The Legend of Futian
64 The Rumors
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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64 The Rumors

Chapter 64: The Rumors
Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Ye Futian and the two others walked back to where he lived. All along the way, his eyebrows were knitted.

"Who is he, Qingxuan?" Ye Futian asked.

"Mu Yunxuan, someone now cultivating separately with the supervisor in the School of Emperor Star, a true genius, currently in Eight-star Glory Plane, and he is a great mental control sorcerer," Yi Qingxuan told him. She felt awkward that Mu Yunxuan spoke to Ye Futian like that.

"Mu Yunxuan." Ye Futian repeated and remembered this name.

Yu Sheng noticed Ye Futian was upset. He looked at Yi Qingxuan, then tried to comfort Ye Futian. "I believe my sister-in-law is not that kind of girl."

"Of course I know my fox is not like that." Ye Futian nodded. "But don't you think Mu Yunxuan is weird? Why did he tell me that intentionally?"

"Yeah, it is truly weird," Yu Sheng agreed.

"It almost feels like he was testing me. He must know something." Ye Futian was still mumbling.

"Sister-in-law? Fox?" Yi Qingxuan's eyes twinkled with a little bit confusion. She could sense that they were talking about Hua Jieyu.

"Qingxuan, remember, this is a secret. Do not tell anyone," Yu Sheng told her. They had known each other for a long time, so obviously Yu Sheng considered this girl as one of his best friends, which was why he was discussing these personal issues in her presence.

"Hua Jieyu is my girlfriend," Ye Futian explained to Yi Qingxuan.

Yi Qingxuan was surprised, then asked doubtfully, "Really?"

"Why don't you believe me?" Ye Futian was upset about Yi Qingxuan's reaction. "I am such a talented and handsome boy, so why can't my girlfriend be the most gorgeous girl in this academy?"

"…" Yi Qingxuan was speechless. After a short silence, she asked Yu Sheng, "Has he always been such a narcissist?"

"Yeah," Yu Sheng answered.

"Damn." Ye Futian heard they were talking about him. "Come on, bros before h*es. Why would you give me up for a girl?"

The other two were speechless again.

"I do not care if it's a test or not. I'll remember this guy, Mu Yunxuan." Thinking of Yunxuan's words, Ye Futian smiled. The smile indicated something, and Yu Sheng knew that some serious revenge on that name was on its way.

After they went back to the garden, Yi Xiang was already waiting for them. He looked at Ye Futian and told him, "Come see me." Ye Futian did not know what happened. He nodded and followed Yi Xiang into the room.

"You caused some trouble at Luo Palace, didn't you?" Yi Xiang asked.

"That was even before I came here. In fact, I met Qingxuan right after I came back from Luo Palace," Ye Futian explained. "And I was not there to make trouble."

"You were going to ask Lord Luo to cure your professor?" Yi Xiang asked. Ye Futian nodded.

"That was really unwise. Do you have any idea what you did?" Yi Xiang sounded cold. "You should feel lucky that you are someone insignificant, so that people in that place did not kill you since they had to save their reputation. Otherwise, you would have been dead by now. Do you know the relationship between the Art Saint, Lord Luo, and the School of Emperor Star?"

Ye Futian was shocked and confused. He said, "I only knew the Art Saint also used to attend the School of Emperor Star after meeting you, Mr. Yi."

"No wonder you are the disciple of Hua Fengliu. You just share the exact same self-righteousness." Yi Xiang seemed angry. "Do you know why your professor's natal spirit was destroyed and why he was banished?"

"I only know that Mr. Hua was defeated by the Art Saint, and was evicted from Donghai City by the Art Saint and the Nandou family," Ye Futian said.

"What if he beat the Art Saint? Would it have been any better? No. His tragedy was destined since the moment he decided to pursue the princess of Nandou Family," Yi Xiang told him. "Both the School of Emperor Star and the Nandou family tactically planned the political marriage between the Art Saint and the daughter of the Nandou family. All the powerful people in these clans would benefit from this marriage. Your professor just cut in and ruined everything for them. What was he thinking? That a pretty face was everything?"

The Director stared at Ye Futian as he spoke. Ye Futian felt somewhat awkward. He believed that no matter how badly the Director did not like his professor, it was not Futian's fault that he was handsome.

"He even knocked up that girl, and they had a child. He was lucky to get out of this city alive."

Ye Futian believed Yi Xiang was still lingering on this. He did not understand why the hatred was so serious. Was it because of Ms. Tang?

"Is there anything else between the Art Saint and the School of Emperor Star?" Ye Futian kept asking.

"There is something that people rarely know, and I know only some details about it. The Art Saint might have some relation to Prime Minister Hua," Yi Xiang answered. "He is one of the two Prime Ministers in the Nation of Nandou in charge of military force. Now, he is definitely the most powerful person in this nation. He had graduated from the School of Emperor Star and is now considered a strong backer of this school now."

"So, the parties that would benefit from this political marriage were the Nandou family and Prime Minister Hua?" Ye Futian gradually understood.

"I'm afraid Hua Fengliu did not know the seriousness involved in this marriage, nor did he have any idea the School of Emperor Star had a role in this play. So, do you understand now, that your professor brought this upon himself?" Yi Xiang kept saying, "As for you, you went to the Luo Palace alone. You know what? Almost all the people there wanted to kill you at that time."

Ye Futian's mind was running fast, and he started to think about many things. Soon, he asked, "Then, why is Hua Jieyu cultivating in the School of Emperor Star?"

"Because Prime Minister Hua is so powerful now, I guess the Nandou family is trying to rebuild their relationship with the School of Emperor Star, so they sent Hua Jieyu to this school. As for why she agreed to come, I believe, besides the Nandou family's intentions, the other reason would be your grandmaster. She is now cultivating with your grandmaster. He is a respected old man, however…" Yi Xiang sighed.

"My grandmaster?" Ye Futian was surprised.

"She is a true beauty, and I guess she's your girlfriend, am I right? You sly boy." Yi Xiang saw through him. Ye Futian did not know how he could guess so accurately.

"You are doing the exact same thing your professor did in the past. So, just to be kind, mind your manners with others, especially when you are outside the academy. I don't want you to be the next Hua Fengliu, and do not jeopardize the future of my disciple." Yi Xiang left after he finished. Ye Futian finally realized that he told him all that just to protect Yu Sheng. He turned around, then looked at Yu Sheng and Yi Qingxuan. Somehow, he suddenly felt sad.

However, Yi Xiang's eyebrows knitted, as if he was really preoccupied. The visit from the School of Emperor Star and the School of Treasury Star made him feel like something unusual was going to happen. Since Prime Minister Hua gained power, the School of Emperor Star was becoming more and more greedy over the controlling position of Donghai Academy. The peace of this academy would be broken soon.


Several days later, students in the School of Emperor Star were spreading the word that Hua Jieyu became Mu Yunxuan's girlfriend. The news was a serious sensation. As the number one beauty of this academy, Hua Jieyu naturally attracted the attention of many boys there. They could not believe that she was someone else's girlfriend. Even though it was Mu Yunxuan, the genius of the School of Emperor Star, the boys still felt hurt.

Ye Futian also heard the word, and became even more confused. What was Mu Yunxuan trying to do, and why was the School of Emperor Star trying so hard to circulate this rumor?

Even though he did not take the news seriously, as time went by, the rumors spread further, and he started to feel so upset that even Yu Sheng and Yi Qingxuan could clearly feel it.

Hua Jieyu also heard. When Shu Yuyan went back that day, she told Hua Jieyu exactly how Mu Yunxuan tried to agitate Ye Futian. To avoid any possible controversy about her relationship with Ye Futian, she did not say a word to stop the rumor. She was worried that after the Nandou family found out they were together, Ye Futian would be in trouble.

However, as the rumors became worse, she finally decided to do something. She went to find Mu Yunxuan, but this boy had disappeared from campus. She tried to leave the School of Emperor Star to find Ye Futian and explain, but she found herself being stalked when she was not in the room. She felt as if someone was plotting against her.

In her dorm, Hua Jieyu was standing in front of the window, overlooking the entire campus. She asked, "Yuyan, will he misunderstand me?"

"If he really knows you, he will not," Shu Yuyan said.

"Rumors can kill, especially when so many people are spreading them. It almost sounds like the truth. Even if he believes me, as far as I know, his personality will make him seriously depressed. Plus, I cannot go to him and explain." Hua Jieyu sighed. "I truly don't want him to get hurt."

"The School of Emperor Star is obviously spreading the rumor intentionally. I think they are already suspicious about your relationship, so we cannot explain anything now. Otherwise, you would admit that something is going on between you two," Shu Yuyan told her.

"That is why I'm conflicted," Hua Jieyu mumbled. Shu Yuyan stood next to her silently. She could clearly feel Hua Jieyu's agony.

Meanwhile, in another place, two men were talking. They were the old man from the School of Emperor Star that Ye Futian met in the banquet, and Nandou Ku.

"Nandou family promised that Hua Jieyu would not be used for any political marriage. However, with the rumors going on, I'm afraid what Xia Fan said should be true," the old man told Nandou Ku.

"We have not confirmed anything yet. That boy is the disciple of the Qin Devil, so it is natural that he and Hua Jieyu have a good relationship," Nandouku said.

"Details tell more than words. I think this princess of your family is going to replay history, especially since the boy in this story is the disciple of the Qin Devil. How ironic," the old man jeered.

"I will inform my family to take care of this. Besides, Jieyu is still young. Even if there is really something going on between those two, they will forget about it shortly," Nandou Ku said.

"Then tell your family to mind their own business, and do not let history repeat itself. Ye Futian is now cultivating with Yi Xiang. Even though only few people know the truth of that fight, Yi Xiang might be one of them. He knows so many secrets about the School of Emperor Star. It would be intolerable if the geniuses from Donghai Academy actually go against our school in the future. You better take care of it." He left right after he finished talking, looking obviously pissed off.

Nandou Ku, however, felt nervous. What was happening now truly resembled the pat so much. Previously, Nandou family had noticed that something was going on, but had been hesitant to take action. They finally made a huge mistake, which they could never compensate for.
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    《The Legend of Futian》