The Legend of Futian
49 Violence
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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49 Violence

Chapter 49: Violence
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Donghai Academy was enormous. After exploring more of the academy, the architecture on campus really opened Ye Futian's eyes. The buildings were erected on ascending stairs. To see the building at the very top of the stairs, one would have to tilt their head toward the sky. A magnificent view indeed.

"Donghai Academy consists of seven schools: the schools of the Emperor Star, Ruinous Star, Power Star, Flirting Star, Treasury Star, Finance Star, and Minister Star. That group from before was from School of the Flirting Star, and your 'girlfriend' is from the School of the Emperor Star," explained Tang Wan. Her eyes were full of distrust when she used the word 'girlfriend.'

"Back in Qingzhou Academy, the schools were divided by occupation. Does Donghai Academy do that?" asked Ye Futian.

"No, each of the seven schools consists of cultivators from different classes. Each school has their own powerful figures backing them up. It's all really complicated. While they help develop the schools, these powerful figures are also trying to increase their own powers," Tang Wan lowered her voice and explained to Ye Futian.

"So complicated," said Ye Futian.

"Yeah," nodded Tang Wan. "Because things are this way, the competition between the schools is very rigorous, and they pick fights with each other all the time; but within the schools, everyone is very united. So, when Yu Sheng picked that fight with the group from the School of the Flirting Star, it was the equivalent of picking a fight with their whole school. I personally think it's best for you both to leave for the time being."

Ye Futian smiled but did not say anything. Tang Wan continued, "Plus, Hua Jieyu was handpicked by the officials of the Emperor Star school as soon as she entered the academy. So, she's not among the ordinary student pool anymore. She cultivates up at the Emperor Star building. You wouldn't be able to go up there even if she was your girlfriend."

"She certainly is incredible," Ye Futian muttered to himself. He turned around and saw the crowd following from afar. Everyone saw what had happened between them and the students from the Flirting Star school and knew that group would never let them go so easily. So, now they followed Ye Futian and his friends in anticipation of what would happen next.

"If I leave now, would I lose face?" Ye Futian asked for Tang Wan's opinion.

She stared at him. How was he still in the mood to joke around? She had no idea what he was thinking.

Just as they were speaking, a group of people approached looking almighty. Mu Yunqing and Mu Yunni, who had just been defeated by Yu Sheng, were also among them. The way they looked at Ye Futian and Yu Sheng was not friendly at all.

They could not believe that he really chose to stick around. He really was not afraid to die.

Ye Futian realized that his opponents had him and his friends surrounded. He looked to Mu Yunni and said, "And here I was, wondering how arrogant you guys were. Is this all you've got?"

Mu Yunni could not say anything to that but no matter what they had to have their revenge.

The group moved in closer to Ye Futian, determined and ferocious. Ye Futian asked Tang Wan, "Can I reject their challenge?"

Tang Wan rolled her eyes. He would not leave when she told him to and now that he has beaten these people up, he wanted to turn down their challenge? There was no way they were going to let him go.

"Take care of yourself," Tang Wan said weakly. She then took several steps back without a word. Ye Futian stared at her, eyes wide, jaw open. Where was the loyalty?

Different types of Spiritual Qi flowed crazily. The group of these people closed in on Yu Sheng carefully.

"Yu Sheng, make a move," said Ye Futian. As soon as he spoke, Yu Sheng charged forward wildly.

Several of the more powerful cultivators surrounded Yu Sheng. Their sorcery erupted all at once.

Vines thicker than his arm curled around Yu Sheng's body, entangling his arms and legs. This was Earth Elemental sorcery. Soon, his entire body was buried beneath the vines.

"Ice Seal!" A gush of cold air rolled in and further buried Yu Sheng and the vines in a layer of ice.

BOOM! The loud sound had come from Yu Sheng's right foot. His ice-covered foot took a large step forward, and the spell was broken. Above his violent figure appeared a dim golden light, and he continued to charge forward at the opposing group.

"Disperse!" ordered the leader of the group. Immediately, a wind spell was cast over the whole group, aiding them in a speedy getaway. Then, the spell formed a bubble and encapsulated Yu Sheng.

Ye Futian squinted his eyes at the scene. It was very obvious that the group benefited from having cultivators of different elements work together. This made them stronger in battle.

The Mu siblings led a few people in Ye Futian's direction. Their hatred of him surpassed that of Yu Sheng, who was the one who had actually defeated them in battle.

Two people charged at Ye Futian as their Spiritual Qi went haywire.

From one of their bodies, the roar of a tiger was emitted, and his Spiritual Qi created a golden tiger. The person's speed also increased to that of a tiger. He pounced on Ye Futian with an outstretched hand. The hand as slightly curved, as if to mimic a tiger's paw. This person was a Metal Elemental cultivator of martial and divination arts. He was using Metal Elemental Spiritual Qi to fight in close-range.

"Third level of the Glory Plane," said Ye Futian. He could feel his opponent's aura. Ye Futian remained unmoved as a ferocious Earth Elemental force erupted from his body. Faintly, people were able to see a giant ape appear on Ye Futian's body. Born from the collection of Spiritual Qi, the ape possessed an inhumane amount of strength.

Even though both animals had been formed from Spiritual Qi, Ye Futian's giant ape was obviously more intimidating than the tiger demon.

As his opponent got closer, Ye Futian stuck out his arm. With one loud growl of the giant ape, the image of the tiger exploded. Following that, the giant hand of the ape demon wrapped around the opponent's neck and picked him up off the ground. A second later, he was smashed into the ground.

The loud crash mimicked that of the Mu sibling's hearts. Ye Futian smiled at the two and proceeded to race towards them. At the same time, the second person had also approached Ye Futian without hesitation was knocked out by a single punch.

Mu Yunqing and Mu Yunni released their Life Spirits and were lifted into the air. Even though they had been injured during the previous fight, they were still capable of battle. At this moment, a bright light shone from Ye Futian's back as he ran. The wings of the Roc carried him up into the air as well. At the speed of lightning, he flashed before the siblings. The body of a dragon, strength of an ape, and the agility of a Roc.

"A Mandate Sorcerer with a Roc Spirit!" People were amazed as they witnessed this scene. It was rare to meet a Mandate Sorcerer, but even more rare to meet a Mandate Sorcerer with a Roc Spirit. Different Life Spirits were able to bring the Mandate Sorcerer different levels of power. For example, both the Roc and the Golden Eagle were Wind and Metal bi-elemental Life Spirits, but the power from the Roc brought Ye Futian more power, making it super easy to defeat the Golden Eagle. Furthermore, Life Spirits grew along with the Mandate Sorcerers. Strong Life Spirits would only get stronger with time.

Tang Wan was dumbfounded. No wonder Ye Futian was so arrogant, turns out he had every right to be.

"Watch out!" warned Mu Yunqing. By the time he completed his warning Ye Futian had already arrived in front of him.

Mu Yunqing did not look too good. He proceeded to rush toward Ye Futian even though he knew his Life Spirit could not compare to that of Ye Futian but he was in a higher plane. He did not believe he would lose to Ye Futian.

The two orbs of golden light clashed in the air. The people below watched as the two continued their close-range combat.

"How can he be so strong?" People questioned Ye Futian's powers as they watched him fight a cultivator of a higher level than himself. He even had the upper hand. Soon, Mu Yunqing was struck by Ye Futian's fist and lost his balance. In the next second, Ye Futian had already placed his foot on his body, slamming Mu Yunqing directly into the ground. This was too violent.

Mu Yunni began to run away again when she noticed Ye Futian's attention shifted to her. This time was no different from her battle with Yu Sheng. The only exception was that this time was more direct than the last. One punch and she was off. The Mu siblings were cruelly defeated twice in a day. This may leave a deep emotional scar on the both of them.

Many people could not bear to look at Mu Yunni. She was a pretty girl, after all, Ye Futian and Yu Sheng should have taken it easy on her!

Back on Yu Sheng's side, there were also multiple people lying on the ground. Yu Sheng was too wild, just like the God of War. Had it not been for the alliance of different elemental sorcerers, no one would have been able to compete with Yu Sheng, not even the two five-starred Glory Plane cultivators.

In a flash, Ye Futian attacked a Wind Elemental sorcerer in the air. Very quickly, the sorcerer was pushed far away. It was pitiful.

The School of the Flirting Star is screwed, everyone thought to themselves. They had obviously underestimated Ye Futian and Yu Sheng's powers. The only ones standing now were the two five-starred Glory Plane cultivators. However, after Ye Futian joined Yu Sheng, Yu Sheng was like a beast who had just broken free. In one quick sweep, the whole lot was lying on the ground. They all looked so ferocious when they arrived but now "pitiful" was the only word to describe them. Many people pitied the School of the Flirting Star. This was incredibly humiliating for them.

Who were these two anyway? They were way too violent.

A black wind eagle swooped down from the skies and landed by Ye Futian. "Let's go, Yu Sheng!"

The two walked to the eagle. Tang Wan rolled her eyes at Ye Futian. He did know when to make an escape.

"My girlfriend will come looking for you. When she does, bring her to the Qin Gardens," Ye Futian whispered in Tang Wan's ear. Then, they mounted the black wind eagle and ascended into the vast sky. He wasn't really dumb enough to walk into the School of the Emperor Star screaming for his girlfriend.

"Remember, my name is Ye Futian!" Ye Futian screamed. His words were heard by everyone down below. To the students of the Flirting Star school, his words were a form of mockery.

Tang Wan thought of the words Ye Futian had left her with. A strange look crossed her eyes. Could this have been his true intention?

Hua Jie will come looking for me? She mumbled to herself. At the thought of the beautiful girl, she shook her head lightly. She must have been overthinking. Ye Futian is always joking around. Maybe this was also a joke.

In the air, Ye Futian watched as Donghai Academy got smaller and smaller. He then muttered under his breath, "Fox, this was the only way I could think of to let you know. I'm here!"
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    《The Legend of Futian》