The Empress' Revenge
24 Reminisces
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The Empress' Revenge
Author :EMR
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24 Reminisces

Late on that night but Yun Xi has not yet slept. She enjoys drinking wine as she watches the skies. One must be wondering where were the men that accompanied her for three years. She smiled as she reminisces the past.

On the first day of her training, the female Wu Qie tortured her and made sure that she will be dead tired after training while Ju-Long and Yifan watch her and just drank tea or play chess.

Yun Xi glares at the two while she is heavily sweating. "Will the two of you stop and help me train!?" Yun Xi exploded. It pains her to see that these two are just playing around and do nothing.

"But Master is still weak. It makes me cry that the Master can be defeat by just a snap of my fingers." Ju-Long scoffed.

Yifan took a sip on his tea. "We will help you train once you are ready! You are too fragile."

Yun Xi clenched her hand into a fist to surpass her anger. She wanted to be as strong as soon as possible. To beat Zheng Qi! "Fine! Then once I am ready, I'll be sure to have to spar with you, Yifan"

Wu Qie claps because of happiness. "Great! Now! Let us start training once again!"

"Then I'll reward you once you've defeated me," Yifan said.

It was a hellish training but worth it. After a year, Wu Qie announces that Yun Xi can fight Yifan.

Yun Xi took her sword and smirked at Yifan. "Yifan, You better be serious when fighting with me." Yun Xi tries to intimidate Yifan but Yifan was more intimidating.

Yifan who stood still, coldly staring at her. He has no weapon on his hands except his favorite fan. "Do not regret those words that just came from your mouth."

Yun Xi tightly grips to her sword and advances towards Yifan. She used her strength to swing her sword and attack Yifan but Yifan blocked it with his fan. Yun Xi was a bit shocked by what Yifan did but continues to attack him. She swings her sword left and right but Yifan avoided it. Yifan easily kicks Yun Xi using his left leg.

"Shame, I was looking forward to this but is this what you've trained for a year?" Exasperated Yifan as he sighed heavily. "Are we done?"

Yun Xi is on the ground. Groans for the pain that she just felt. It felt that Yifan has left her a bruise on the right upper abdomen. Yun Xi heavily breaths for air and sweats a lot. Yifan was too fast and could predict every movement of hers. She trembles as she stood up and wipes her sweat using her sleeves. "No! Not yet!" Yun Xi charges towards Yifan using her high speed and tries to find his weak points.

Trying to strike, Yifan sends her sword flying. "Still weak!" Yun Xi glares at him with a smile.

"I think not." Yifan could feel her fist on his abdomen. Yun Xi created a lightning ball and Yifan has flown away across the garden. He groans for a bit and did not expect the young girl to do such things.

Yun Xi chants for a powerful spell with the power of her dragon. "Inferno!" A gigantic fireball was thrown towards Yifan and Yifan smirked as he sat on the ground waiting for the fireball to hit him. "Not bad."

Yun Xi compressed her right upper abdomen, where it hurts using her hand as she groans. "That wasn't expected." Her knees are trembling and gave up. Yun Xi lays on the grass. Wu Qie appears with a grin on her face. "Did I do good, Master?"

"You did very well, Xiao Xi but it seems that you overpowered once again and used the dragon's power as well."

Ju-Long pouts. He did not expect Yun Xi to use his powers as well. It drains him and thus, he is in the form of a 3-year-old child. "This is unfair! Why must you use my powers!?" Ju-Long complains.

Yun Xi did not bother looking at Ju-Long and focused on breathing. She still feels in pain. 'This is nothing, Xun Guan has experience worst. This nothing.' she told herself but then she fainted.

That day, Wu Qie and the others panicked. Yun Xi would never forget their faces. When they called the physician, the physician addresses Wu Qie as her mother, Yifan as her father and Ju-Long as her youngest brother. The reactions of the three were funny and she couldn't stop laughing about it.

Because of her victory, Yifan gave her 300,000 soldiers from the ghost army. The infamous ghost army that wiped the Hui Empire. Gave her two talented soldiers named Huang Lei and Shao Zhe. Wu Qie, on the other hand, gave her a medical book which is the book that Divine doctors have been looking for, for hundreds of years.

Sad that they need to part for a bit and so she could get what she needs.

"I wonder what Yifan and Wu Qie would be doing right now." Yun Xi mumbles.


Yifan looks at the snowy mountains in front of him. A soldier went to Yifan to report.

"My lord, we tracked her but lost again. This servant apologized for the results. " The soldier kowtow.

Yifan coldly stares at the scenario and waves his hand. "Forget it. We all know that she escapes too fast like a bunny. Prepare the bird, This Lord would like to send a message for Xiao Xi."

Once again, Yifan failed to search for 'her.'


Meanwhile, Wu Qie is watching the skies the same as Yun Xi. He smiled as he remembers to send a message for Yun Xi. Saying he no longer desires to lift up the curse for a while and would encourage Yun Xi to finish her mission first.

Wu Qie sighs and drank his tea. "Things have gotten rather boring since Xiao Xi and Yifan went away."


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