that she touched its right arm roughly.

"Are you OK?" he asked.

While Nami who was sitting in front of them talked to him, "Let her be, Mr. That's the way she can only do to fight the evil."

Aries understood what she meant very well so, he did not say anything after that.

After an hour, they arrived the headquarters of the detectives. They led the five matured teenagers in one sealed room, and told them to wait. And as the officers left, the room was filled with silence.

The five of them didn't dare to talk but they weren't feel anything bad or awkward about it. They acted normal and ate together without breaking the silence. After half an hour, Nami approached Zoey that was sitting on the corner while the three were together and silently sitting on one of the couches. She approached and was just standing in front of her waiting for Zoey to look at her.

"It still sure feels strange after all." Zoey uttered, then she raised her head and looked at Nami. "But... I'm so glad that I still have you."

From that point, Nami's legs gave up and got kneeled on the floor while there were tears coming out and nonstop flowing on her cheeks. Her emotions went all out when she couldn't hold it anymore. She didn't even feel the pain in her cut off hand that was currently in bandage.

She uttered some words in whisper but enough to be heard that it made Zoey loosen up as well.

"Thank you for hanging on to this day..."

Zoey hugged her. She became so emotional because not only that Nami is there and alive, which she's so glad, but also Nami is thankful that Zoey is alive and didn't give up till they met. She never felt so happiness to this extend knowing for the fact that there's someone who's thankful to her for living. That's when she realized that no matter how bad her luck is there's still a way to face it and overcome it. She once thought before that maybe her decision of still living, after all what happened, is the worst thing, but now it proved in the presence of Nami that she chose the right path.

"Ela, you're still so heavy haha... *sniff* *sniff* ...more like you've gained a lot." Nami said to break the drama that made Zoey chuckle in response, then they both laughed in the end when they released each other's hug.

But after some moments of talks between them, Zoey realized that Nami still didn't know about the real identity of her.

"Nami," she called her as she became serious.

"Hmm? What is it, Ela? Becoming so serious suddenly..."

"That's the thing... I mean, the truth about me... You have to know that 'Ela' is just one of the identities that I made to hide my true self." she explained.

But to her surprise, Nami was expecting this.

"I knew. Actually, we all knew about that including Ash, well, except Akane. We all knew, especially that devil inside you." she responded.

"Wh-What did you just say, Nami..."

"Haha, look at your face. But it's the truth, we knew well about that thing since we've pretty much experienced and encountered some. We didn't tell you because Akane might get to know and do something terrible, which already happened. Plus, it's the will of the leader. We've thought of you as a big threat actually, but Ash took an interest on you 'coz you weren't acting like the others with same case as yours. Until we've came to a conclusion that you were not, and of course, you're one of a kind."

But Zoey was just speechless and so, Nami helped her to lessen the emotions a bit.

"Umm.. So, since this already happening... What's really your name?" she asked, which seemed to be working because Zoey looked like she was accepting it little by little.

"Yeah... You're right. My name is Zoey... Zoey Fritz. I lived here before with my grandfather who was once a genius scientist."

But after she said that, Agatha made a disrupting noise that caught their attention. She made a loud bump on the table with her two hands. And when they looked at their direction, they saw that Agatha was looking at them. But she looked angry.

She approached them in big steps, "What did you say? You're 'that' person? The person who killed Caleb?!" interrogated by Agatha.

Aries and Geo also approached them and stood beside Agatha. While Nami was having a close deduction on what was going on. She looked at Zoey and got an idea that there's might be a big reason why she hid her real identity which started here, at this place.

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Zoey was just looking at Agatha without saying anything, which made her more pissed.

"When someone asks you a question then answer it!" she shouted.

And it made Nami pissed off, "If you want a person to answer your question, don't ask as if like you're interrogating. Get lost."

"What did you say?!" Agatha shouted in response, which confirms that it angered her more.

"I see. You're deaf." but Nami isn't the type of backing off, even though the person in front of her was getting more angrier.

Agatha was about to shout again and of course Nami was always ready to piss her more, but Aries and Zoey stopped them.

"Yes, I did. I was the one who's responsible for his death." Zoey said that made them stun.

"You admit it...?" Agatha said in disbelief.

"I have no reason to deny it when I'm already caught."

Aries broke the heavy atmosphere as he talked.

"I remember you, Zoey Fritz. You and the deceased genius scientist Prof. Clint are the people who were observing the noble students for improvements. I should have noticed more earlier, so many things happened that I forgot you were that person with the same darkness the moment we had crossed each other. But what more surprising is that you're really the one who killed one of our classmates."

It took Zoey minutes to respond, "So... You three are those students who weren't attending the class."

"Yes, we were. And it's because we're advanced than them so, we didn't take classes."

"I didn't care that much."

"Oh, that hurts a bit. If I had known that you were the observer to our class then I should have attended the class and chatted with you."

"I'm thankful it did not happen."

"Now, that really hurts. But, would you mind to tell what really happened?"

The two and even Nami let out a big sighs when Aries finally ended that kind of conversation with Zoey and asked the important question.

But when Zoey was about to tell them about the incident, the door opened and one of them spilled the beans.

"It's because the little devil just defended herself by the monster's trap."

They got stunned as they turned around at the detectives that were entering the room while Zoey got shocked because of what Detective Khan said to the point that she couldn't turn her sight at them.

"Calm yourselves so we can start completing the puzzle pieces of the Caleb's case, in one." Bea said as they led them to take a seat.

From that point they started telling what they had discovered on investigating the case as well as showing the documentary. Agatha and Geo were slowly getting clear to their suspicions towards Zoey while listening to the detectives's explanations, while Aries, on the other hand, was feeling more relief. He did get suspicious of her or more like he should be the one who's more cautious about her since he's the one who can see her darkness, but he wasn't. There's part of him that saying that she couldn't do such thing despite of having darkness, because since from that day she saved his life and the moment he saw her darkness, he's been watching her and have seen a lot about her already. From that fact, it interests him more.

He couldn't have thought that there's a person like her.

Meanwhile, while Zoey was looking and listening to Detective Khan, everything became clear. It was her darkness that made her feel cautious towards this man. Detective Khan is not an enemy, in fact he's helping her.

"Now that we've told you our points. Little devil, tell me what's your side. Many years have passed and this case became mysterious, but thanks to you I was able to satisfy my greed by investigating every little things. Now, I only want to know if this is a success or not." Detective Khan said that made Aries giggle.

"So, that's how it is." he uttered. "I thought you're the kind a person who do bad things to satisfy his own desires, but I guess I was wrong."

"You really are." Bea responded to side her mentor.

"Well, that's what human is... It judges the book by it's cover." Mario commented.

"Yeah, like you were." Bea mumbled.

"Ehem. That's also what humans are, some will judge while some will correct them." he defended.

Detective Khan put its tea cup on the mini table after taking some as he gotten enough with their debates.

"Enough now, let the little devil speak."

Their eyes met while the rest were waiting on what she would say.

"It's started on my last day of observing in academy..."

To be continued...


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