The Legend of Futian
79 I Will Take His Life Now
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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79 I Will Take His Life Now

Chapter 79: I Will Take His Life Now
Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Countless eyes landed on Ye Futian who was up in the air. At this moment, he looked magnificent. He was a handsome young man to begin with. Now that the Golden Roc has been released and wings had appeared on his back, Ye Futian seemed to be basking in a divine light. In his hand was a golden rod, and he was bursting with power. Perhaps, if he gave it all he got, Ye Futian would really be capable of fighting against Mu Yunxuan, despite the three-plane difference between the two. Everyone around shared this thought as they watched Ye Futian challenge one of the School of Emperor Star's genius cultivators.

Mu Yunxuan's golden pupils narrowed on Ye Futian. Then, his Life Spirit was released. A golden Demon Cat appeared. Its eyes were even more demon-like than those of Mu Yunxuan. Those eyes had the ability to make people feel uncomfortable when looked at.

A golden storm gathered in front of Mu Yunxuan and formed sharp golden swords, long and thin. As the swords circled Mu Yunxuan, a low whistling of the wind was heard. This was no ordinary Metal Elemental Sorcery, but an extreme control of the Metal Spiritual Qi.

Mu Yunxuan was mainly a Mandate Sorcerer of the Spirit element. His spiritual energy had a much stronger control over Metal Spiritual Qi than most people. Even a common nine-starred Metal Sorcerer would not be able to control Metal Spiritual Qi like Mu Yunxuan could. With this extraordinary ability, Mu Yunxuan did not even need to cultivate in martial arts. His powers in the element of metal were sufficient enough to attack and defend.

"Mu Yunxuan is definitely more powerful than Leng Qiufeng. Will Ye Futian really be able to withstand this battle?" asked someone in the crowd. Witnessing the release of Mu Yunxuan's powers had many people lose the confidence they previously had on Ye Futian. The golden storm surrounding Mu Yunxuan was too frightful. The sharp swords revolved around him, controlled as if they were toys.

Han Mo stood quietly in the School of the Emperor Star and observed. Obviously, he could see just how gifted Ye Futian was, but the young man now stood against the school, so they must get rid of him. Since Ye Futian personally proposed a life or death battle, it saved the school a lot of trouble.

"Since you're asking for it, I'll let you die," Mu Yunxuan said with a cold demeanor. Just as he finished his sentence, the swords around him whistled through the wind and shot towards Ye Futian. In perfect unison, these swords were much more powerful than those drawn by Zhou Mu. After all, there was a huge difference in regards to the planes Zhou Mu and Mu Yunxuan were in.

The golden rod danced in Ye Futian's hand. He tried to take a step forward when a large force erupted, and the wings appeared on his back. Just like a flash of lightning, Ye Futian shot up into the sky.

Mu Yunxuan hmphed and directed his attention up above. The swords immediately altered their route to continue in their attack on Ye Futian. Even though Mu Yunxuan did not specialize in the element of wind, he was not afraid to face a sorcerer who could fly.

Ye Futian moved at an incredibly fast speed. His every movement was graceful like a real roc. He zipped through the clouds in the sky but the swords followed relentlessly.

At this moment, the force building up in Ye Futian's body was growing stronger. An equally strong force from the golden storm chased after him. The golden rod he held grew thicker.

"Until when do you plan to keep running away from me?" Mu Yunxuan asked coldly. Immediately after he spoke, Ye Futian appeared in the air right above him. Ye Futian was no longer dodging the attacks. He held the enormous golden rod and struck downward. Just then, the atmosphere around and even the world seemed to be shaken up. Onlookers almost could not see Ye Futian's figure. To them, there was only the shadow of a rod coming down from the heavens to wipe out everything below.

The ferocious swords were no more, turned into ashes by the rod. Mu Yunxuan lifted his head and saw Ye Futian coming for him. After this quick glance, the Demon Cat behind him had a fierce look in its eye. The crazed golden storm recollected into a giant sword. With a scary glint in his eyes. Mu Yunxuan screamed, "KILL HIM!" The giant golden sword shot upward into the sky.

BOOM! The rod and the sword collided. The golden sword had been destroyed. A powerful force pushed Mu Yunxuan back, but he managed to stop Ye Futian's attack. It halted in mid-air. The force was still there. Ye Futian's golden wings flapped and he flew in the skies. Suddenly, the force within began to build up once again, exceeding the prior.

Mu Yunxuan sensed what was happening, and the look on his face changed. He put out both of his hands. The golden storm started once more and formed a pattern, shielding him. At the same time, strains of golden silk sliced through the air, attacking Ye Futian. This spell was protecting and attacking all at once.

Ye Futian remained emotionless. He soared through the air and then formed into lightning, hitting down on Mu Yunxuan again. Mu Yunxuan's spell, Winding of a Thousand Silk Strains, advanced towards Ye Futian, but a golden light barricaded him, not leaving space for anything to get past.

Finally, Ye Futian descended upon Mu Yunxuan. Ye Futian attacked with the second attack of the Nine Heavenly, ready to destroy everything in his way.

BOOM! Mu Yunxuan's golden pattern exploded and a powerful force forced him to slide backward on his own two feet.

Right now, the expression on everyone's face has changed. They were utterly shocked.

What kind of battle technique was this? It was so domineering, wiping out everything in its way. It was as if one attack could kill any enemy you pleased, not leaving any survivors.

Ye Futian was truly a young war god at this moment. Not only did his powers not diminish after two attacks from Mu Yunxuan, but he got even stronger. Upon sensing the crazed energy gathering within Ye Futian, everyone from the School of the Emperor Star had a change in expression. Even Vice Headmaster Han Mo did not look too well. Ye Futian's second attack with the rod was obviously stronger than the first. If there was another even stronger attack, there was no way Mu Yunxuan would be able to withstand it.

A prepared Ye Futian advanced. He unleashed his power, which caused Mu Yunxuan to blanch. With a loud scream, My Yunxuan used Metal Spiritual Qi in a spell which summoned a large ancient bell to encapsulate himself. He had given up on attacking and focused solely on his defense.

Ye Futian charged ahead at full speed and delivered his third blow. Without any hesitation, the golden rod struck the ancient bell. The bell rang and then cracked. What followed were the blood-curdling screams of Mu Yunxuan. After the rod broke through the bell, it landed on Mu Yunxuan, throwing him onto the ground. His body slid across the ground, and blood flowed from his mouth. In an instant, the color in his face was gone. It was obviously, Mu Yunxuan could no longer battle.

"This..." the people did not know what to say. Their hearts pounded in their chest. Ye Futian was too violent. Looking at his figure, Ye Futian looked majestic and furious. The aura around him made it clear that anyone who tried to stop would only have one result—death.

"He's so powerful." Many people were excited by this scene. Ye Futian was a great example of how a true man should act.

Just then, many people remembered Hua Jieyu's words. She had said that Mu Yunxuan was not worthy of being compared to the person she liked. A lot of people doubted her words. Was there really someone like that at Donghai Academy? Maybe she was simply blinded by love. However, when the person she liked faced Mu Yunxuan in battle and completed destroyed him despite being three planes lower, everyone finally understood that Hua Jieyu had not been exaggerating. Whether it be giftedness or actual ability, Mu Yunxuan was truly unworthy of being compared to Ye Futian. Perhaps only a person like Ye Futian was suited to stand beside the goddess Hua Jieyu.

As Ye Futian approached Mu Yunxuan, one step at a time, many from the School of the Emperor Star had a change in expressions. This battle was a matter of life or death. Mu Yunxuan had already agreed to these terms.

Mu Yunxuan held himself up with his hands on the ground as he looked up at Ye Futian. Blood dripped from the corners of his mouth. With a crazed look in his eyes, he stared at Ye Futian and said, "This is the School of the Emperor Star, you dare to commit such a sin here?"

"Get down on your knees and apologize. I will spare your worthless life then," Ye Futian said to Mu Yunxuan coldly.

Mu Yunxuan looked even more crazed now. Ye Futian wanted him to kneel down and apologize?

"Are you done with this nonsense?" Han Mo approached. His aura was forceful as he stared at Ye Futian.

"This is a battle to the death. Have you been watching, Senior?" Ye Futian lifted his head to look at Han Mo.

"You are standing on the Emperor Star school's territory," said Han Mo. Suddenly, Ye Futian began to laugh. Mockingly, he said, "If it were Mu Yunxuan who was victorious today, you probably would not hesitate to kill me."

Naturally, Han Mo had nothing to say to that.

Seeing the Vice Headmaster step in, Mu Yunxuan let out a laugh. "You can't kill me now, Ye Futian. Do you really think that you and that b*tch will have a happy ending?"

Ye Futian looked down at him. Mu Yunxuan was laughing like a madman. He had obviously been deeply affected by his defeat today. He deepened his voice and said, "With those looks, that b*tch will definitely end up as someone else's plaything in the future."

"You're calling out for death." Ye Futian clenched his fist around the golden rod. Then, he lifted his arm, ready to strike down at any moment.

"Vice Headmaster," Mu Yunxuan called to Han Mo as he turned to look at the elder. Han Mo took another step forward. The headmaster spoke, "Ye Futian, do you want to die?"

Ye Futian reached his left hand into his shirt and pulled out a badge. He tossed it to Han Mo. Han Mo scrunched his face as he caught the object. Upon realizing what he had in his hands, his expression fell. He mustered in a low voice, "The Decree of the Minister."

"Minister Zuo has said, seeing the badge is the same as seeing him. People from the seven schools of Donghai Academy have witnessed our battle to the death today. So, I will take his life now." The golden rod Ye Futian held in struck down. Mu Yunxuan was horror-stricken. As he watched the rod come down, several thoughts crossed his mind. He opened his mouth, wanting to say something, but never got the chance to.

BANG! The golden rod came down directly through Mu Yunxuan's head.
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    《The Legend of Futian》