The Kuntur Legend
2 Jungle
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The Kuntur Legend
Author :DarthYunshe
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2 Jungle

When Yenny curled herself in the tent she knew the peace wouldn't last. Veronica and Cynthia's eyes emitted an aura which could carbonize the tent. Yenny changed her clothes quietly. After a while and when Yenny started to think all would be fine, the silence was broken for Cynthia's grunt.

-Could you stop doing that?- said Veronica totally fed up- It's annoying.

-I wouldn't do it if I were dry- replied Cynthia with a voice as annoyed as Veronica's- and if I weren't tired.

-You're not the only one who's wet and tired- said Veronica- we all are like that.

-We wouldn't if we had set up the camp as we arrived-said Cynthia and Yenny knew the Storm had returned.

-Again with that?- replied Veronica- if we had done so we had lost time and good pictures. Even so, it would have rained.

-We'll stay 2 days. We could have taken those pictures in the morning and even if it had rained we could have put in shelter before- said Cynthia going to Veronica who also advanced without deflecting the gaze.

Yenny knew that this wouldn't end unless she interrupted. She took out a lunch box and opened it. When they smelled the food and coffee the environment improved and the spirits calmed down. They maintained a defensive attitude but at least they were not fighting anymore.

-I think we should call the boys- said Yenny- they must be hungry.

When the boys came the environment changed drastically. As they couldn't sleep they played. When Veronica said the kind of man she considered ideal she couldn't help feeling pity for Carlos but she considered it was good for him.

-"He should give up"- she thought- "she would never be interested in him. Cruel but with this he should realize that."

Yenny didn't like Carlos much but she didn't hate him either. She still remembered his way to be in the past and definitely he had changed. Many times he had helped to solve critical problems and he always helped when it was needed. He even knew how to give nice suggestions. But when Veronica was near, he seemed to return to his child state. Maybe it was the nervousness or desperation to show off in front of Veronica. Whatever it was, the effect was the opposite: his comments, attitude and personality made him look like a fool and it made Yenny angry.

- "Like now, for example" -said Yenny analyzing Carlos- "it's obvious he wants to explode, but he stays there forcing that stupid smile. Certainly Veronica had submitted him completely."

Love had caught Carlos completely. Yenny imagined if this had occurred to the old Carlos… anyway, Veronica knew what he felt. Well… who wouldn't? To be honest, the boy was really obvious. You had to be as blind as a bat to not realize and well, Veronica took advantage of this as she pleased. It was cruel but it was Carlos' fault for allowing it.

- See you tomorrow.

When the boys left the tent they went to sleep. Yenny had other things to worry about. The problems with her family had reached a critical point that morning when she had fought with her mother right before leaving home. The worst was that her mother was ill and she couldn't forget her sister's voice saying "it will be your fault if something happens to her." That was the typical scene in her house. It was a relief to be out of her house and return late which was of course another reason to fight.

- "At least I'll have 2 days of peace and quiet"- she thought. After while she heard steps going to the depth of the cave. They must be Carlos and Enrique and after some minutes more she fell asleep deeply.

She had a strange dream. One of those which you would remember all your life but which only a few pieces will arrive the morning. She was in the top of a mountain and in the below part there was a fortress. She jumped and felt falling at high speed. But she didn't feel scary at all. She wanted something from that place and she was going to get it. Then she felt being moved. She opened her eyes and it was Cynthia. Yenny only accommodate again and asked "is it morning already?"

-It's not time for joking- said Cynthia. She sounded alarmed and when Yenny saw her in more detail she noticed she was serious- you don't realize where we are?

-What are you talking about?- asked Yenny going out- it's obvious we are in the ca…

When she looked around she thought she was still sleeping and was in those dreams were you think you're awake. All around her there were huge trees and high bushes with plants which were only possible to find in a jungle which was where they hadn't been. They were in a clearing which was next to a rocky formation.

Veronica was talking with Carlos and Enrique. She looked angry and was doing a lot of questions, many times making them repeat the whole story again.

-Did you touch anything?-asked Veronica with an aggressive tone.

-Nothing- said Carlos who looked a little scared for her tone- I told you…

-I know what you told me!!- said Veronica furiously- but you really expect me to believe such ridiculous thing? Lights… bodies disintegrating… ashh!!

She went on mumbling and going in circles. Yenny supposed that this was her way to show her worry and fear. Although Yenny had to accept the story sounded incredible and just like fantasy. But there wasn't any other explanation for what had occurred. Nobody had moved them while they slept. If that had happened, how didn't they realize? Even if they had been sedated how much time it would had taken and by what means? They were in the highlands but now they were undoubtedly in the jungle. Yenny noticed her clothes and she realized the coffee she had spilled was still there and it looked like only a few hours had passed.

- This must be the joke of someone!!!- said Veronica- they waited us to sleep and they moved us!

- Imposible! We would have noticed- said Cynthia- and also, who would make so much for just a joke?

- Do you prefer to believe that we magically were transported here?- asked Veronica. Cynthia didn't reply- No! This is the joke of somebody and when I discover who…

Veronica snorted and puffed with rage and she constantly gazed Carlos. Yenny thought that even Carlos was playful and naughty this was beyond all he was capable of. But she also looked at him. Carlos noticed this and reacted outraged.

- How I am supposed to do something like this?- he asked- Enrique was also there. He can tell you what he saw.

- Nobody had told you a thing- replied Veronica coldly- but if you feel bad maybe it's because of your conscious.

Carlos sighed and just started to pick up the things on the ground ignoring Veronica. All the camp was a mess with things here and there all around. Yenny noticed the trees were burnt as if a lightning had fallen in the place.

- If that happened- said Cynthia when she commented it- why aren't we and our things also burnt? It's strange.

After some hours they had rebuilt the camp but each one had found a lonely place to think about the situation. Everyone preferred to be alone with their own thoughts and nobody seemed like talking and everyone was afraid of breaking the silence and being center of the wrath of the others. Unfortunately, it had to be Carlos the one who did it.

- This situation is interesting in a way- said Carlos- it looks like a book of adventures.

Yenny felt a great wrath. How could he say a thing like that in this moment. She saw Veronica losing her temper.

- We are lost in the middle of nowhere with danger all around without knowing if we'll be rescued. We're exposed to illness and maybe death so tell me… HOW THE HELL IS THIS INTERESTING????- replied Veronica like she were going to hit Carlos. He just looked down

- I… I'm sorry… I just wanted…

- Carlos…-said Veronica- keep your stupid comments for yourself.

Yenny saw the pain in Carlos' eyes. He apologized again and just went to another part saying he'd return. Veronica seemed disturbed. Maybe she thought she had exceeded and now she swing ahead and rear like deciding something. She looked embarrassed.

- Enrique- she finally said- go for him. We don't want him to get lost. We have enough problems.

Enrique just nodded and went for the same direction. It was exactly for this that Yenny hated the attachments. When you gave the heart to someone you take the risk of becoming his or her puppet and you become vulnerable. Carlos was the perfect example. Nobody doubted of his kind heart. He was a passionate boy who didn't do nothing in half. He was the person that loved with all his being. But by doing so he had become Veronica's bootlicker. Yenny thought that if Veronica asked Carlos to kill himself he would do it without doubt.

- This is impossible- Veronica said letting see her most worried sight.

The boys returned in a moment. Carlos looked better but he was serious. They ate in silence and then Enrique started a bonfire and all sat around in their own world. They didn't dare to move from there and they made a camp.

- Let's assign duties- said Veronica after a sigh- if we just stay sat all the time we'll go crazy.

They divided to get water, wood and maybe some fruits around. The first day Enrique found a river and they tried not to get too far from the camp. They didn't find fruit but they still had their rations so they managed somehow.

They spent a week in the place and each one started to get impatient and do things to pass the time. Carlos had only brought a book and now was very bored. Yenny saw Enrique making a simple hammer by using a stone and tied it up to a stick. Carlos looked at this as well and he seemed to find a topic to talk.

- Why do you do that?- asked Carlos even if he knew the answer.

- We dunno what kind of place is this- Enrique answered- you also feel this is not a safe place, right?

Carlos nodded and looked around, as if someone or something was looking at them. He continued eating. Yenny noticed the change in Carlos' voice.

- The food won't last forever either- said Carlos- you think you can teach me to do those traps you showed me last time? If we're not found soon, we'll have to hunt.

Yenny noticed that Carlos had decided not to say anything except to Enrique and Cynthia. He was in love with Veronica but that comment had crossed the line and to be honest she liked this Carlos more. The next day, Enrique and Carlos walked around the area and placed the traps they had done. They also found a river and Enrique made a very simple fishing rod that used to catch some fishes that they could cook. The surprise came in the afternoon when they returned with the animals they had caught in the traps.

- You got something- asked Veronica but the faces of the boys were strange, as if what they most feared had become a reality- well… say something, what's wrong?

They just looked at each other and placed the animal they had caught on the floor. The girls immediately screamed and gave a step behind. Yenny recovered from the shock when she remembered that the creature was dead. It looked like a rabbit of some sort but it was the same size of a middle size dog, also his paws and teeth looked like daggers and the eyes were red. This was definitely not a rabbit you will find in any forest.

- I think we have to accept we are not in our country or even our world anymore- said Cynthia getting closer with care- how did you catch this creature?

- We didn't catch it- said Carlos- this creature had been following us and had destroyed every trap we had placed. It attacked us when we went looking at them.

- Wait- said Yenny not understanding- you mean this thing sabotaged the traps?

- And prepared an ambush- said Carlos whose face was very pale- if not for Enrique's speed it would have taken a piece of us. This creature bite a rock as if it were a cookie and cut a tree as if it were a knife cutting butter.

- Then how did you kill it?- asked Veronica in a nervous way.

- Enrique found it and pushed me aside- explained Carlos- then he used the weapon and killed it with a hit in the head.

He looked at Enrique but he shook the head. He took a breath and looked at them with seriousness.

- I reacted on time and hit with all my strength…- said Enrique- but I was lucky. We have to be careful from today onwards. Also, I think we can eat it.

- Eh?- the three girls jumped backwards looking at the creatures with disgust- eat that thing?

- It's just a big rabbit- said Carlos- imagine the quantity of meat it has.

- Then you can eat it- said Cynthia looking at the ferocious eyes of the rabbit- It must have a horrible taste.

Carlos and Enrique looked at each other and smiled weakly. Enrique started to skin the creature with his swiss knife. Carlos helped him since it was a difficult task for the toughness of the fur but after a while they managed to finally find the meat which was tender and not different to a rabbit. Enrique's knife was losing its sharpness so he cut a claw of the creature and used it to cut the meat. For some reason Enrique cracked the skull of the creature and used the brain to cover the skin he had gotten from it. The smell was horrible so he put it apart.

- It will be useful to have such thick skin if we found other creatures- explained Enrique while looking for rocks.

He found a stone that looked fine and used it as a pan to cook the meat. The smell started to be almost unbearable and Yenny started to drool. She really wanted to eat it especially when Enrique took out a bag from his pocket and started to season the meat with salt. After a while he cut a piece and ate it and then passed another to Carlos who also ate it.

- Don't blame me if you're poisoned or if you have a stomachache- said Veronica finding her food and eating it. Cynthia wasn't also sure so she also ate her own food.

- Give me a piece – said Yenny who couldn't bear anymore.

Enrique passed a piece and she mixed it with her own food. When she ate the meat, the feeling was so good she couldn't help making a yummy sound that sounded much exaggerated. This brought the laughing of the boys and a tough look from Veronica and Cynthia who didn't seem to be enjoying their meal. Yenny didn't care and continues eating even asking for more.

- You don't want to?- Enrique asked Veronica and Cynthia and they seemed to doubt.

- Oh, What the hell? – said Cynthia and picked a leg which she was looking after a long time and started devouring- oh, my… what is this? How can such ugly creature be so delicious?

- I didn't know you were a woman who judged a book by its cover- said Carlos smiling.

- Only in some cases- Cynthia said without stop eating- you should know by now.

All the group laughed, except for Veronica whose pride was something Yenny knew very well. She just ignored the rest and continued eating. The meat was tender and juicy and the salt really reinforced all those qualities. Yenny didn't know why even a big piece would disappear in an instant.

- You all were very hungry- said Veronica who looked really angry.

- Starving- said Yenny- and the meat was really high quality.

- Well – said Veronica with a serious tone- now that we're fed we should go and rest. Tomorrow we'll divide as we said and collect wood and water. Cynthia and Yenny, why don't you collect wood for the bonfire while Carlos, Enrique and me go for water?

They all went to sleep and they woke up early the next day. They divided as they had planned that week and started with their duties.

- Don't go too far- said Carlos- the smell could have alerted more of these creatures or others.

-Thank you, Captain Obvious- said Veronica and Carlos just clenched his fist standing up.

Yeny and Cynthia started collecting the wood around the camp they had made. Luckily there were many, however they noticed the majority were kind of humid so they had to put them near the fire before being able to use it.

- What do you think about all this?- asked Yenny to Cynthia. They had forged a strong friendship and they knew they could talk about everything.

-I really don't know- replied Cynthia after a while- I still think this is a kind of dream and that ill wake up in any moment. I never believed in all that about teleporting. But…

Yenny froze and made Cynthia a sign to be silent. She then pointed to a part where a something was slithering. Yenny and Cynthia retreated slowly.

- I hate snakes- Cynthia said- how can it be so big? Was that an anaconda?

- I don't think it was a snake- said Yenny very pale- I saw some paws like a centipede.

Cynthia saw her in horror and she didn't say a thing. They continued picking up wood but they reduced the volume of their voice and were now very careful. They continuously watched around them and feeling that they were surrounded by huge insects.

- I think there's no doubt now, right?

- Not a bit – answered Yenny smiling in a very sad way- this is crazy, don't you think?

- I think that's a nice word to express it- said Yenny laughing.

They were walking back to the camp when they heard something in the bushes. They were alarmed but for a while there was only silence.

- We'd better go faster- said Cynthia looking to the bushes and then they walked faster- we're…

But she couldn't finish the sentence because they noticed that a wolf had appeared. But this wolf, like that worm were totally different to the ones the girls were familiar with. The creature was human size and it had some kind of human form. It was able to stand in two legs but its walking didn't lose their animal way. Its red eyes watched the girls with an assassin gaze.

- Oh, damn- said Yenny turning around just to meet another wolf behind them.

They were surrounded. Without even noticing these 2 wolves had approach and were now walking and closing the distance. They never had heard a thing and Yenny and Cynthia were frozen. They wanted to run away but there was no escape.

- NOOOOO!!!!- Yenny heard Cynthia screaming but she couldn't understand why. When she realized, she was on the ground and a horrible breath blew on her head. The weight and pain on her stopped her to lose the conscious. One of the wolves was on her and it was trespassing her shoulders with its claws. The wolf showed its fangs. Yenny was immobilized and it was obvious what will happen next.

-No…. no… I don't want…-Yenny started to cry- I... I DON'T WANT TO DIE… GET AWAY!!!!


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