The Legend of Futian
74 Previous General Decree of School of the Emperor Star
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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74 Previous General Decree of School of the Emperor Star

Chapter 74: Previous General Decree of School of the Emperor Star
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When Ye Futian returned to the School of the Finance Star, Yi Qingxuan was still there.

"Didn't you go to see your girlfriend? Why are you back?" Yi Qingxuan asked with a smile.

Ye Futian furrowed his brows. It was too shameful to say. "Qingxuan, how is Zhuo Qing's skill?" he asked.

"You met Zhuo Qing?" Yi Qingxuan's pretty eyes went blank. Seeing Ye Futian's gloominess, she guessed what happened.

"Yeah." Ye Futian nodded.

"He's personally taught by the headmaster of the School of the Emperor Star," Yi Qingxuan answered. "He's heavily valued and is already at the Nine-star Glory Plane. He's known as number one of Donghai Academy's dharma."

"His main abilities?" Ye Futian asked.

"He's a spirit elemental mandate sorcerer with a strange life spirit. He has an eerie ability too. He can use the spirit element to control others. He's also good at the wood element and is extremely dangerous," Yi Qingxuan said.

"A controlling mandate sorcerer. No wonder." Something flickered past Ye Futian's expression. According to Yi Qingxuan, the other was a spirit elemental mandate sorcerer specializing in attack and control. Wood elemental sorcery was also known for being strong in controlling. With these two together, he could totally take control of someone.

"There should be some powerful figures in the Glory plane if the School of the Finance Star specializes in battle, right?" Ye Futian asked.

Yi Qingxuan looked at him and said, "There are naturally those with extraordinary talents. There is a Nine-star Glory plane mandate sorcerer specializing in both martial arts and sorcery but it is still hard to defeat Zhuo Qing. There's a reason why he is number one of the Dharma rank."

"I understand, Qingxuan. Help me spread news that," Ye Futian smiled and said, "even if I 'lost' last time at the Luo Palace, I've had a breakthrough in my planes. I will challenge Zhou Mu again tomorrow to continue the battle between my master, the Qin Devil, and the Art Saint. I hope the students of Donghai Academy will come witness it."

Hearing this, Yi Qingxuan was confused. She asked, "Didn't you say you didn't lose last time?"

"Since they're saying I lost, then just play along." Ye Futian smiled confidently.

Yi Qingxuan seemed to understand something. She glanced at the boy. "You're so mean." Zhou Mu's reputation would be destroyed if he was defeated yesterday!

"Yu Sheng," Ye Futian called. The other glanced at him. "How's your injury? Can you still fight?" he asked.

Yu Sheng grinned. "No problem."

Yi Qingxuan looked at them with sparkling eyes. She wondered what Ye Futian was planning. "I'll go now," she said.

Soon, the School of the Finance Star released news that Ye Futian would challenge Zhou Mu again tomorrow and invited everyone to watch. This time, Ye Futian said he would continue the past battle between the Qin Devil and Art Saint. It was clear that Ye Futian was extremely confident this time.

The location was before the School of the Emperor Star.

Zhou Mu's plane was higher than Ye Futian and this time was to continue an old battle. The reputations of their masters were involved too. It was impossible for Zhou Mu to turn him down.

Donghai Academy was bustling. The news naturally traveled to the School of the Emperor Star. This time, everyone paid attention to the battle. Even the big figures were paying attention in the background.


The next morning, sunlight fell onto Donghai Academy. The buildings were majestic under the glow. The School of the Emperor Star seemed like the strongest of Donghai Academy and dominated the other six schools. With this background, it naturally seemed more imposing. Today, many people gathered before it early in the morning. They were waiting for news and anticipating something.

Many years ago, two legendary figures appeared from the School of the Emperor Star. They were the summoning artist, Art Saint, and guqin musician, the Qin Devil. The two were rare geniuses who fell for the same woman. The Qin Devil won the girl's heart but had his natal spirit destroyed and was forced away from the city.

Many years later, their disciples were both cultivating in Donghai Academy.

The disciple of the Art Saint who had won was still studying in the School of the Emperor Star and was cultivating with the headmaster. On the other hand, the Qin Devil's disciple was cultivating with the headmaster of the School of the Finance Star.

As if this was destined, the Qin Devil's disciple challenged the Art Saint's disciple in his master's name. He seemed to want to reverse the past humiliation. However, Ye Futian had apparently already lost months ago at the Luo Palace. There was word that he had improved now but Zhou Mu had improved as well. Where did Ye Futian's confidence come from?

Finally, someone strolled down from the School of the Finance Star.

These days, the Finance Star students had been targeted by the Emperor Star and Treasury Star but could not fight back. Now, Ye Futian had returned and challenged Zhou Mu. The Finance Star students naturally had to come support him. They began waiting since the morning. When they saw Ye Futian come down, they went to him, creating a powerful group.

Ye Futian walked in the front. He wore all white and carried a guqin. He was easy on the eyes.

Tang Wan had been keeping an eye on this battle. Seeing Ye Futian come out like this, she was speechless. This guy…

Challenges happened occasionally in the academy but the attention on this duel between two Glory plane disciples was unprecedented. Tang Wan was impressed. But if the Qin Devil knew about this, he would definitely want to come watch.

The spectators followed the group and even passersby joined in. The crowd grew bigger and bigger. The commotion was shocking. People who didn't know about it thought that it was a fight between all seven schools.

Finally, the giant group arrived at the School of the Emperor Star. There was a similar crowd there waiting. Many of them looked at Ye Futian coldly.

Someone said, "A few months ago, Zhou Mu defeated him. Today, Zhou Mu can defeat him a second time. Let's see how he'll handle it after making such a commotion."

The other students were all discussing this. Did Zhou Mu have the advantage or did Ye Futian have a better grasp on the battle?

Ye Futian sat down before the school and placed his guqin before him. Soon, there was a graceful melody. Ye Futian was playing without regard to anyone else.

In the pavilion, many big figures looked down coldly at the giant crowd. Ye Futian was just here to stir trouble.

At this time, a group walked down from the school. Zhou Mu was one of them. His eyes were frigid. He approached Ye Futian step by step.

The music stopped suddenly. Ye Futian looked up with clear and clean eyes at Zhou Mu. He smiled and said, "I am Ye Futian, disciple of the Qin Devil, Five-star Glory plane." Ye Futian was fighting under the name of the Qin Devil's disciple. He had a guqin before him. The location was where the Qin Devil had once studied at. The significance went without saying. He was fighting for his professor.

"Zhou Mu, disciple of the Art Saint, Six-star Glory plane," Zhou Mu replied coldly.

"Please," Ye Futian said nonchalantly. Lowering his head, he thrummed the instrument strings. Music notes sounded. The strings and hearts all trembled. Since this was a fight for his professor, he would use musical spells.

"This piece is the Decree of the General." As soon as he finished, notes streamed out of the instrument endlessly. At this moment, a beautiful image appeared in everyone's minds. They seemed to have been transported to a battlefield. The war drums shook the sky as the soldiers went to war.

Spiritual qi grouped around Zhou Mu. He used his finger as a brush to paint in the air.

An invisible sound wave descended. It hit Zhou Mu in the front and knocked his painting down. At the same time, the sound wave pierced into his brain. His mind shook. Ye Futian's music spells were able to affect him now. Compared to last time, Ye Futian's skills seemed to have increased greatly.

Zhou Mu's expression grew more serious. The spiritual qi grew more terrifying. He reached out and began multitasking. Both hands painted at the same time. He created a sword with a single stroke. It whistled through the air toward Ye Futian.

However, an invisible strength gathered around Ye Futian now. The music notes transformed into a beating war drum. It was powerful like thousands of galloping horses. The sword flew here and shattered.

Zhou Mu endlessly created swords that flew crazily to where Ye Futian was sitting. However, as soon as they got close, they would turn to dust. The area had turned into a battlefield. Ye Futian was like the general commanding the entire army.

As the music intensified, a shocking music note storm gathered around Ye Futian. They did not dissipate and had a terrifying power. Swords whistled and clanged. Endless swords flew toward Ye Futian. However, the people only heard the war drums shaking the earth. The ground quaked and shattered the swords.

"Such terrifying musical spells. I don't know if Zhou Mu's demons will be able to resist it if Ye Futian keeps playing," someone said. The spectators could feel that Ye Futian's music notes were still gathering and strengthening. He seemed to be gathering a military with thousands of soldiers and horses; they would shatter everything with the general's decree.

Finally, Zhou Mu finished. He had drawn a Golden Ape made completely out of gold. It ran toward Ye Futian. The earth shook with its steps.

"What a strong summoned beast. Ye Futian had given Zhou Mu time for him to wildly use his spiritual qi to draw." The spectators were nervous.

The Golden Ape stepped into the storm around Ye Futian. There were giant booms. At that moment in the battlefield made of music notes, the war drums shattered everything. Thousands of horses galloped out. Everything in the path of the music storm turned to dust. The Golden Ape cracked endlessly but, just like last time, it still kept going toward Ye Futian.

The ending, though, was different this time.

Ye Futian kept playing. The endless power rolled past. With a boom, the Golden Ape's body was pulverized, turning into spiritual qi. Zhou Mu's expression changed drastically. His life spirit appeared behind him as he continued drawing.

"You really think you won last time?" Ye Futian said nonchalantly. His fingers moved gracefully and he stood up. The moment he strummed the strings, the boundless music storm destroyed everything as if following the general's decree. It arrived before Zhou Mu, making it impossible for him to keep painting.
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    《The Legend of Futian》