The Legend of Futian
52 Just So-So
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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52 Just So-So

Chapter 52: Just So-So
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Ye Futian kept silent while watching all this happen, but deep inside, he was not as calm as he looked.

It took so much effort to meet his fairy again, and she had to leave soon after this reunion. It was understandable that he felt sad.

"You don't like this feeling, do you?" Hua Fengliu perceived his gloom and asked him.

Ye Futian nodded. "Why shouldn't I be sad?"

"Then just keep training and grow stronger." Hua Fengliu closed his eyes. He was also pissed off because Nandou Ku had told him that his life was hopeless. He could do nothing but put all his hope in Ye Futian.

Although, he wasn't desperate, because he knew how talented Ye Futian was. With the inheritance from Emperor Ye Qing, as long as he kept cultivating, people in the City of Donghai and the Nandou family would eventually bow down to his power.

Therefore, he was trying to get Ye Futian accepted into Donghai Academy, and it would be even better if one of the higher-ups of the academy picked him as a disciple personally. He needed a safe and promising environment for him to grow in.

Ye Futian didn't respond to Hua Fengliu, but he felt hot-blooded. He needed to be strong enough to protect his professor and girlfriend.

The only time Ye Futian went out was to buy inscribing pens and scrolls. Both scroll inscribing and guqin practice served as cultivation for him. They enhanced his mental power and ability in Spiritual Qi perception, which was critical for the development of a mage. As for martial arts techniques, he kept improving on the treasures Emperor Ye Qing had given him. With enough time, his body would be as invincible as the Divine Dragon and the Snow Ape.

One day, Tang Wan came to their place.

"I have good news for you guys," Tang Wan smiled.

"What is it?" Ye Futian was curious.

"Someone from the School of the Finance Star told me that you have been admitted," Tang Wan said.

Ye Futian was confused and didn't believe it.

"I guess some supervisor in that school heard about the fight. I think he must have heard about it from a student. Otherwise, they would have been looking for you guys even sooner," Tang Wan elaborated. The talents Ye Futian and Yu Sheng had demonstrated during that fight were obviously more than enough for them to be admitted. Unfortunately, there was no professor or supervisor in the audience.

"Wow, we just benefited from kicking someone's *ss," Yu Sheng mumbled. Ye Futian was also smiling. He was so happy that once he was admitted into Donghai Academy, it would be much easier to spend time with Hua Jieyu.

"What are you talking about?" Hua Fengliu was doubtful about this admission. "It is uncommon for a school in Donghai Academy to make an exception for applicants. What did they do?"

"Mr. Hua, you don't know what happened? The first time I brought them to Donghai Academy, they messed with some students from the School of the Flirting Star, because one of them, Mu Yunni, was being rude. These boys totally kicked their *sses. This is how your daughter knew Ye Futian was here and asked me to bring her to you," Tang Wan explained. Hua Fengliu finally understood what had happened. The last time Hua Jieyu had come here, they were in such a rush that he didn't have time to ask for the details.

Hua Fengliu gave Ye Futian a glance. He was a little bit mad that this boy had not told him about the fight.

"Just go. Remember to take care of yourself," Hua Fengliu said.

"Alright, Professor, enjoy your private time with Ms. Tang after we are gone," Ye Futian teased him.

"Screw you." Hua Fengliu was embarrassed.

"Bye, Professor." Ye Futian was still somewhat worried about Hua Fengliu. He was too injured to live alone.

"Don't worry, I'll take care of him." Tang Lan came in at this time. She knew that Ye Futian was worried, so she was trying to comfort him.

"Thank you so much," Ye Futian said. Now he was settled.

The Black Wind Eagle arrived and landed next to them. Ye Futian, Yu Sheng, and Tang Wan got on her back, then she soon took off into the air. Ye Futian waved to Hua Fengliu, apparently reluctant to leave.

"Good luck, boy. Your new journey has just begun." Hua Fengliu was smiling.

"Looks like he's almost like a son to you. Why do you believe in him so much?" Tang Lan was curious.

"Trust me, someday Donghai Academy will be proud of having such a student." Hua Fengliu was confident. Tang Lan was surprised and a bit confused. She believed that the confidence Hua Fengliu held for Ye Futian was much stronger than she could have imagined.


Within each of the seven schools at Donghai Academy, there were students of various classes for the purpose of diversity. However, there were also specific characteristics for each of them. It was all about the people who were supporting the schools.

Students from the School of the Finance Star were known for great martial arts techniques. This was why the supervisor of this school had made an exception to admit Ye Futian and Yu Sheng without a test.

According to those who had witnessed the fight, both of them were incredibly talented at martial arts, especially Yu Sheng.

The admission of Ye Futian and Yu Sheng didn't quite cause a sensation at Donghai Academy, because only a few students had witnessed the fight, not to mention that most students just knew their names, but had never seen them. Besides, it had been a while since the fight took place.

Tang Wan led them to the School of the Finance Star. They were well accommodated and brought around to tour the school. However, the supervisor who accepted them had not arranged a meeting with the boys. It was possible that he still wanted to give them some time to prove themselves first.

Students in the School of the Finance Star lived in a separate area that consisted of dorms specifically assigned to them. In fact, the environment seemed to be better than that of Qingzhou Academy.

"Who are you?" Someone passing by was curious about these new students. They had never met Ye Futian and Yu Sheng before.

"I'm Ye Futian, and this is my best friend, Yu Sheng." Ye Futian was smiling.

"Ye Futian. This name sounds familiar," the boy mumbled, and soon he remembered who they were. He quickly disappeared, and word started to spread in the School of the Finance Star that the students who kicked the *sses of the students from the School of the Flirting Star had been admitted to this school.

The word spread so quickly that suddenly, a lot of people were gathered around them.

"Is this guy Ye Futian? Really, a Two-Star Glory Plane student?"

"Yu Sheng looks exactly how people said. He's such a big guy. Is he merely a martial arts cultivator, or he is actually hiding some powerful natal spirit?"

"Wow, they're so cute," some girls were also gossiping.

The students were curious about everything since they were so young.

"Is there a library at this school?" Ye Futian asked Tang Wan.

Tang Wan shook her head, "There is only one library at Donghai Academy, and it's located right in the center of the campus. The entry is free to every student, but no checkouts are allowed. You may only browse the books and scrolls inside."

Ye Futian understood why checkout was prohibited. There were just so many students at this academy that books might be lost once checked out.

"Let's go there," Ye Futian said. He had already reached the Two-star Glory Plane, but the spells he could initiate were still mostly basic. It was a huge waste of his talents. He believed that he was not supposed to give up sorcery cultivation even though his martial arts inheritance from Emperor Ye Qing was so powerful. A combination of both would definitely make him stronger.

"Sure," Tang Wan nodded. She was surprised that he was not just a pretty boy like he looked and was in fact, quite diligent. The first place he had wanted to go to was the library.

The scale of the library at Donghai Academy was much larger than that of the one at Qingzhou Academy. Besides, there was no limit for the students. Any student at this academy would be allowed to browse all the collections in this library. Donghai Academy was very generous about this.

When Ye Futian entered the library, he was shocked by the comprehensiveness of the collection. There were books on general subjects like martial arts techniques, swords techniques, elemental spells, and even some very rare books on mental spells.

He even found books about music spells, matrices, and scroll inscription. He totally understood why Hua Fengliu had insisted he study at this academy.

During the following several days Ye Futian spent all his time making his way through the entire collection.

Meanwhile, the news that Ye Futian had been admitted to the School of the Finance Star finally spread all around the academy, including the School of the Flirting Star. They started looking for him everywhere and finally, they found him in the library.

Ye Futian was reading books quietly when a group of angry people came up to him. Mu Yunqing spoke to him in rage, "Long time no see, Ye Futian."

"What's up?" Ye Futian didn't even raise his head.

"Since you're now admitted into this academy, I guess it's time for us to get even about what happened last time." Mu Yunqing sounded really mad.

"Are you challenging me?" Ye Futian looked at him with contempt.

However, Mu Yunqing was not planning to fight by himself: "Someone from the School of the Flirting Star will represent me."

"Who is it, and what plane is he in?" Ye Futian asked. Mu Yunqing realized that other people were looking at him and he faltered.

"Are you still going to fight me together like you did last time?" Ye Futian was laughing. He was now a student at this academy, so people who fought him had to abide by the rules, which was one on one.

Mu Yunqing was extremely embarrassed. He didn't say anything, and the group left crestfallen again.

This incident soon spread around the academy. Students started to make fun of Mu Yunqing. They now considered him to be a total coward.

Several days later, it was announced that Jing Yang, a student from the School of the Flirting Star, had openly issued a letter of challenge to Ye Futian. It caused a sensation at the academy.

He was a Three-star Glory Plane Mandate Sorcerer, a true prodigy. He had been personally admitted directly by the supervisor of the School of the Flirting Star as a disciple. Usually, he didn't care about "friendly competition," but now to save the reputation of his school, he challenged Ye Futian publicly.

However, the response from Ye Futian left people totally speechless. "Sorry, I have no time for this."

This was such a lame excuse to turn down the challenge. Students in the School of the Flirting Star accused him of being a real coward.

Jing Yang, however, was not surprised. He told people that Ye Futian was "just so-so."

Ye Futian wasn't disturbed by these comments at all. He still spent all his time on reading and cultivating, as usual.
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    《The Legend of Futian》