The Legend of Futian
51 You Will Remember His Name
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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51 You Will Remember His Name

Chapter 51: You Will Remember His Name
Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

After crying for quite a while, Hua Jieyu finally looked up at her father. Her eyes were red and bloodshot as she asked, "Father, what on earth happened after I left? How did things end up like this?"

"Silly girl, it's all over now. Look, I'm sitting here safe and sound," Hua Fengliu consoled her gently.

Hua Jieyu stood up and turned to look at Ye Futian. "What happened?"

"Fox, it's my fault for not taking good care of Master. After you left, a monster tide washed over the city of Qingzhou. There were people who wanted to kill me, and Master ended up like this because he was trying to protect me," said Ye Futian. He still blamed himself for what had happened. Then, he remembered that Xia Fan was right here in Donghai City, and reminded himself that he had to get his revenge.

"It's not Ye Futian's fault. At the time, if he weren't so lucky, he would have been forced to his death on Mount Tianyao. You know I have a bad temper. Obviously I wanted to get revenge for him, but I was useless. I didn't manage to kill the enemy, but instead harmed myself in the process," smiled as he spoke. He was seemingly unbothered by it all.

"Is this true?" Hua Jieyu asked Ye Futian. He nodded lightly.

Her tears fell once again. She walked up to Ye Futian with her arms outstretched and pulled him into her arms. Hua Jieyu rested her head on Ye Futian and said, "Who allowed you to put yourself in danger? What would I do if you had died?

Hua Jieyu's voice shook as she cried. The thought of her father being handicapped and Ye Futian almost dying after she had left them made her even more frightened.

Ye Futian felt the warmth flood his body as she gently embraced him. He reached out his hands and wrapped them around her as well. He swore to himself to never let her cry like this again.

Tang Wan stood not too far away. She shuddered as she witnessed the scene in front of her. It was true. The goddess of Donghai Academy had already given her heart to someone. If the students of Donghai Academy found out, many of them would impulsively want to kill Ye Futian. Tang Wan knew there were quite a few of the "geniuses" at school who failed in their attempts to get closer to Hua Jieyu.

"At that time, I didn't get to see you again yet. Of course, I couldn't die! You promised to compensate me," Ye Futian said to Hua Jieyu with a gentle voice. She lifted her head at him. She stared for a while then left his embrace. "I already did."

"What?" Ye Futian blinked in disbelief. "That was it?"

"What else were you expecting?" Hua Jieyu looked at Ye Futian.

"Then, just let me hold you for a little longer," Ye Futian requested as he took a step forward. Hua Jieyu stepped away from his advance and replied, "Don't try to change the subject. Who did this to my father?"

Hua Jieyu knew Ye Futian was trying to cheer her up. He seemed to have a natural ability to do so. She was always happy when he was by her side. During the three months in which they spent every day together, the days went by in endless bickering. However, at the same time, he unknowingly made his way into her heart.

"Can you trust me to handle it? I will get revenge. As for Master's condition, I will most definitely find a way to heal him," said Ye Futian. This was something he had to take care of personally. He did not want Hua Jieyu to get involved.

"Hua Jieyu, just let Ye Futian handle it. It's perfect motivation for him," Hua Fengliu agreed with what Ye Futian had said.

Hua Jieyu looked at both men and said, "Then, you have to promise me that you'll succeed."

"If I don't succeed in this, how would I be able to marry you?" asked Ye Futian.

"Who says that I will marry you?" Hua Jieyu blushed as she stared shyly at Ye Futian.

"Can you lovebirds tone it down a little? It would be fine if it was just me, but there are other people here," said Hua Fengliu.

Hua Jieyu turned around and realized that Tang Lan and Tang Wan were still in the room. Her red cheeks got even redder. Ye Futian, on the other hand, did not seem to mind. "They'll get used to it," he said.

"Master, should we leave?" whispered Tang Wan. Ye Futian was too shameless.

"He's worse than his master," Tang Lan said weakly. Afterward, the two of them left not wanting to disturb the group.

"Father, I want to stay here and take care of you," said Hua Jieyu. Sure, she felt better after crying and joking around with Ye Futian but it would be impossible for her to recover from this sadness completely.

"Silly girl, you still have to cultivate. I will be fine here. Ye Futian and Ms. Tang Lan are here to take care of me. After seeing you, I feel so much better already," chuckled Hua Fengliu.

"Then I'll stay for today. You can't make me leave," said Hua Jieyu.

"Alright, alright. Stay. I know you haven't seen Ye Futian in a while," laughed Hua Fengliu.

"I don't want to see him," said Hua Jieyu.

"Really now?" Hua Fengliu looked at his daughter and could only laugh.

"Of course!" Hua Jieyu nodded.

"How sad," sighed Ye Futian, "And to think that I've been thinking of you every day and turning down advances from different girls. Looks like I'll have to rethink those opportunities now."

"You wouldn't dare," Hua Jieyu whipped around to glare at Ye Futian.

"Then, did you miss me?" Ye Futian chuckled at her.

"Father, has he been flirting with other girls?" she asked her father. Ye Futian blinked.

Hua Fengliu wanted to laugh as he glanced at Ye Futian. Ye Futian looked so desperate that Hua Fengliu could only laugh. "He kept to himself," Hua Fengliu answered.

Ye Futian let out a sigh of relief.

"Then, yeah. I missed you every now and then," whispered Hua Jieyu ever so lightly, but Ye Futian heard her anyway. Seeing the timid expression on Hua Jieyu's face, Ye Futian felt that she was someone worth giving up others for.

"I'm going to go cultivate," said Yu Sheng. He could no longer listen to this. He walked towards the bamboo forest behind the building. Did they really have to act all lovey-dovey every time they saw each other?

Hua Fengliu and the couple chuckled at Yu Sheng's words. Ye Futian called out to him, "Yu Sheng! There are so many beautiful girls in Donghai City. If you find someone you like, I wouldn't mind being your wingman."

"Father said I can't be in a relationship," Yu Sheng said, not even turning his head to answer Ye Futian.

"But your father isn't here, so whatever I say, goes!" Ye Futian shouted. Yu Sheng had already disappeared around the corner.

Only three people remained standing in front of the building. Under the sunlight, the sadness melted away, replaced with warmth.

At this moment, an elderly man approached from the outside of the Qin Gardens. The powerful, icy force he gave off seemed to cause the temperature within the Qin Gardens to drop a couple degrees as he stepped inside.

A figure appeared and stood in front of the elder. It was Tang Lan. Realizing who was standing in front of her, Tang Lan froze for a moment. Then, with a cold demeanor, she asked, "What are you doing here?"

"Our Young Miss has been in there for quite some time now. Who did you guys bring her here to see?" asked the elder with an equally cold demeanor.

"You were stalking her?" asked Tang Lan.

"This isn't stalking," the elder said. He took a step forward and he was gone, his speed faster than the speed of light

"Presumptuous!" yelled Tang Lan. The whole Qin Gardens was able to hear her. Hua Fengliu and Ye Futian were alerted by the noise. They looked up and saw two figures descending from the skies, quick and forceful as lightning.

"Hua Fengliu." The elder's gaze fell on Hua Fengliu. "You dare to step foot in the City of Donghai?"

"Nandou Ku," Hua Fengliu looked at the elder.

"You were following me?" asked Hua Jieyu.

"Young Miss, you are a person of utmost importance. The family would never feel at ease if you were to step out alone. Within Donghai Academy, I would not dare to meddle in your activities. However, as soon as you step off the academy premises, I will be there to protect your safety," explained Nandou Ku.

"Nandou Ku, I am now a powerless person. I just wanted to come back to Donghai City for a visit, can't you guys let me be?" asked Hua Fengliu. Nandou Ku looked puzzled. The Qin Devil was now powerless?

"Since you're already powerless, then I can let you go about your business. The family already gave in and allowed Young Miss to accompany you for three years. However, now that she has made it past the initial process of cultivation and has stepped into the critical period, the family doesn't wish for anyone or anything to distract her," said Nandou Ku.

"I'm just going to spend a little time with my father, then head back to Donghai Academy," said Hua Jieyu coldly.

"Young Miss, please don't put me in a difficult position. All those years ago, the family already agreed to your stubborn requests. If you keep acting this way, then your father will definitely not be allowed to stay in the City of Donghai," said Nandou.

"You guys wouldn't dare!" Hua Jieyu was furious.

"Hua Jieyu, you should go back," Hua Fengliu opened his mouth to speak.

"Father." The strong aura around Hua Jieyu dissipated as she turned to speak to her father. Hua Fengliu gave a warm and gentle smile. "Sweety, I'm fine here. Go back to cultivate at the academy and don't worry about me."

Hua Jieyu felt terrible. She gave Nandou Ku another cold glare. "You guys dare to treat my father this way, aren't you afraid that I'll retaliate once I complete my cultivation?"

"Young Miss, these things were decided by the family. I am not clear on the details. If you can recover the Nandou Family's glory, I'm sure that they will be willing to grant your every wish," said Nandou Ku.

"Fine. That day WILL come!" replied Hua Jieyu. She then turned to Hua Fengliu and said, "Father, I'm going now."

"Go," said Hua Fengliu, still smiling.

Then, Hua Jieyu looked at Ye Futian. Their eyes met with longing and without a word, Hua Jieyu turned to leave the Qin Gardens.

Nandou Ku did not leave with her. After she left, he looked at Hua Fengliu and gave him a warning. "You are clear that the family was not unwilling to accept you all those years ago but it was you thatcould not become part of the family. But yet, you choose to reach for the stars and caused things to end up like this. You're lucky that Young Miss is extremely gifted. Her gift is a perfect combination of you and her mother. Therefore, the family will not allow anyone to get in the way of her cultivation."

Hua Fengliu did not spare Nandou Ku a glance. The elder then turned to Ye Futian, who was standing beside Hua Fengliu and asked, "And who is he?"

"My disciple, Ye Futian," answered Hua Fengliu.

"You brought your disciple with you? Are you setting all your hopes on him?" Nandou Ku laughed at Hua Fengliu. "That's some fantasy. You lost to 'him' in the past. I bet now even his disciples are stronger than yours."

When he was finally done, Nandou Ku turned to leave.

Watching his departing figure, Hua Fengliu said, "One day, you will remember his name."

"I look forward to that day." Nandou Ku left after his last words, disappearing from the Qin Gardens.
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    《The Legend of Futian》