The Kuntur Legend
4 Healing
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The Kuntur Legend
Author :DarthYunshe
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4 Healing

Cynthia had her eyes closed in terror. Her body was totally frozen. She knew she was going to be shred into pieces and later she would be eaten.

- Please make it fast!- she begged with screams- please, I don't want to feel anything! Please! please! please!

She wondered why the wolf didn't end up with her already and she remembered Yeny. Maybe she was being attacked instead of her. She hated herself for feeling hope with this idea.

- I… I must help her…- Cynthia thought but she couldn't open her eyes. She didn't have the bravery to do so- Maybe it's too late… maybe she's already…

A scream made her react. He saw Yeny hitting a wolf. She thought she had gone crazy when she saw the wolf fly in the air while Yeny fainted. She was bleeding and she wanted to go to help her but then she noticed she was also being targeted. The wolf who attacked her was using its sharp claws and fangs in furious attacks but for some reason the attacks didn't reach her skin. It was as if the wolf was hitting an invisible wall in front of Cynthia. The wolf looked behind and it seemed very surprised to see the other wolf in the air. After a while the wolf ran to the jungle and disappeared.

- It went away- she said feeling relieved but also shaken by the experience.

Cynthia doubted for a minute but she dashed to where Yeny was lying. She felt weak even when the distance wasn't great. She checked Yeny's wounds and she noticed they were grave

- Oh God! Oh God!- she wept even more when seeing Yeny's condition.

She got desperate when she realized her hand was shattered and she was losing a great quantity of blood from three different parts of her arm which seemed to be shattered in pieces. Cynthia severed part of her clothing and tried to contain the bleeding but it wasn't enough and the piece of cloth just started to get wet by the blood and change its color. Cynthia started to cry and scream seeing her effort was useless.

-It's useless… I can't do a thing- she thought while sobbing for her impotence- Why? Why can't I do a thing? Why am I so useless? I can't even save my friend just like before…. STOP BLEEDING DAMN IT!!

Again she felt that feeling inside her head and she felt her hands very hot and almost immediately the place she was pressing stopped the bleeding and it even closed cleanly. Cynthia didn't know what was happening but she wasn't going to let this opportunity pass and she continued with the other wound. The result was the same and a sense of relief filled her heart. However, she started to feel tired and nauseous.

- "It is working so I must resist a little more"- she thought feeling as if she was about to faint.

She forced herself to continue and continued with Yeny's hand even when her instinct was shouting to stop. She pressed her hands anyway and she felt worse especially when Yeny's bones seemed to move and accommodate under her touch. Yeny's breathing got normal and she seemed to be just sleeping. Cynthia smiled and started to laugh like a mad person until she felt all her energy go from her body and couldn't breathe anymore. She felt all around her going black but she fought against the feeling of losing her consciousness. She was still in the middle of the forest. If the wolves were to return she would be an easy target so she forced herself to stay awake. After some moments, she saw Yeny moving.

-Cynthia?- Yeny had recovered the conscience as if a clap of thunder had hit her. She stood up fast and checked her hand- but… that wolf had… where are they?

- I don't know why they escape...- said Cynthia in a weak voice- but I'm glad you are ok now.

- You're pale- said Yeny very scared to see her normally very active friend like that- let's go back to the camp.

Yeny helped Cynthia who felt she was about to faint in any moment. When they arrived to the place where they had the camp, they found it totally destroyed. Veronica was next to Enrique who seemed injured. Carlos appeared with a bucket of water.

- You here yet?!- shouted Veronica with an excessive violence. She took away the bucket in the same way.

Carlos looked at Veronica with anger but he said nothing. When he saw Cynthia and Yeny he ran to them and helped her. He asked what had happened and Yeny told all she knew.

- I'm hungry- said Cynthia and her voice revealed a great fatigue. Carlos didn't reply and just ran to his tent and brought fruit which was devoured by Cynthia as if she hadn't eaten before.

Her vision cleared and the fatigue also decreased a little. She still wanted to sleep but she felt stronger and she wanted to know what had happened.

- What happened?- Veronica asked and she seemed totally terrified- you also were attacked then.

- Yeah- said Yeny- two creatures like werewolves found us and attacked us.

- We almost died but for some reason they escaped- said Cynthia looking round as if waiting for another attack- Was it the same here?

Cynthia and Yeny didn't mention anything special since everything had happened so fast their minds were in a state of chaos. Besides that, Cynthia and Yeny didn't want to mention the strange things that happened until they were sure what she had done herself. She doubted the others would believe her anyway.

- Yeah- said Carlos who seemed to be eager to tell what had happened- we were collecting wood and fruit when Enrique detected something and told us to hide. We did and climbed in the threes and after that we so the wolves.

Cynthia got closer to Enrique and examined him. He had some nasty cuts in his chest and arms and he was tired but in comparison to Yeny's wounds back then they could be considered just scratches. His life was not in danger. As usual Veronica was exaggerating but she noticed he was hiding his right hand.

- Yes- Veronica replied but she looked as if calculating something- he's fine.

- Then?- Cynthia knew she was hiding something but she didn't have the strength nor the patience for that. She munched another fruit with huge hunger. Veronica looked at her in shock like wondering how could she eat in a moment like this, but Cynthia just ignored her glances and looked at Carlos. He doubted and looked at Veronica who returned a cold glare.

-…They found the camp and destroyed it. One of then was near when… - Carlos doubted a moment- well… the branch I was on broke and I fell down. The wolves attacked me and I could evade two and tried to escape but they caught up with me and surrounded me…

- Enrique helped him- Veronica interrupted him. She looked angry- I don't know how we are alive now. Enrique fought and somehow he managed to kill some of the beasts and get the others run away… but we could have died.

- In the end only one got away- said Carlos avoiding Veronica's gaze- Enrique killed 5 of them and we were fine except… for Enrique's hands. Carlos clearly stressed the last phrase.

Veronica looked at Carlos furiously as if he had insulted her. Carlos maintained her gaze for some seconds before looking down.

- What happened to Enrique's hands?- asked Yeny. Enrique sighed her tongue and showed his hand to the two girls.

The hand was covered in dirt. No, it wasn't that. Cynthia jumped back in horror when she noticed the reality. It wasn't dirt. It was stone but what was more shocking it was the fact that the same hand was stone. The skin had transformed into rock. However, Enrique could move the fingers and wrist.

-… My hand became like this when I was punching the wolves and I could hurt them but…

- His hand wasn't returning to normal- said Veronica after sighing and using a very worried tone- we got scared since it became difficult for him to move them.

-…But- Enrique focus looking at his hand and this returned to his normal skin- I think I have gotten the trick of it.

- I didn't say anything because we didn't want to worry you- explained Veronica. Cynthia kind of understood this but her lack of trust on them bugged her. She also noticed that this wasn't all they were hiding.

- I… managed to make a wolf fly in the air- said Yeny after doubting for a moment- it was as if they didn't weigh a thing. But I don't know how I did it.

The group looked at Yeny with impressed eyes and they then looked at Cynthia who felt a little pressure from Veronica.

- Sigh* Me too- commented Cynthia. It was useless to hide anything now- the other wolf attacked me but somehow its attacks couldn't touch me and…

Cynthia got near Enrique and touch his chest. Enrique seemed surprised and Veronica made a difficult face. However, almost instantly the cuts he had in this place closed and cleanly disappeared. She continued with the bruises in his arms and face. Veronica and Carlos looked at the scene with a shocked expression. Veronica even went and touch the skin of Enrique to make sure this wasn't just an illusion.

- I understand now- said Yeny with a huge smile- it was you. For a moment I thought I had gone crazy.

Carlos and Veronica looked at each other. Cynthia could see that they haven't shown any signs of any power and she kind of felt really good for this even if she knew it wasn't correct. In the school they have always been at the top places but now she could do things they couldn't. She wouldn't boast but she thought that having this small amount of glory wasn't bad at all.

- And can you use these powers at will?- asked Carlos wanting to know more.

- Ok- said Veronica sighing but one could notice her exasperation- it was a long day and I think we all need to rest. Let's eat something and let them rest. Carlos and me will make the first watch. Tomorrow we'll share all the information we have.

Cynthia had inferred that the sudden tiredness was due to the use of the powers. After all, they would need any source of energy and she just headed to the tent once they had replaced it and assigned turns to watch. Cynthia fell asleep as soon as she entered into her sleeping bag. She dreamed about curing all the people who couldn't pay for a doctor. She just went from town to town curing everyone and she felt very happy.

Tac tac tac tac tac

The constant and rhythmic sound woke her up. She opened her eyes and saw Yeny sleeping next to her quietly. It was night already and she felt much better. Since she wasn't sleepy anymore she got out for a walk. She found Carlos in front of the fire. He was pressing his right arm.

- Hi – she greeted after yawning and stretching.

- Hi- he replied smiling but he had a grimace in his face

- What are you doing here?- she asked sitting down next to him.

- Doing guard- he replied- the wolves could return and Enrique is tired so… I'll be watching tonight.

- What if they came?- asked Cynthia using a serious voice- I suppose you would draw your sword and fight them, right?

-To the last of them- said Carlos smiling with a confident attitude- I would skin them to make us blankets and I'd make cups with their skulls to drink their blood…

- Ewwww- said she laughing- I'll give you my part in that.

Carlos also laughed and then he casually commented that he would probably run away as crazy and praying for his legs to not fail him.

- Well, that's better than ending as food- commented Cynthia

- But I'm sure your screams would be more delightful than mine- commented Carlos teasing Cynthia in their familiar way- so I'll give you my place.

- No, thanks- said Cynthia giving Carlos a playful hit on the arm. Carlos held a shout and he reacted in pain. Cynthia asked him what was wrong and he said it was nothing.

- Show me your arm, Carlos- she asked with a serious voice. He tried to reject but after some minutes he reluctantly stood up and took off his jacket to show his shattered shirt.

Cynthia almost fainted when she saw the magnitude of the wound. It was a deep cut going along his arm and there was black skin due to the dead blood that was extending.

- THIS IS GANGRENE!- shouted Cynthia very angry and alarmed- why didn't you say anything?

- I didn't want to be a problem- said Carlos

- ARE YOU STUPID? – said Cynthia hitting his head and examining the arm- Are there more wounds? I suppose this happened when you were attacked by the wolves.

- Yes- said Carlos looking aside resisting the pain- I wasn't fast enough but luckily it's the only one.

- Ok…- said Cynthia focusing. It was time to prove if she could use her power when she needed- don't move. I've just done this once and I dunno if it'll work again.

Carlos nodded and Cynthia placed her hand above the wound. She closed her eyes and tried to remember that feeling she had when she cured Yeny. She felt it again after a moment and noticed the warming effect in her hands. Carlos moaned in pain.

- It burns- he said fighting for controlling his voice.

- Possibly that means it's working- replied Cynthia and it was true. Slowly the wound started to close and the black skin started to return to its original color. The process was fascinating and Cynthia couldn't believe she could do something so amazing. She was proud to be of use but at the same time she noticed her strength diminishing. Carlos looked at the fire.

- Please don't tell the others- he asked in a serious tone.

- I think you want to say "Don't tell Veronica"- rebutted Cynthia. Carlos moved the head without denying- I think you give too much importance to her. That's why you end up having problems.

- I can't help it- said Carlos sighing- when I see her I feel like a fire inside me. It's so strong I feel I could burn myself. I just… I just want her to look at me. I want to show her what I'm capable of and how much she means to me… It's something more powerful than me.

- I know- said Cynthia taking her words carefully- but I think you exaggerate too much. I tell you this as a friend. But you look like a desperate boy and instead of attract her, you scare her.

Carlos didn't respond but he seemed to be meditating in her words while she continued the healing. Cynthia was glad he listened. One good point about Carlos was that he was a good listener and respected every person's opinion.

- Girls don't like being stalked and I'm sorry to tell you this but sometimes…- she coughed nervously- you do that. Girls notice when some boy is desperate.

Carlos nodded. He also had to realize he was practically stalking Veronica with words and actions. He was obviously desperate and she knew he would do anything to be with her. Cynthia let him thing about this for a minute and she continued.

- I know Veronica. We had been friends since long time ago and I can tell you she is attracted to boys that she calls "Interesting." She likes mysterious people who are a challenge to observe and know.

- Well, I suppose I'll have to enter a criminal organization then- said Carlos smiling- I hope the Yakuza or the Zetas are still recruiting.

Cynthia laughed and she really imagined Veronica with someone like that.

- I don't mean that- Cynthia said laughing- but someone who opens little by little. A person who you can know with time and effort.

- I suppose I'm not like that- said Carlos with a grimace for the pain- I open my secrets very easily and I want to share all with my friends and specially with her.

- Well that's not bad itself- said Cynthia honestly while checking the result in an area of the arm- to be honest that makes you someone that can be trusted and harmless. But… that makes you the eternal friend and since you're easy to read…- Carlos raised the eyebrows- Veronica is not attracted to you.

Carlos smiled. He couldn't refute her words and he made a resigned face. Cynthia could see what he was thinking. He was wondering if he needed to be a cold and introverted person to attract her.

- Well, this is done- said Cynthia and Carlos examined her arm totally impressed.

- You're simply amazing- said Carlos looking at her with gratefulness. And this comment made Cynthia smile.

- Just remember this when you have to pay in the cashier- said Cynthia and Carlos laughed.

- I'll also leave a tip, don't worry- said Carlos following the joke.

- I count on it- said Cynthia yawning- well I'll see you tomorrow I need to sleep. This really take a lot of energy. Good night, Carlos.

- Rest well, Cynthia- said he with a small bow- thanks for everything.

Cynthia went to her tent but half way she stopped and turned to Carlos who looked at her with curiosity.

- Carlos, maybe if you ignore her a little and you were more indifferent- she said moving her head as if she weren't sure about she was saying- not much of course, but a little… maybe she… I don't know would be a little more interested in you. But it's not certain… well, good night.

Carlos looked to the fire again and started to draw something in the earth. He was seriously meditating in what Cynthia had said.

- "Maybe I shouldn't have given that suggestion"- Cynthia thought before falling asleep- "he could have hopes and it would be a problem if these are later crushed."

But she was too tired and just fell asleep. The topic of Veronica-Carlos-Enrique love triangle was something that Yeny and she had talked about many times. For them it was more than obvious that Veronica was more than interested in Enrique. Today Cynthia had seen the worry in her face and she knew it was just a matter of time.

- They would make a nice couple- had said Yeny- but what do think Carlos would do?

- Well I suppose he would have to get used to the idea- had replied Cynthia with a nervous smile. But then she shook her head- but I don't know…

- You really think so?

- I don't know… Carlos is too unpredictable… he could react in a very negative way… I really don't see him stay quiet if he saw Veronica and Enrique holding hands.

- You exaggerate- said Yeny but her face was also with doubt- what could he do? Kill them?

They looked at each other and then, they burst into laughter. The idea was just too ridiculous. Carlos would never do that. He was too passive and kind.

- It would be too tense anyway.


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