The Kuntur Legend
-1 Prologue
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The Kuntur Legend
Author :DarthYunshe
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-1 Prologue

@@The darkness of the night is extinguished by shining colors and the silence that should exist except for the typical animals in the forest is destroyed by the rumbling sounds of explosions and mayham provoked by the attacks of two warriors who clash endlessly using their maximum power. Even though they could be consider young, these two people had already adavnced to a level where many who are double or even triple their age do not even dream to reach and in their fury they have transformed what it used to be a beautiful place full of life into a chaotic desert where nothing can survive.

- "Why did you do it?"- one of the warriors asked shouting in outrage and pain- "he did nothing to you!"

- "You wouldn't understand"- replied the other person with a cold and apathetic voice- "don't worry, I'll make sure to send you with him in a moment."

The first warrior does not understand and just launches himself again to attack the person who was once his friend. The shock and the disbelief he was feeling made very difficult for him to focus but he knew he could not let that person go. He had to stop him here and now and make him answer for his crimes.

- "How did we end like this?"- said the boy for himself- "it was supposed to be a day of happiness but you turned it into a moment of grief."

He prepared his best attack and he just shouted while closing into his opponent who also ran to receive him and this time the explosion was so strong that many people could hear it kilometers around.



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