The Legend of Futian
50 They Finally Meet Again
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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50 They Finally Meet Again

Chapter 50: They Finally Meet Again
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The news that students from the School of the Flirting Star were defeated soon spread around the Donghai Academy like wildfire. If it had merely been friendly competition within the academy, people wouldn't have reacted so strongly. However, in this fight, two students who were known as geniuses at this academy were entirely crushed by two unknown boys below their planes. This was huge news.

Besides, the audience may have somewhat embellished the details of the fight. They had told other students that one boy was a stud with explosive power like a monster. They claimed that it was impossible to find someone more talented than this strong guy in Donghai Academy, and in the future, he was going to be a legend. Still, a lot of prodigies at this academy didn't buy it.

They considered the other boy a freak. He was a Mandate Sorcerer, specializing in both sorcery and martial arts. His natal spirit was a Divine Bird. What was even more impressive was that both his speed and his strength were at the top level. He had easily toppled Mu Yunqing, who was actually two planes higher than him.

Plus, this boy was really arrogant. When he left, he had announced that people should remember his name, Ye Futian.

People started to discuss their origin, and some of them came to Tang Wan because she knew these boys.

Students in the School of the Emperor Star were also discussing. In fact, those truly powerful students didn't care at all. They had always believed that they were too talented to be compared to others. They had considered the friendly competition that had happened at the academy small. However, there were some among them who enjoyed gossiping about these "small-time fights."

Shu Yuyan was one of them. She was a lively girl who enjoyed making fun of people.

On the top floor of the School of the Emperor Star, Shu Yuyan entered the room, and she saw another beautiful girl standing beside the window, looking down at the scenery below. That was one of the spots where people were able to enjoy the full view of Donghai Academy.

"Hua Jieyu, my heart trembles even when I just see you standing there," Shu Yuyan started with a compliment. Hua Jieyu turned to her, smiled and said, "No more party invitations. I'm not going anywhere."

"I know, I know, my goddess. Can't we just chat?" Shu Yuyan knew she had been misunderstood.

"Did you know that something funny happened yesterday? Some students from the School of the Flirting Star were beaten up by outsiders, and more amazingly, the outsiders were in lower planes. Is it possible that some other academy in the City of Donghai sent these guys to intentionally provoke us?" Shu Yuyan started to talk about the exciting fight yesterday.

"I don't know," Hua Jieyu answered. She seemed not to be interested at all.

"People said both of them were really cute. One was strong and wild as a beast, and the other one was particularly handsome. It was also said that a lot of girls witnessing the fight were hopelessly attracted to the boys. They fought over who was more handsome and charming," Shu Yuyan went on.

"So, which one do you prefer?" Hua Jieyu smiled and asked.

"I wasn't there. The handsome boy seemed to be really arrogant. He claimed that we should remember his name when he left." Shu Yuyan laughed, "Did he truly believe that he was more talented than all the geniuses at this academy?"

"You seem to be curious enough about it," Hua Jieyu made fun of her.

"And you're not curious at all. You know nothing but cultivation," Shu Yuyan refuted. "Okay, okay, I know you're not interested at all. See you."

When she turned around to leave, she was mumbling, "Ye Futian, this name is arrogant enough to be remembered."

Hua Jieyu heard the name, and her body trembled with shock. She stopped Shu Yuyan and asked, "What was that name again?"

Shu Yuyan looked at her and said, "Ye Futian. It's the name of the handsome one."

She was confused when Hua Jieyu heard the name and suddenly started laughing. This was the first time Shu Yuyan had seen such bright laughter on her face. She asked, "What's wrong with you?"

Hua Jieyu was laughing too hard to stop at that moment. She didn't answer the question.

"Come on, don't tell me you're attracted to him just because of his name." Shu Yuyan was really curious.

"No, I'm not." Hua Jieyu finally stopped laughing. She then asked, "Were there only two boys in the fight?"

"They came with a student from the School of the Minister Star, Tang Wan," Shu Yuyan told her.

"Okay, girl, thanks," Hua Jieyu responded.

"See you later." After Shu Yuyan left, Hua Jieyu was still smiling. She looked so cute now and mumbled, "No wonder people said he was a bad boy."

Then she summoned the wind to carry her and jumped out the window. The way she landed was almost like an angel had descended to the world.


Tang Wan was busy after Ye Futian left, because quite a lot of people had asked her about Ye Futian and Yu Sheng. These boys entirely lit up the curiosity of students at this academy.

What made it even more awkward for her was that some girls who were attracted to these boys came to her and asked her to invite the boys on dates. She didn't take these jobs because she couldn't just go to the Guqin Garden and tell the boys to go on a date. It would be so embarrassing.

"Tang Wan, someone's looking for you." Tang Wan was upset. It was so troublesome to have to answer questions about the boys again and again.

"Could you please just ignore your curiosity?" Tang Wan complained. However, the person calling her said this time was not only about curiosity.

"Who is it?" Tang Wan asked.

"Just go and check." Tang Wan peeked outside. She saw a gorgeous girl waiting for her quietly outside the door.

Tang Wan was suddenly reminded of what Ye Futian had said the day before. She now had a weird feeling that this girl was special.

Come on, he wasn't joking?

"Hello, I'm Hua Jieyu," she smiled and introduced herself. Tang Wan was absolutely confident in her own beauty. However, she still felt a bit overshadowed when she saw the girl standing outside.

"I'm Tang Wan."

"Could you please bring me to the boy?" Hua Jieyu asked politely. Tang Wan definitely understood who she was talking about. She nodded and said, "Follow me."

"Thanks." Hua Jieyu followed Tang Wan. People wondered why these girls were walking together because they didn't know each other before today.

"Do you know that guy?" Tang Wan was so curious that she finally asked.

"Yep." The image of Ye Futian came into Hua Jieyu's mind, and she started smiling again.

"So he wasn't lying to me yesterday," Tang Wan mumbled.

"What did he say?" Hua Jieyu asked her.

Tang Wan looked at her for a while and said, "He told me that you're his girlfriend."

"Uh, this guy…" Hua Jieyu flushed. She was shy.

Tang Wan finally realized that Ye Futian made such a scene yesterday only to let Hua Jieyu know that he was already at the academy looking for her.

What a sly boy.

In fact, she wondered if the students of Donghai Academy knew what had happened here, how many hearts would be totally broken.

"Nope, I do not admit that," Hua Jieyu tried to deny. However, her face was so red. How could Tang Wan believe her?

When they entered the garden, they ran into Tang Lan.

"Greetings, Professor," Tang Wan said.

Tang Lan was staring at Hua Jieyu. Naturally, Hua Jieyu reminded her of someone that had meant a lot in her life.

"Greetings, Ms. Tang," Hua Jieyu also greeted.

"Girl, you look exactly like her when she was young." Tang Lan was amazed. Hua Jieyu knew that she was talking about her mother. She had spoken a lot with Tang Wan on the way here, and she knew who Tang Lan was.

Tang Wan also knew that Hua Jieyu was the daughter of Hua Fengliu, whose wife was her rival for the affections of Hua Fengliu. She had doubted whether she should bring Hua Jieyu to this place. She felt as if she had made a mistake.

"Professor, I…" Tang Wan faltered.

"It's not your fault, girl. Hua Jieyu, go to your father," Tang Lan sighed.

"Thanks, Ms. Tang." Hua Jieyu walked into the garden with Tang Wan and Tang Lan following her.

In front of the door, Hua Fengliu was sunbathing, and Ye Futian was playing the guqin. When they saw Hua Jieyu, Ye Futian stopped playing, and Hua Fengliu started to smile with kindness.

"Dad," Hua Jieyu couldn't help crying. Tang Wan had told her that her father was severely injured. The sadness of seeing her father like this entirely drove away the happiness of their reunion.

"Hey, girl, don't cry." Hua Jieyu hugged his daughter. However, he had even started crying himself.

Ye Futian stood by their side quietly, watching the scene of the reunion.

Tang Lan asked Tang Wan, "How did she know they were here?"

Tang Wan briefly explained what had happened. Tang Lan was surprised by the crazy thing Ye Futian had done. She then turned to Tang Wan and warned her, "This boy is such a troublemaker. No wonder Hua Fengliu told me to keep an eye on him. Stay away from him, girl."

"What are you talking about, Professor?" Tang Wan was confused.

"Beautiful girls are just dangerous. Both of these girls are gorgeous. Hopefully, this boy will not make the same mistake as his professor did." Tang Lan sighed. She believed that Hua Fengliu had fallen into such a situation because of that woman. Now, Hua Jieyu looked exactly like that woman when she was young, but somehow even more beautiful. Tang Lan was afraid that several years later, when she became an adult, Ye Futian would run into troubles because of this beautiful girl, just like his professor had.

No matter what, there was such a substantial coincidence between these two generations!
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    《The Legend of Futian》