The Legend of Futian
84 Gathering of Heroes
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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84 Gathering of Heroes

Chapter 84: Gathering of Heroes
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The group of figures who descended in Donghai Academy had a strong presence. At the front were a middle-aged man and a young man. The middle-aged man wore a silvery white robe that dazzled. His eyes were spirited and filled with an imposing manner when he scanned the crowd. He was like an important figure who could sentence others to death at a whim. He was awe-inspiring just standing there. The youth had an even more impressive aura. His eyes were like stars and there was a sharpness to him as if no one could get in his way.

"Minister Hua," everyone greeted and bowed. Even the headmasters of the School of the Emperor Star and School of the Treasury Star bowed.

The middle-aged man was Minister Hua of the Nandou Kingdom. He looked at everyone with his imposing gaze. Then he pointed at the youth and said, "This is His Highness, the Crown Prince."

Everyone's heart shuddered. They had felt something when they saw how extraordinary the youth was. Hearing Minister Hua, they realized that this was the legendary Crown Prince of Nandou Kingdom.

The Emperor had many children but he had chosen his heir early on. No prince could fight with Luo Junlin for the throne.

His name was Junlin. It meant that the king would rule over the world. This seemed like a disrespectful name but it had been given by the Emperor personally. One could see how much the Emperor liked this prince. Everyone in Nandou Kingdom knew that Luo Junlin would be the next ruler. No one doubted this.

"Crown Prince," everyone greeted and bowed reverently. No one expected that the Crown Prince would come with Minister Hua. If that was the case, everything was determined already.

Luo Junlin nodded casually. He strode forward and the men of the two schools made way for him.

"Junior, let's go," Minister Hua walked up and said to the headmaster of the School of the Emperor Star.

"Senior, after you," the headmaster said politely. Then the group entered Donghai Academy.

News of Crown Prince Luo Junlin's arrival quickly spread throughout the academy. The powerful students of all seven schools went to meet him. The School of the Finance Star had conflicts with the Emperor Star but Yi Xiang went too. He was only a headmaster, after all, and had to greet the Crown Prince and Minister Hua.

It caused a ripple through Donghai Academy. After the peace and quiet of the past days, had the storm finally come? The School of the Emperor Star and School of the Treasury Star had been low-key these past months. It seemed that they'd been waiting for this step and had planned this early on.

All the headmasters left the School of the Emperor Star after bowing to the Crown Prince and returned to their own schools. Then another news spread throughout the academy.

Minister Hua had said that he wanted to see the cultivation progress of the students. He ordered Donghai Academy to hold an Assembly of the Seven Schools three days later. He and the Crown Prince would observe it.

This news caused an uproar in Donghai Academy. Everyone could feel that there was an ulterior motive behind the assembly. It might have something to do with the recent rumors.

The School of the Emperor Star was unsatisfied with all seven schools being equals.

. . . . . .

In the School of the Finance Star, Ye Futian was practicing his instrument in his courtyard. Not only would the piece help his musicality, it also cultivated his mind. He had locked himself up these past months to cultivate without disturbances. Now, Yi Xiang came over. When Ye Futian finished the piece, he looked up and saw that Yi Xiang had furrowed brows. He asked, "Headmaster, did something happen?"

"Yes." Yi Xiang nodded. "The School of the Finance Star might not exist anymore."

Ye Futian stared but the man continued, "Minister Hua and the Crown Prince came to Donghai Academy earlier. They went directly to the School of the Emperor Star and ordered that we hold an assembly in three days. With Minister Hua and Luo Junlin's support, no one can stop the changes in the academy."

"What do you plan to do?" Ye Futian didn't try comforting him. Since Yi Xiang said this, it meant that he was powerless.

"Donghai Academy's seven schools were created to be different clans," Yi Xiang said. "However, this is less and less clear. Now, they are all becoming like true schools. The School of the Finance Star is especially like this but the School of the Emperor Star seems to want to return to clans. If this is the case, I naturally will not stay. I'm telling you this because if the Emperor Star takes control, you would be unable to stay as well. But if you leave, Han Mo might deal with you."

Ye Futian understood this. He'd wanted to cultivate quietly and go to the Imperial City next spring. He didn't expect this sudden change of Donghai Academy.

"It's okay. I have you and Minister Zuo's minister decree. There's nothing to be scared of. As long as I don't look for trouble, Minister Hua can't hurt me himself, right?" Ye Futian chuckled. Minister Hua wouldn't ruin the relationship with Minister Zuo without a reason.

"You're clever. Cultivate here and do not worry about the assembly. Don't participate either," Yi Xiang advised. Ye Futian nodded. He knew that the assembly was not the time for him to show off.

News of the Assembly of the Seven Schools spread throughout Donghai Academy using the shortest time possible. Then it even spread towards Donghai City with terrifying speed. Even many big figures of Donghai City were invited. The School of the Emperor Star stated that they welcomed everyone to come as spectators. This showed the citizens that something big would happen in Donghai Academy. Excitement bubbled through the city. Countless people discussed the event on the streets and in taverns, talking about the legendary Crown Prince.

Many wanted to see with their own eyes how amazing the Crown Prince was. Apparently, he had already reached the pinnacle of Dharma and had unparalleled talent. There were also rumors that he had twin spirits and no one in Nandou could beat him. He was born to be king, destined to be king. None of the other princes even had the courage to compete with him. They could only try to become close to him and be a Lord in the future. No one dared to have any other thoughts unless they wanted to die.

One could imagine the furor if someone like him came to Donghai City.

The three days passed in a blink. That day, the sun shone brightly. Countless people from Donghai City gathered outside the academy to watch the assembly. The big figures had all arrived. Many of them had brought their children too, especially daughters. The reason went without saying. Though the possibility was low, they could become the empress in the future if they caught the Crown Prince's eyes. He didn't have a wife yet.

Lin Xiyue came too with her father. Stepping into Donghai Academy, she studied the place. He was cultivating here and she wondered how he was doing.

Lin Xiyue didn't know about all the things that had happened. Ye Futian was now infamous in Donghai Academy but his fame was restricted to the academy. Unless they were like the Nandou clan who knew from paying attention to Hua Jieyu, no one knew what had happened.

The important figures of Donghai City wouldn't care about a youth of the academy.

"Are you thinking of him?" Xiao He smiled and asked.

"Shut up." Lin Xiyue glared with her pretty eyes.

"He was so handsome at the Luo Palace." Xiao He chuckled while Lin Xiyue just smiled and nodded. The youth's performance at the Luo Palace was truly eye-catching.

"Zhou Mu is also cultivating here. I wonder if they'll run into each other," Xiao He said.

"Zhou Mu?" Lin Xiyue murmured. She wondered if he could defeat Zhou Mu now.

"But no matter how they are, they can't be compared to the Crown Prince. You're so pretty. Do you think he'll notice you?" Xiao He continued.

Lin Xiyue ignored her. She hurried to catch up with her father and continued into the academy.

In the other direction, Mu Yunqing and Mu Yunni were with their father Mu Hong. The man smiled and said, "No wonder Donghai Academy is the home of geniuses and talents. It's filled with vitality. How have you two been performing?"

"Pretty good. We're still working hard," Mu Yunqing answered.

"Good." Mu Hong nodded. "The Crown Prince himself is here today. If you have the chance, you two must perform well."

"Yes," Mu Yunni said. However, the two siblings looked uncomfortable. Their experiences that year had actually been horrible. It was all due to someone but they were too embarrassed to tell their father.

"Back in the day, this academy had many impressive figures. The Art Saint, the Qin Devil, and I all came from here." Feeling nostalgic, Mu Hong smiled, saying, "The Art Saint is now renowned in Donghai City while the Qin Devil is disabled. I wonder where he is now and how his disciple is."

Thinking of how the Qin Devil had wanted to bring his disciple to him, he smirked. Today was the gathering of the heroes. People like the Art Saint were high above while the Qin Devil was nowhere to be seen.

. . . . . .

It was a different scene in the School of the Emperor Star.

Chief of the East Sea Prefecture, Xia Feng, knelt on the floor while Minister Hua and the Crown Prince sat before him. Usually, Xia Feng would not be like this. However, he was in trouble now and only Minister Hua could save him.

"Why does Minister Zuo want to kill your son?" Minister Hua asked.

"Because of the Qin Devil's disciple," Xia Feng cried. "Back in the day, the Art Saint had powerfully destroyed the Qin Devil's life spirit. Now, his disciple has returned. He is violent and aggressive, looking down on everyone. Minister Zuo wishes to punish and kill my son, Xia Fan, because he has a conflict with Ye Futian." He vaguely knew the relationship between the Art Saint and Minister Hua so he knew what to say.

"Valued by Minister Zuo, possesses the minister decree, and killed a student of the School of the Emperor Star… I'd like to see him," Crown Prince Luo Junlin said.

Minister Hua said, "You will see him at the assembly."

"Yes." Luo Junlin nodded. He stood up and said, "Let's go."
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    《The Legend of Futian》