The Legend of Futian
77 Even the Score
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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77 Even the Score

Chapter 77: Even the Score
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Leng Qiufeng glared at the arrogant Ye Futian. Then, Wind and Earth bi-elemental Spiritual Qi gathered in front of him. A row of stone-tipped spears appeared, encapsulating the power of the wind.

"Attack!" Leng Qiufeng commanded the spears. In a split second, the sorceries of Wind and Earth joined together within the spears and charged towards Ye Futian and Yu Sheng.

Yu Sheng stood in front of Ye Futian, radiating a dim golden light. With a loud roar, Yu Sheng threw out his fists, and in the blink of an eye, the spears were destroyed.

"Go," said Ye Futian from behind. The sorcery of Wind descended upon Yu Sheng and he raced forward. With a single step on the solid ground, his body was launched into the air at the speed of light. In the same moment, because of the aid from Ye Futian's Wind Sorcery, Yu Sheng was able to ascend even higher into the sky and charged at Leng Qiufeng with full force. The shadows of a thousand fists approached Leng Qiufeng, ready to destroy everything in its way.

"This power..." Everyone was speechless. A person's gift was truly dependent on fate. If Ye Sheng specialized in Wind Sorcery, he would never have lost against his two opponents the last time.

Yi Xiang was very pleased to see Yu Sheng attack with the battle tactics he had learned. Yu Sheng seemed to be innately suitable for cultivation in all sorts of explosive tactics.

"Protection of Rock!" said Leng Qiufeng. A large boulder appeared in front of him. This was an extremely powerful defense spell. However, after a loud explosion, the boulder was in pieces and Yu Sheng appeared in the air above him. However, Leng Qiufeng did not retreat. Even though Yu Sheng was like a monster, Leng Qiufeng was still of a higher level than him. Plus, Leng Qiufeng's Life Spirit was able to give him immense power.

The image of a large Stone Lion overlapped on top of Leng Qiufeng's figure. The spear in his hand shot towards Yu Sheng. Around the tip of the spear, collected both Wind and Earth Spiritual Qi. The shadows of the thousand fists turned into stone and dissipated into ashes upon meeting with the tip of the spear.

Yu Sheng descended with the force of a war god. His body emanated a forceful aura, golden thorns appeared on his arms and his fist was thrown out to meet the spear. However, before the two could even meet, Yu Sheng's arms froze. Then, the stone that had just formed on his arms were absorbed by the golden thorns. His body had turned into a sort of fearsome blackhole. Finally, as everyone watched in shock, Yu Sheng's fist finally met with the stone-tipped spear. His fist was seemingly even more powerful and stronger than the weapon.

BOOM! After the loud commotion, Yu Sheng, who was previously protected by the shadows of a thousand fists, was now defenseless and bleeding. Though, Leng Qiufeng's spear was now destroyed as well. Both of the young men fell back in mid-air. Yu Sheng's arms shook. Ling Qiufeng was not doing too well either. The force of the thousand fists transmitted through the spear on to his arms, which were now numb.

Just then, Leng Qiufeng felt something amiss. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a flash of gold. The audience on the ground watched, wide-eyed. They saw a figure appear behind Leng Qiufeng. Vines appeared, blocking off Leng Qiufeng's exit. Then they began to wrap around his body rapidly.

"Wood Sorcery, the Lock of a Thousand Vines. How could a five-starred Glory Plane cultivator create such a fearsome effect?" Onlookers watched as the vines appeared endlessly like frightening tentacles.

Leng Qiufeng was then swept up in hurricane winds and brought higher into the sky. The powerful Wind Sorcery cut straight through the vines like a sharp blade. A sharp sound was emitted, and the jade-green vines now shone with a dim golden light. This made the vines stronger than before, but it was still no match for Leng Qiufeng's Wind Sorcery. Many of the vines were cut through with ease. However, the relentless vines were endless and continued to creep up Leng Qiufeng's body, wrapping him up tightly.

Again, with the aid of Ye Futian's Wind Sorcery, Yu Sheng was carried up to where Leng Qiufeng was. Leng Qiufeng's expression changed and let out a scream. He struggled to get out of the vines. Yu Sheng threw his fist at Leng Qiufeng. The sloppy defense Leng Qiufeng put up was broken easily, and the punch landed on his chest.

The vines disappeared. Yu Sheng now had Leng Qiufeng in his grasp. The two of them began to descend from the skies. Yu Sheng ruthlessly threw Leng Qiufeng into the ground. Another loud noise erupted, and the surface of the ground split open. Leng Qiufeng laid there, twitching, becoming one with the dirt on the ground.

Ye Futian landed on the ground softly and stared at Leng Qiufeng coldly. To him, Ye Futian asked, "Does it feel good fighting two on one?"

Last time at the School of the Treasury Star, Yu Sheng was defeated by Leng Qiufeng and Jiang Kun. Just now, Ye Futian and Yu Sheng joined hands to hand Leng Qiufeng a brutal defeat. Of course, Jiang Kun had already been defeated prior to this. Two five-starred Glory Plane cultivators challenged two eight-starred Glory Plane cultivators from the School of the Treasury Star and came out victorious.

"Two monsters," the people commented about Yu Sheng and Ye Futian. They shook in their shoes. The strength Yu Sheng possessed was inhuman. A lot of people had disagreed when others claimed Yu Sheng may be the most gifted martial arts student in all of Donghai Academy. But after the previous battle at the Treasury Star school and today's battle, there would not be a single person who could deny this fact any longer. Who else would possessive such explosive powers? It was not a question as to why Headmaster Yi Xiang of the School of the Finance Star, who specialized in combat, choose Yu Sheng to be his discipline.

Ye Futian was equally as monstrous. A bi-elemental Mandate Sorcerer of Metal and Wind with a Roc Spirit. He was also a Musical Sorcerer. Furthermore, he had just revealed his gifts in the Wood element and also cultivated in martial arts. He was simply good at everything.

Some people thought, could it be possible that Ye Futian is hiding his gifts in other elements as well? It was possible that the only person who was able to beat him in terms of elemental gifts was the girl genius from the School of the Emperor Star, Hua Jieyu. However, she would most likely be unwilling to make a move. Other than the time she was trying to get into the academy, she had not used her powers. Hua Jieyu also rarely stepped out of the Emperor Star school. The last time she came out on to the main campus was when she personally spoke up regarding the rumors about her and Mu Yunxuan.

The School of the Treasury Star really lost all face this time, thought everyone in the crowd. They watched as Yu Sheng picked up Leng Qiufeng and threw him in the direction of the Treasury Star school. It was a direct, domineering, and slightly insulting action. It was obvious that Yu Sheng was unhappy with what had happened during their previous battle. His opponents were able to soar through the skies, while he was stuck on the ground, not even able to make contact with them.

He was finally able to get payback today.

"This is the capability of eight-starred Glory Plane cultivators in the School of the Treasury Star? Stop making fools of yourselves at Donghai Academy," Ye Futian said calmly. The expressions on the faces of students of the Treasury Star turned more and more sour.

Everyone was speechless upon hearing Ye Futian's words. He came today with revenge on his mind and was not going easy on them, whether it be the students of the Treasury Star school or the Emperor Star school. First, Ye Futian defeated Zhou Mu. Then, he assisted Yu Sheng in defeating Leng Qiufeng and Jiang Kun. What was he going to do next?

At this moment, everyone saw Ye Futian walk to the side. He looked towards the School of the Emperor Star and said with a smile, "I came here yesterday seeking my girlfriend but Senior Brother Zhuo Qing did not allow me to enter. He told me the Emperor Star school was full of genius cultivators and that I was no match for Zhou Mu. It was because of this that I came today. Sadly, I am disappointed by Zhou Mu abilities. Now that I have proved myself to be more capable than Zhou Mu, I am curious about the abilities of these other 'geniuses'. Both Yu Sheng and myself are five-starred Glory Plane students of the Finance Star school. Would any students of the self-proclaimed top school at Donghai Academy, the School of the Emperor Star, be willing to challenge us? If any students of the same plane are willing, you may choose to challenge either one of us."

The students of the Emperor Star school did not know what to do. Same level cultivators to fight against these two freaks? It was possible that Hua Jieyu could give it try, but her schoolmates knew things that everyone else did not. So, they knew that she would never battle Ye Futian.

The onlooking crowd was speechless. They all shared a thought about how shameless Ye Futian was. Two eight-starred Glory Plane cultivators had already lost to Ye Futian and Yu Sheng. Now, he was asking students of the same plane to challenge them. Wouldn't that be digging their own grave? However, there was nothing that the students of the School of the Emperor Star could complain about. They were the ones who bragged about housing many genius cultivators and claimed to be the top school of Donghai Academy. Asking to challenge students of the same plane should not be considered too out of line. Also, Ye Futian's girlfriend was in the Emperor Star school? What was going on?

"If that's not possible, I'll also accept six-starred Glory Plane cultivators," Ye Futian said with a smile when he noticed that no one was willing to answer him.

Han Mo's expression darkened. Six-starred Glory Plane cultivator? Zhou Mu already tried. Defeated with one rod.

"Then what about seven-starred?" Ye Futian continued, "Yesterday, Senior Brother Zhuo Qing said that the Emperor Star school was packed full with geniuses. What's going on today?"

Everyone turned their attention towards Zhuo Qing, only to see the normally gentlemanly Zhuo Qing with a dark face. He forced a smile and said, "Junior Brother Ye, since you're trying to provoke my fellow schoolmates into a challenge, what's the need to bring up planes?"

"So, what Senior Brother Zhuo is trying to say is that I should ignore planes and fight against students four, five planes above me? Maybe even those in the Dharma Plane?" Ye Futian laughed. "Is this what the students of your school have been doing to my fellow schoolmates these past days? Why don't you try to challenge Dharma Plane students in my school, Senior Brother?"

Zhuo Qing had nothing to say once again. The students of the Emperor Star school all stared coldly at Ye Futian. They were getting anxious under his questioning.

"If nobody has the guts to come out and challenge us, then I hope that the students of the Emperor Star school will stop being so brazen, coming to pick on the weaker students of my school," warned Ye Futian when he saw that nobody was going to speak up. Only when he said this, onlookers realized his true intentions: to stop the School of the Emperor Star from attacking the students of the Finance Star school.

"I know that Junior Brother Ye possesses extraordinary gifts, and has once said that I would like to see them for myself. So, I am willing to be thick-skinned and step out to challenge you as an eight-starred Glory Plane cultivator, but if you are here simply to give empty threats, then please leave," said a figure as it stepped out. A handsome young man, one of the "geniuses" in the Emperor Star school, walked towards Ye Futian and introduced himself, "Student of the School of the Emperor Star, Mu Yunxuan. Eight-starred Glory Plane."

As soon as he heard this name, Yu Sheng took a large step forward. His body radiated a powerful force.

"Yu Sheng," called Ye Futian. Yu Sheng halted.

"Let me," said Ye Futian. Yu Sheng nodded and retreated.

Ye Futian looked at Mu Yunxuan. A sarcastic smile spread across his face and he continued, "You're not just thick-skinned. I feel ashamed simply attending the same academy as you."

"You!" Mu Yunxuan broke his façade immediately. His expression darkened.

Ye Futian stood quietly and a powerful aura emanated from him. His clothes moved without wind. "Since you have the guts to step up, then I'll also settle the incident of you spreading rumors about my girlfriend. Let's even the score today," said Ye Futian calmly. After he spoke, there was silence.
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    《The Legend of Futian》