The Great Thief
1890 Nightbane
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The Great Thief
Author :Boating Lyrics
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1890 Nightbane

The appearance of the Sunfury Bow of the Phoenix was very cool. Many people were willing to carry it on their backs even if they had a better weapon. Once Transmogrification was introduced into the game, this item would become a must have for many Hunters.

However, in the eyes of a pragmatist like Lu Li, appearances meant nothing. It was functionality that reigned supreme.

The Sunfury Bow of the Phoenix still could not compare to a Gorehowl.

Then, the Helm of the Fallen Champion was dropped… twice in a row. Two of the same T4 Headgear for Thieves had been dropped.

Lu Li took one and so did Mu Qiu. Water Fairy didn't take one this time. After all, this First Clear had basically been achieved by Ruling Sword, so Water Fairy had to wait her turn after Lu Li and Mu Qiu before demanding anything.

Besides, with her status, she could easily acquire equipment like this sooner or later.

It wasn't just her either – most other players weren't that worse off in terms of equipment. Once the three-guild alliance properly got a First Clear in Karazhan, dozens of teams would flocks to the Instance Dungeon to complete it. They would easily be able to farm this kind of equipment and reach level 70.


Remnant Dream waved the axe around and was drooling over its properties.

Unfortunately, this item couldn't be taken by Hunters, nor was it her turn to take this item. In the end, most Hunter weapons were ranged weapons.

"Gorehowl?" Lu Li asked again to confirm.

In fact, after seeing the shape of the weapon, he was already quite convinced that it was a Gorehowl.

Unlike the T4 components, which were Molds that required a Tailor or a Blacksmith to complete the equipment, the Gorehowl was a finished product. It was an Epic item that would become a Legendary item after upgrading it three times. After all, it was a well-known weapon in the game's lore.

"Do we give it to Moonlight?" Remnant Dream asked.

"Yeah, and we'll deduct 120 points for it. That should be fair," Lu Li said as he looked at the others, but they didn't seem to want to take it.

Epic equipment was worth at least 30 points, but two-handed equipment like this that was upgradeable into a Legendary weapon could be easily valued at 120 points. Anyone would take a Legendary equipment at 120 points, even if it wasn't a finished product.

In his previous life, Lu Li had heard of the high-level Gold farming groups in Karazhan that would always be looking for a Gorehowl to drop.

A Gorehowl was worth at least 10,000 dollars. If it was dropped, then everyone would be rich together. If it didn't drop, then their trip to Karazhan would be for nothing.

"That is not a problem," Moonlight immediately agreed without hesitation after looking at its properties.

Level 70 weapons had now been dropped.

As they were enjoying their spoils, the other clubs numbly continued with the Instance Dungeon. As soon as Prince Malchezaar had been defeated, the other Clubs saw the World Announcement that Ruling Sword had taken the Karazhan First Clear.

There were very few people that actually responded to that announcement, as everyone was used to this by now.

There was no need to worry now that the First Clear had been taken. Even the remaining Hidden Boss had nothing to do with the overall First Clear.

The First Clear rewards were quite generous. Two of them received Skill Points and one of them got an Enhanced Skill Book. Lu Li naturally wasn't a part of that group.

However, he didn't care much as he had already gotten a Skill Point in the Instance Dungeon, which was more than he had expected already.

When it came to luck, it was all just a matter of comparison. If you didn't compare your luck against someone else's, then you wouldn't feel bad about it.

In the end, Lu Li received T4 Gloves as a reward.

In addition to the previous T4 Headgear, he now had two T4 equipment which could be used together to activate the first bonus effect. If Lu Li remembered correctly, the two-piece bonus was a 40 point increase in Agility, which was a valuable effect.

The Hidden Boss was Nightbane, a bone dragon summoned in Karazhan. Before his death, he was a blue dragon and many people thought he was Karazhan's final Boss. This was likely due to the complicated series of quests required to trigger the battle and the difficulty of defeating him.

His real name was Acanlogos, but now that he was dead, Nightbane was a more appropriate name.

The blue dragons in Dawn were all rather unlucky.

They were either killed, banished or corrupted. Some even continued to be tormented after death.

Although blue dragons like Malygos had a good reputation in places like the Well of Eternity to the Grim Totem for helping the Red Dragon Queen, their fates were worse than the villainous black dragons.

As guardians of magic, they were always first to be reduced to cannon fodder in battle. Among them were dragons like Kel'Thuzad's mount Sapphiron and Arthes' watchdog Sindragosa.

However, the deadliest of them was the one that Lu Li was about to face. Although Medivh was the guardian of Tirisfal, he was also Sargeras' host. The fact that the dragon was one-shot by a mortal human highlighted the serious power that Medivh wielded and the proportional difficult they were going to face when fighting this dragon.

That's right – it was one-shot.

The seemingly powerful adult dragon was killed after discovering Medivh's secret.

Among the blue dragons, there were others that had been enslaved just like the one that the players were about to face in the Instance Dungeon. Kalecgos was enslaved the moment he stepped into the Sunwell. Madrigosa was successfully enslaved into Femis. It was worth mentioning that throughout the Battle of the Sunwell, only the Blue Dragons of the five coloured dragons participated in the battle. Since their responsibilities were so great, the tragedies among them were great as well…

Netherspite, a dragon that Lu Li and the others had previously killed, was said to also have been a blue dragon.

The fate of these blue dragons was so unfortunate that if there was a corrupted creature of unknown origin, it would be safe to assume that it had once been a blue dragon. These arcane experts often lost themselves and would become corrupted.

Of course, the most tragic fate of the blue dragons was faced by the blue dragon king Malygos.

Since his battle with Nezario, the death of his wife had almost driven him insane. After saving the Red Dragon Queen, some acknowledged that he had recovered from his madness. However, he reasoned that the culprit for all the chaos in the world was magic, so he sought to get rid of all creatures that used magic. As a result, he turned against the Red Dragon Queen, who advocated the protection of all life and was constantly stabbing the Kirin Tor Mages in the back.

In the end, he was hung by the Red Dragons that he once worked to save.

In fact, there was still some luckier blue dragons such as Little Awbee who lived on the upper levels of the Blackrock Spire. However, the Blue Dragons as a whole had undoubtedly faced great tragedy throughout history.

The Nightbane quest chain was very long and quite complicated.

However, Lu Li had Hachi Chan, so all of this wasn't an issue. This was why Lu Li had to bring Hachi Chan along on the First Clear team, even though Innocent Child's technique was better.

Hachi Chan had already completed the Medivh's Diary quest chain.

Lu Li also intended to complete that quest after summoning Nightbane. The rewards had to be worthwhile, after al,l it was very difficult and complex.

The group followed Hachi Chan to Karazhan's teaching podium and watched as she summoned Nightbane with Kalynna's Jar. 


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