The Legend of Futian
71 Beheaded
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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71 Beheaded

Chapter 71: Beheaded
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The people of the School of Martial Arts walked up and greeted him with bow. "Greetings, Minister Zuo."

Minister Zuo nodded his head. Leng Qingfeng, the Cabinet Master of the House of Swordsmen looked at Ye Futian and asked, "What are you doing here?"

"What is my Senior Sister doing here?" Ye Futian did not answer his question. Leng Qingfeng took a look around at everyone.

"This..." he did not know how to explain the situation.

"She's your Senior Sister?" the young woman snickered. Then to Ye Futian, she said, "She's been my servant these past couple days, but it's such a pity that she doesn't know how to take care of other people. If you promise to be my underling, I'll let her go. How about it?"

"You did this?" Ye Futian glared at her coldly.

"Ye Futian, I'm fine," Qin Yi said, pulling at his sleeve.

"But I'm not fine, Senior Sister." Ye Futian looked at Qin Yi. He moved her hands away and walked towards the young woman. His demeanor was cold, but at the same time, he looked furious. Seeing him like this slightly frightened the young woman. She asked, "What do you want?"

"Didn't you say that you wanted to battle again? I'll fulfill your wish," he said. His pace quickened, racing straight towards the young woman.

"You're crazy!" She saw Ye Futian charging at her, but because he was going too fast, he reached her before she was able to defend herself. A punch was thrown at her. The young women gathered energy to defend herself, but his fist broke through her defense and landed on her chest. The young woman flew through the air and was thrown through two closed doors. After breaking the doors, she landed on the ground.

Everyone watching was dumbfounded at the scene they just witnessed. Qin Yi looked pale because she knew that this young woman was the princess of the Nandou Nation. Even Xia Fan, the Vice Chief of the East Sea Prefecture and the person who destroyed Qin Yi's family, had to kneel down in her presence. Ye Futian actually threw her in the air with a single punch.

"Princess!" someone shouted.

"Ye Futian, that was out of line," said someone from the School of Martial Arts, as a group of them went up to help the princess.

The young woman walked out of the room she had just been thrown into, with a hand on her chest. Her eyes were red, as it she was really going to cry. She had never been hit before. What's more, this was already the second time.

"Master, he's bullying me. Kill him!" the young woman ordered as she looked at Minister Zuo. The powerful cultivators of Nandou Nation surrounded Ye Futian.

"Minister Zuo, please have mercy!" Leng Qingfeng pleaded.

"Ye Futian." Qin Yi's face was pale and she placed herself in front of him.

"Step down!" order Minister Zuo. The people surrounding Ye Futian retreated.

"Master..." said the young woman. She was shocked and did not understand what her master was doing.

"Have you had enough?" In a stern tone, Minister Zuo said to the young woman, "Apologize to Ye Futian."

"Me? Apologize to him?" The young woman's eyes were about to pop out of her head as she stared at her master. She was a princess and she was the one who had to apologize after getting hit by Ye Futian?

"Are you not going to listen to me?" Minister Zuo looked at the young woman with a serious look on his face. He could not believe that this child actually ordered to have Ye Futian killed. She would know that this was for her own good some time in the future.

"Uncle Zuo, forget about the apology. I can't bear it," said Ye Futian. "All I want to know is who made my Senior Sister a servant?" General Qin Shuai, the protector of the City of Qingzhou, was disabled by Xia Fan when he offended him for the well-being of the city. Now, his daughter, who was cultivating at Qingzhou Academy, was being treated as a servant? Witnessing this with his own two eyes, it was clear that Ye Futian was beyond furious. If it was the young woman's fault, he would hold this against her, even if she was the princess.

"Hurry up and tell him," Minister Zuo ordered the young woman.

She felt wronged seeing her master side with Ye Futian. Her eyes were filled with tears. She looked at Ye Futian and told him, "It was the City Lord who sent her to take care of me. Why are you blaming me?"

"Murong Yunshan?" Ye Futian's eyes grew cold. He asked the people of the School of Martial Arts, "Is this how you treat the daughter of General Qin?"

Everyone lowered their heads in shame. They knew that City Lord Murong Yunshan was purposely picking on Qin Yi, but what could they do? Now, it was Ye Futian who would stand up against the Murong family again. Last time as well, he executed Murong Qiu in front of students of Qingzhou Academy all by himself. It was just as the Thunder Pavilion Lord had said when he left, the prestigious Qingzhou Academy was nothing compared to this one young man.

Not even a year had passed, and this young man was back in Qingzhou Academy. He was actually able to defeat a five-starred Glory Plane Mandate Sorcerer with one punch. To add to that, the person he hit was the princess of the Nandou Nation and afterwards, Minister Zuo even had the princess apologize to Ye Futian.

The world had changed so quickly. When the Pavilion Lord of the Thunder Pavilion left, he said that Qingzhou Academy would know what they missed out on when Ye Futian became known to the world. It seemed like what he said was slowly coming true. Ye Futian's growth was truly shocking.

"General Qin?" Minister Zuo looked at Ye Futian and asked, "Ye Futian, is there a story behind this?"

"General Qin is the protector of our city," answered Ye Futian. He turned to Minister Zuo and summarized the story of General Qin, and Xia Fan, Murong Yunshan and the others. When he finished retelling the story, Minister Zuo became extra cold. He said, "Those b*stards! Murong Yunshan plunged the people into misery and suffering, but has become the City Lord?"

"Uncle Zuo, I want him dead," said Ye Futian. He was out for blood.

"Go, bring him here," ordered Minister Zuo.

"Understood!" someone answered his order and flew to find Murong Yunshan. The people of Qingzhou Academy shuddered at this scene. Was the Murong family done for? One word from the prime minister of the Nandou Nation was enough to have a whole family killed off, even if it was the City Lord.

"Ye Futian," called out Qin Yi. She looked at the young man standing in front of her. It hadn't even been a year since she last saw him, what on earth had he been through? For her, he attacked the princess.

"Senior Sister, everything is okay now." Ye Futian smiled at Qin Yi.

She nodded, eyes red. In this time, she learned the truth about human nature. Many people treated her poorly. Even the people who courted her before changed their attitude towards her. As if it was not enough that Xia Fan and Murong Yunshan caused her father's disability, Murong Shan used the arrival of the princess as an excuse to suppress her growth in cultivation.

"Don't you still owe me an apology?" the young woman asked Ye Futan. She still felt wronged.

"Senior Sister, did she give you a hard time?" Ye Futian asked Qin Yi.

"No," she said as she shook her head.

"Then I'll forgive you," he said to the young woman.

"You..." The young woman pointed a finger at Ye Futian, not knowing what to say. Then she turned to look at Minister Zuo with puppy dog eyes.

"That's enough. No matter what, you were in the wrong first. Why do you need a servant when traveling? Treat this as a lesson learned," said Minister Zuo gently. He then turned to Ye Futian. "Ye Futian, I watched her grow up. Other than being a little obstinate, she doesn't mean any harm. Please don't take what she does to heart, and take care of her if possible."

"I need him to take care of me?" The young girl felt that Minister Zuo was a little strange since coming down from the mountains. What on earth happened?

"Uncle Zuo, that's too much. I was a little rash. This situation had nothing to do with the princess, so I am at fault," said Ye Futian. Minister Zuo showed much respect for Ye Futian. Even though he saved Minister Zuo on Mount Tianyao, Ye Futian knew that there was a limit to what he could do. After all, the young woman was the princess and her master was Minister Zuo.

"Is this the attitude you use in an apology?" the young woman chewed on her own lip.

"Fine, then I'll promise to battle you the next time you ask," he said.

"Who wants to fight you?" The young woman scratched her head. After that one punch, she finally realized, she could not defeat him.

Minister Zuo saw her expression and could not help but smile. It looked like her temper had dissolved. Ye Futian and the princess should have made up by now, right?"

After a little while, Murong Yunshan was escorted to them. He still had no idea what was going on. When he saw Ye Futian, Murong Yunshan saw red. His son, Murong Qiu, had died at the hands of Ye Futian.

"Greetings to Minister Zuo and the princess from Qingzhou City's City Lord, Murong Yunshan," he bowed.

"Ye Futian, what do you want to do with him?" asked Minister Zuo.

"I want him beheaded," Ye Futian answered without hesitation.

Murong Yunshan was in complete shock. He lifted his head to look at Ye Futian. What was going on?

"Off with his head!" One word from Minister Zuo and the people standing behind Murong Yunshan restrained him. In this moment, Murong Yunshan finally realized the predicament he was in.

"Please spare me, Minister Zuo! What did I do wrong?" Murong Yunshan's expression was completely different. However, Minister Zuo did not bother with him. The minister looked at Ye Futian and felt a cold shiver when he saw Ye Futian's cold eyes.

It was then that Murong Yunshan understood, the person who wanted to kill him wasn't Minister Zuo, but was the young man in front of him. He was once an outer-sect disciple of Qingzhou Academy. Murong Yunshan thought of the Fall Quarter Examinations. That was the first time Ye Futian stood up in the middle of the stage, stubborn and unwavering. Murong Yunshan never expected that the lives of both him and his son would end in the hands of Ye Futian.

"I cannot accept this!" Murong Yunshan screamed furiously. A moment later, Qingzhou City's City Lord was dead in Qingzhou Academy.

"Have the Murong family property confiscated," Minister Zuo ordered. Immediately, his people left to get things taken care of.

"What do you think of making General Qin the new City Lord of Qingzhou City?" Minister Zuo asked Ye Futian.

"Thank you, Uncle Zuo!" Naturally, Ye Futian had the same thought, but he did not feel right asking this of Minister Zuo. He was so shocked at this treatment he was receiving from Minister Zuo. Ye Futian was being treated so well, it was getting suspicious.

The casual words exchanged in this courtyard flipped the whole city upside down. First, the powerful Murong Chamber of Commerce was destroyed. Originally, the Municipal Guards tried to resist, but when they found out the prime minister of the Nandou Nation ordered the destruction, they gave up the thought of defending it. There were also many guards in the Municipal Guards who actually volunteered to clean out the Murong family house. They did not want to be suspected of siding with the Murong family. Then, out of nowhere, General Qin was invited to fill the spot of City Lord. All of this happened in such a short period of time. Very quickly the news spread all through the City of Qingzhou.

Qingzhou Academy was the first to get the news. All the students were extremely shocked. They heard that the leader of all these events was actually Ye Futian!
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    《The Legend of Futian》