The Legend of Futian
60 My Brother, My Shackle
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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60 My Brother, My Shackle

Chapter 60: My Brother, My Shackle
Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

The news that Ye Futian finally accepted Jing Yang's challenge soon spread around all the academy, causing a great sensation. People were now swarming toward the dorm where Ye Futian lived.

Several weeks before, when Ye Futian was first accepted to the School of Finance Star, Jing Yan issued him a letter formally challenging him, and Ye Futian rejected it with the excuse that "he did not have time", which made people confused. Jing Yang commented arrogantly on the response from Ye Futian, saying he was "just so-so". The whole story was rather dramatic.

One of them was the genius who just got admitted, and the other one was the top student from the School of Flirting Star. This challenge was really important to students in the School of Flirting Star, because they hungered for the revenge. Ye Futian's attitude truly made them upset. Now, Ye Futian was agitated, and agreed to fight.

There was already a large audience watching Ye Futian. He stood peacefully, with his hands in his pockets. He acted almost like a master in this school. Tang Wan was looking at him, and believed he was using this manner as a bluff.

Most students in the School of Flirting Star gradually arrived. They were all staring at Ye Futian with hatred. They believed Jing Yang would definitely win this fight, because he was the private disciple of someone powerful who ran this school.

There were also many students from the School of Finance Star. Some of them did not like Ye Futian much, but still, they hoped that Ye Futian would win. At least Ye Futian was attending the same school, so this fight was obviously about dignity. Mu Yunqing and Mu Yunni also came. They had been badly anticipating the fight, because there was finally someone able to get revenge for them.

Since Jing Yang was not studying in the same place with others, he arrived a little bit late. When he arrived, he was surrounded by students from the School of Flirting Star. They were loud and imposing.

The audience moved and formed a path for Jing Yang. The group with him also stopped, and let him enter the field where Ye Futian was waiting.

"Finally, you agree to fight, coward?" Jing Yang sneered at him. In fact, it was unexpected that Ye Futian accepted the challenge.

"Stop spouting nonsense. You have wasted so much of my time, so just shut up and prepare to get your *ss kicked." Ye Futian looked at Jing Yang for the very first time. Jing Yang was confused about his attitude, and wondered how crazy this boy was to say something like that.

The audience was also shocked. They could not understand this contempt from Ye Futian at all. Jing Yang was the superstar in the School of Flirting Star, the private disciple of someone truly powerful who ran the school. However, Ye Futian acted so arrogantly, as if it was a waste of his time to wait for Jing Yang.

People soon remembered his "no time for this" comment about challenge, and became speechless about this boy. They realized he had never taken this fight seriously from the beginning. People from the School of Flirting Star looked extremely embarrassed. Never had there been a student who disrespected their school in such a way.

Jing Yang sneered at Ye Futian, "You are the first guy I—"

Ye Futian did not let him finish. He initiated his attack, shooting his body at Jing Yang like a thunder. Jing Yang swallowed the second half of his sentence. He started driving the Spirit and Qi in the universe to react.

"Silk Imprisonment!" Jing Yang cast his spell. The gold-element power formed countless silk threads that flew towards Ye Futian. They were blocking the space around him, confining his movement.

"He is a genius, is he not?" People were in awed by Jing Yang. There are different levels of difficulty for spells, and Silk Imprisonment was definitely among the top level of all spells. It required extremely strong mental control to run thousands of silk threads at the same time. This spell was really mighty because it could confine the freedom of opponent, or directly kill him, depending on the will of the spell caster.

A pair of golden wings made of Spirit and Qi appeared on Ye Futian's back, and the wings were so sharp that they slashed the countless silk threads into pieces. The attack from Jing Yang was not effective at all facing the absolute power of Ye Futian.

Jing Yang was caught by surprise for a moment. He did not anticipate that Ye Futian could survive his previous attack. He changed his spell a little, and suddenly, all the silk threads straightened and rained down as needles. Ye Futian wrapped his wings around his body to protect himself from the needles, and charged at lightning speed at Jing Yang, leaving only his shadow behind.

The next moment, Jing Yang saw a fist coming at him. Instead of fancy techniques, it was just a simple punch.

Without any time for a reaction, Jing Yang's body fell to the ground, blood covering his face. He was the same plane as Ye Futian and the latter didn't want to waste his time.

However, he was finally forced to accept because so many students in the academy started considering him a coward. He had to fight for his own reputation.

This punch made the audience feel as if their hearts were shaking. It was truly nasty and rough.

Soon, all they witnessed as Ye Futian endlessly punched Jing Yang with his bare fists. Bang, bang, bang… With every sound of the solid punches, the audience was becoming more shocked by this fight.

"Satisfied?" Ye Futian said coldly.

People were totally speechless. Ye Futian asked Jing Yang if "he was ready to get his *ass kicked" before the fight, and now he was restating his point. What an arrogant attitude!

People were confused by how quickly and easily Jing Yang had been defeated. He was the private disciple of the School of the Flirting Star's supervisor, and had said that Ye Futian was "so-so" before the fight. However, he had been totally humiliated by this fight.

Just so-so? That was Jing Yang, not Ye Futian.

"Stop!" Students from the School of Flirting Star felt angry, and yelled at Ye Futian.

Ye Futian stood up and looked at those students. He laughed and said, "Is this what you were asking for?" He let go of Jing Yang and left. People even forgot to check on Jing Yang after he left. Ye Futian could feel hundreds of eyes following him. This feeling of being the center of attention gave him a weird feeling of pride.

"It's not my fault. They asked for it." It seemed that as long as Ye Futian was still a student of Donghai Academy, this humiliation of the School of Flirting Star would never be erased.


Ye Futian's mind was eased slightly after he let out his rage on Jing Yang. Staying in the Lord Palace was a good life for him, but somehow he felt depressed, especially now that it was impossible to find some help for Hua Fengliu.

When he returned to the room, he noticed that there was one more person. Yu Sheng had lived with him for a long time. However, there was someone standing next to Yu Sheng in their room. Ye Futian was surprised when the he clearly saw the person. He kept blinking to make sure it was true.

It was a girl, about sixteen-years-old, standing next to Yu Sheng. She was petite and cute, with a gorgeous face. Ye Futian confirmed with a quick glance that this girl was definitely a sweetheart.

Yu Sheng and the girl noticed that Ye Futian was back. The girl looked at Ye Futian and started smiling. Yu Sheng opened his mouth, as if he was trying to explain.

"Keep going. Just ignore me." Ye Futian turned around.

"Wait," a soft voice said. Ye Futian stopped, and saw the girl smiling at him. When she was smiling, the beauty from her unique youthfulness was even more attractive.

"It's not what it looks like," Yu Sheng tried to explain.

Ye Futian laughed and asked, "What does it look like?"

"Uh..." Yu Sheng was silent, not sure what to say. He had always been awkward compared to Ye Futian. "Qingxuan came here for us," Yu Sheng said.

"Wow, you're using just her first name already. Sounds like there's been great progress between you guys, right?" Ye Futian was still making fun of him. Yu Sheng did not know how to respond at all.

"I told him to call me by my first name." The girl smiled and said, "I'm Yi Qingxuan, so just call me Qingxuan."

"Ye Futian." He also introduced himself.

"I know you." Yi Qingxuan nodded, "I was there watching your first fight with the School of Flirting Star. I saw every bit of the fight. You were so good."

"Yu Sheng is better." Ye Futian was still laughing. It was almost like he was trying to make Yu Sheng more embarrassed.

"You are both really good." She kept smiling.

"He's not only good. You know what? He's single and available too."

Yu Sheng wanted to run out the room.

Yi Qingxuan fluttered her beautiful lashes and smiled. "You guys are interesting. I guess I will see you next time."

She soon stood up and left. As she passed by Ye Futian, he whispered to her, "What do think about my buddy? Like him?"

Yi Qingxuan blushed and answered in lowered voice, "He's nice." Then she just ran out of the room.

Ye Futian started to laugh even harder. He looked at Yu Sheng with a wicked smile and asked, "Tell me, Yu Sheng, how far did you go with her when I was not here?"

Yu Sheng said, "She came to ask whether we would be willing to get tested and go to the upper level of cultivation in the School of Finance Star."

"She was sent here by the supervisor?" Ye Futian was curious.

"I guess so. I did not ask," Yu Sheng said.

"She must be someone special in this school. Not to mention, she is so beautiful and sweet. I think she's good for you. What do you think?" Ye Futian asked Yu Sheng.

"I have no idea what you are talking about." Yu Sheng was numb.

"Boy, she blushed when I asked her about you. I guess she's got a crush on you. Do you have the same feeling?" Ye Futian kept nagging him.

"My father told me to stay away from girls, you know that. He told me my lifelong task is to help you build your kingdom." Yu Sheng was serious.

Ye Futian had to stop joking when he realized Yu Sheng meant what he said. Then he started talking again, "Yu Sheng, I know my godfather has really high expectations for me, but I believe the future is still far away for us. Life is so long that neither you nor I knows where we will end up. I know he believes I was born to be the king, but there's a long journey ahead of us. So, I hope we can enjoy this journey together. We are brothers, not master and servant. The future belongs to both of us."

"It's his will that I should live for you. It's meant to be this way," Yu Sheng insisted.

"I told you, he's not here, so forget about what he said. My word is the law now." Ye Futian had suddenly started to yell. Yu Sheng was shocked seeing him angry. He lowered his head, but still looked stubborn.

The guilty look on Yu Sheng's face made Ye Futian somewhat regret yelling at him. He lowered his voice and said, "Yu Sheng, forget the shackles he has put on you. You should have your own life, a really happy one. If you do, I will also feel happy for you even you leave me alone someday."

Yu Sheng looked at Ye Futian, and found that he was smiling again. He almost cried, and swore to himself that he would never leave Ye Futian alone, ever.
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    《The Legend of Futian》