The Legend of Futian
68 Murderous
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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68 Murderous

Chapter 68: Murderous
Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Hua Jieyu's appearance instantly created a gust of wind in Donghai Academy. Rumors about her relationship with Mu Yunxuan had abounded recently. They even said that Mu Yunxuan had said it himself, and no one from the School of the Emperor Star refuted it so everyone thought it was real.But today, this world-class beauty personally walked from the School of the Emperor Star to announce to everyone in Donghai Academy that this wasn't real. She had someone she liked but it wasn't Mu Yunxuan. Mu Yunxuan couldn't be compared to the person she liked.

You can imagine the uproar to Hua Jieyu's words, the most beautiful girl of Donghai Academy. It was like a slap to Mu Yunxuan, the talent of the School of the Emperor Star. There was no dignity left for him. Perhaps Hua Jieyu really was mad because these rumors could hurt the person she truly liked.

The people of Donghai Academy could imagine Mu Yunxuan's feelings now. But compared to that, they were more curious about the one Hua Jieyu liked.

Who was the one that could make Hua Jieyu so beautiful when talking about him? Who was the one that Mu Yunxuan wasn't even good enough to be compared to? Did someone like this really exist in Donghai Academy? After all, Mu Yunxuan was the genius prodigy of the School of the Emperor Star.

At that moment, the one Hua Jieyu spoke of was practicing his guqin in the School. He was immersed in it from day to night. His grandmaster was definitely a master of the guqin arts. His attainment was at the peak. Even Hua Fengliu couldn't be compared to him. He could use music notes to cast spells from other schools, resonating musical spells with others. It could create even more explosive power and was clearly deeper than what he had taught Hua Fengliu. The man hadn't learned these.

The night sky was as dark as ink. Under the bright moon, the School of the Emperor Star looked even more majestic. Music streamed from a pavilion. The youth sat on a stone bench and played the qin. A beautiful girl sat beside him, listening to the melody. Under the moonlit sky, this scene was so beautiful and peaceful.

After a while, the music came to a stop. The youth gazed at the girl and said gently, "Fox, time to rest."

"No, I want to stay here with you." Hua Jieyu's eyes were as gentle as water. She smiled and shook her head.

"Then I'll go rest with you," Ye Futian said.

"No way." Hua Jieyu smiled. What was this bad guy thinking now?

"Huh, you're still not my girl," Ye Futian said, hurt.

"That trick doesn't work." Hua Jieyu smiled. He always pretended to be pitiful.

Despite her words, she leaned against Ye Futian and slowly lied down into his lap. The arrogant and fairy-like girl at the Donghai Academy during the day had now become a girl in love. She was so gentle.

"It seems to work." Ye Futian looked at the pretty girl in his lap. He caressed her hair and dipped his head. He pecked her forehead. His eyes were filled with softness. Hua Jieyu smiled sweetly. With her head on Ye Futian's thighs, she murmured, "Don't mess around. Keep practicing and I'll rest here."

Ye Futian gave Hua Jieyu puppy eyes. "Fox, do you think I can practice with you here?"

"I don't care. Let me sleep for a bit." Hua Jieyu looked smug as she closed her eyes.

"Oh, you sly fox." Ye Futian felt tragic but he started practicing again.

If anyone in Donghai Academy knew that Ye Futian felt sad now, they'd probably slap him to death.

The music was peaceful and Hua Jieyu actually fell asleep quickly. Ye Futian looked down at the girl. Her eyelashes were long and pretty. A smile still hung on her face as she slept. It was sweet and beautiful. Seeing the sleeping beauty, Ye Futian smiled too. He murmured, "Fox, you suck." Then he raised his head and kept playing.

The music continued from night to day. During the night, Ye Futian felt his energy changing. A slight smile appeared on his face. He had been frustrated all these days due to the rumors but last night, he had felt more peaceful than ever before. With the music notes, he had a mental breakthrough without realizing. This way, he was at the Four-star Glory Plane for both martial arts and sorcery.

A cough broke the early morning peace. Ye Futian saw the old man walk over. He smiled trembled. Hua Jieyu's eyes opened and she got up, pink tinging her cheeks.

"Grandmaster," Hua Jieyu called with her head lowered. There was some embarrassment in her voice.

"Must be nice to be young." The old man smiled at the two before him. They were like a perfect pair. He could feel the pure feelings just seeing them. "I hope you will be in love like this forever." He gave his blessing with a smile.

Ye Futian and Hua Jieyu exchanged glances. Both of them had smiling eyes.

"Grandmaster, we will," Ye Futian said.

"You can't slack on your cultivation though," the elder said. Ye Futian smiled and nodded. He continued practicing. Hua Jieyu stayed there and cultivated too.

"Han Mo is here to greet his senior." A voice came from outside.

The elder's smile faded. He said indifferently, "Come in." As soon as he finished, a few figures walked in. The first was the Emperor Star elder Ye Futian had seen before.

"How have you been?" Han Mo asked with a smile.

"Can I help you?" Elder Qin asked.

"There is nothing much but I heard that Ye Futian was practicing here, so I came to take a look," Han Mo said. His gaze fell on Ye Futian. "I told you last time that you can come to the School of the Emperor Star. Why didn't you tell me after you came?"

"I came with Headmaster Yi. I am sorry for not notifying you," Ye Futian said politely.

"It is alright. Since you are practicing with my senior, why don't you join this school?" Han Mo's smile remained.

Ye Futian shook his head wryly. "You are joking again. I have already joined the School of the Finance Star. If I join the Emperor Star, I would be betraying the Finance Star. Do you accept disciples like that?"

"That is true." The old man nodded and said, "Since you are not joining then, according to the rules, you cannot stay here for long."

Hearing his words, something flashed through Ye Futian's eyes. He looked at the man's smile and Mu Yunxuan behind him. He obviously knew that Han Mo was planning something. The one who reminded him at the Luo palace was obviously not Han Mo.

"You have problems with the fact that I am keeping him here to practice?" Elder Qin's muddled eyes grew sharp. His entire aura seemed to change. His robe fluttered and his white hair flew in the wind.

Han Mo bowed. "Senior, please do not be angry. I was just saying but I will leave now." With that, he really turned to leave. At the same time, he said, "Yunxuan, apologize to Jieyu."

"Yes." Mu Yunxuan walked up and said to Hua Jieyu, "The rumors affected you negatively. Please do not mind them."

"Get out," Hua Jieyu uttered, staring at Mu Yunxuan coldly.

Mu Yunxuan's face stiffened. His handsome face became embarrassed. It was one thing for Hua Jieyu to declare the rumors unfounded yesterday at Donghai Academy. It did not affect Mu Yunxuan too much. But Hua Jieyu did not spare any dignity for him. She told everyone that he could not even be compared to who she liked. Everyone was discussing him as if he was a clown. And now, Hua Jieyu also told him to get out so mercilessly.

Seeing Ye Futian beside her, Mu Yunxuan realized that this boy was the one she liked.

"Yesterday, Jieyu said that I can't be compared to you. I cannot disturb your master today but in the future, I hope we can have some exchanges," Mu Yunxuan said to Ye Futian, still polite.

Ye Futian did not know what had happened yesterday but he could guess from Mu Yunxuan's words. After deciding to stay in this school and Hua Jieyu no longer had to avoid him, she probably personally revealed the truth. Thinking of this, Ye Futian smiled gently at Hua Jieyu. He took her hands and glanced at Mu Yunxuan, giving a strong response to what Mu Yunxuan had said earlier.

Seeing this, Mu Yunxuan's expression grew more uncomfortable.

"Get out," Ye Futian said the same two words as Hua Jieyu. Even though he was told to do so by the School of the Emperor Star, Ye Futian could not tolerate Mu Yunxuan saying he was dating Hua Jieyu.

Sensing Hua Jieyu's reliance on him, Ye Futian knew that this event had hurt her. She had become sensitive and weak. He needed to make Mu Yunxuan pay.

"Sorry for the disturbance." Mu Yunxuan bowed toward Elder Qin and glanced at Ye Futian coldly. His fists clenched loosely. He turned and walked out to catch up with Han Mo.

Han Mo's face was dark too. He said coldly, "Nandou brought her here to cultivate but it seems like nothing will come out of it. If that's the case, what use does she have regardless of her talents?"

"Professor, that Ye Futian will be troublesome in the future too," Mu Yunxuan said.

"Him?" Han Mo sneered. "Youths who don't know how to lie low will die easily. The School of the Finance Star can't protect him for long."

Hearing those words, a cold murderous glint flashed past Mu Yunxuan's eyes!


Days later, Yi Xiang came to the School of the Emperor Star to pick him up. Minister Zuo had sent people over and was preparing to travel to Qingzhou City.

In the yard, Yi Xiang walked forward. He floated in the air and his hands were behind his back. Behind him, Ye Futian said to Hua Jieyu, "Qingzhou isn't far from Donghai. With Minister Zuo's demon, it'll only take one day. I'll be back soon. Don't worry."

"Okay, I'll wait for you," Hua Jieyu said gently. She would wait no matter how long it took.

"Fox, I'm leaving." Ye Futian's eyes were unwilling but he left with Yi Xiang. Hua Jieyu watched his back. She did not turn to go cultivate until he was completely gone!
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    《The Legend of Futian》